Top & Best Britânia fan Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Britânia fan: How to choose the best in 2021?

Fans are true allies on hot days. They refresh the environment and make you more comfortable to work, study, relax and even sleep. Precisely for this reason, there are several models of this product. Among them, the Britânia fan is among the most successful.

Found in several options, the Britânia fan has an affordable value and can be placed in all environments. It is ideal for the summer and in