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Best Black garlic Review: Discover the best one

This time we’re going to talk about black garlic and the things you probably don’t imagine about this exotic variety, like the fact that it’s the same white garlic processed through a fermentation process and temperature control over an extended period of time.

Thanks to this natural modification, garlic acquires a very particular and striking jet black color. But the most interesting thing is that this process improves its properties, sweetens and smoothes its texture and aroma, making it a culinary gem with numerous benefits.

Throughout the article, we will tell you the most important characteristics of this food of Japanese origin, including its different ways of consumption, presentations and places of sale, among other particularities. This information will help you choose the best black garlic and enjoy all its benefits.

the most important things

  • Black garlic is obtained through a natural process of fermentation and temperature control of white garlic. This modification generates its dark color, and also softens and sweetens it, eliminating the strong flavor and intense aroma.
  • There are different varieties of garlic, and many of them are named by color. You can find white, purple, pink and black garlic, among other variants, which differ from each other in their flavor, aroma, texture, preparation and consumption.
  • When buying black garlic, it is important that you take into account certain factors, such as its different presentations, uses, recommended amounts and possible contraindications or side effects, among other aspects.

Black garlic: our recommendation for the best products

Buying Guide: What You Need to Know About Black Garlic

The main purpose of this buying guide is to provide information about the product you are interested in purchasing. Therefore, we will tell you what the most important features of black garlic are, including its advantages and those aspects that are not so beneficial.

Black Garlic

What is black garlic and what are its benefits?

Black garlic is the transformation of white garlic through a natural fermentation process and temperature and humidity control over a long period of time. The result? It tastes sweet and smooth, has a very creamy texture, does not sting, has no strong smell and does not produce bad breath.

It shares the same properties as white garlic, but its concentration and compounds are ten times higher. Among its many benefits, black garlic helps regulate blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol levels, strengthens bones, raises blood sugar and eliminates migraines.

It is also an antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, antiseptic, expectorant and energizing. It is also a great ally against diabetes and cardiovascular disease, it increases defenses, reduces stress, anxiety and depression, reduces asthma and clears the kidneys.

  • t’s an antioxidant
  • reduces stress
  • regulates blood pressure
  • strengthens the bones
  • prevent cardiovascular disease
  • helps to heal wounds
  • It’s more expensive than white garlic
  • not recommended for hypothyroidism sufferers
  • not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Black garlic, white garlic, red garlic or pink garlic What should you pay attention to?

There are different varieties of garlic named according to their color. Below, we’ll mention the main characteristics of black, white, purple and pink garlic, but keep in mind that you can also find purple, brown and red varieties.

Black garlic.  Black garlic is actually white garlic which, thanks to a natural fermentation process and temperature control, has obtained that particular and striking color of ebony. Its texture is very creamy, its flavor is smooth and sweet, and it has the same properties as the light variant, but much more concentrated.

White garlic.  This is the most common and widely used garlic, and is characterized by its intense flavor and aroma, its fleshy texture and its excellent shelf life. The head of this garlic usually has more cloves than other varieties and can be used in a wide variety of dishes, raw or sautéed.

Red garlic.  Red garlic has an intense and slightly spicy flavor without being invasive, although stronger or milder varieties also exist, depending on their origin. This garlic, with white skin and purple head, is widely marketed for its quality, versatility and flavor.

Pink garlic.  Pink garlic, also called witch’s garlic or snake’s garlic, is one of the strongest, most intense and wildest varieties. When harvested, the white part of the leaves is also used and cooked along with the bulbs, whether boiled, sautéed, fried or raw in salads.


flavorsweetmoderately smoothspicierStrong
AromaMildIntenseIntense and very aromaticVery intense
textureCreamymeat, firmFleshy, firmFleshy, firm
form of consumptionIn sauces, desserts, creams, etc.Sauteed, in salads, etc.Fried, in salads, etc.Raw, cooked, sautéed, fried
Main featuresDoes not sting or give bad breath. it's sweet and smoothIt is the most common and consumed variety of garlicIt is valued for its flavor and aroma.It is one of the strongest flavored varieties.

How is black garlic obtained?

What is the specific process for making a traditional white garlic change not only its color but also its taste, texture and aroma, and also intensify its benefits? It is a somewhat complex process, carried out by professionals, but with a little practice and a lot of discipline it can be achieved at home.

It must be clarified again that this procedure is completely natural, as there are no chemical additives or supplements that interfere, accelerate or optimize this ancient technique discovered by a Japanese scientist when he wanted to eliminate the strong smell of white garlic he used to consume.

Back to the subject, the fermentation of white garlic bulbs takes place at high temperatures in rooms with humidity control, for a period that lasts almost a month. The fermented garlic is then left to oxidize in a clean room for another 45 days to reach its characteristic sweet taste.

Is the black color caused by excessive cooking time? No, the color of ebony is actually achieved by melanoidins, which are dark colored substances that give this food its jet color. These are produced by natural sugars and amino acids during fermentation.

Purchasing Criteria

In this last section of the article we will discuss the most important buying criteria when buying black garlic. This information will be of great help in choosing the most suitable product for you and making the most of its many properties and benefits.

  • Uses
  • Presentations
  • Recommended amounts


In addition to being extremely beneficial, black garlic is a very versatile product, so it can be incorporated in different types of uses to take advantage of and optimize all its properties according to our preferences and interests. Here we will mention some of the uses of this fantastic vegetable.

Gastronomic.  As mentioned throughout the article, black garlic has an infinite number of gastronomic or culinary uses due to its mild, sweet taste and creamy texture. You can eat it cooked, fried, boiled and even raw.
It can also be added to meat, pasta, vegetables, pizzas, sweet or savory creams, etc., thanks to its pleasant aroma, which is neither strong nor invasive. It is also delicious to spread on breads such as butter or jam.

Medicinal. We also detail all the benefits that this vegetable provides to the body, preventing diseases such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular pathologies. It is also antiseptic, antioxidant, expectorant and energizing.

It can be consumed orally, through foods and juices, or through vitamin supplements, such as capsules. It is advisable to choose the first option, which may not be as practical as the second, but it guarantees maximum conservation of all the properties of this vegetable.

Cosmetic. Black garlic has enormous benefits for the skin as it helps to nourish, restore damaged tissue, eliminate wrinkles and premature lines, and fight acne. It also repairs split ends, eliminates dandruff and moisturizes your nails.

Although black garlic cosmetic creams are not normally commercially available, you can make your own nourishing gel by combining black garlic with olive or coconut oil, aloe vera, honey, etc., to optimize its benefits. Oral consumption of this garlic will also produce excellent aesthetic results.

Black Garlic


On the market you can find different presentations of black garlic, adapted to different preferences and forms of use. Below, we will mention some of them so that you can know their main features and choose the most convenient and appropriate one for you.

In bulb. This is the most natural presentation there is, and therefore the most recommended. Black garlic bulbs can be found in some commercial stores, but most of all in health food stores, where it is usually sold by weight as an organic vegetable.

In folder.  Black garlic paste is a commercial version of black garlic that comes ready-to-eat, saving you from chopping and chopping the garlic. It is extremely versatile as you can add it as a seasoning for pasta, meat, fish, rice, vegetables and many other dishes.

In capsules. Black garlic capsules are vitamin supplements designed to concentrate the benefits of this powerful vegetable in a single pill. Although it does not retain all the natural properties of black garlic due to its encapsulation process, it is a practical and inexpensive option.

Recommended amounts

How much black garlic should be consumed? The reality is that there is no exact dosage, but there is an estimate that varies with each type of presentation. Below, we will discuss the approximate dosage of this food so that you have an estimated reference.

Bulb It is recommended to consume 1 to 3 bulbs of black garlic daily, preferably on an empty stomach, to make the most of its properties and benefits. If you are not convinced by the idea of ​​eating black garlic for breakfast, you can opt for capsules, although the bulb is better because it keeps the properties of this food intact.

Pasta.  Black garlic pasta or sauce can also be consumed on an empty stomach or at any other time of the day as often as you wish, as its abundant consumption does not present greater risks, except in the cases mentioned in the following point.

Capsules.  Boxes of black garlic capsules or tablets (which can come alone or combined with other natural ingredients) can contain 30, 50, 60, 60, 90 or even 150 units to be consumed 2 to 4 per day just before (approximately half time) of meals.

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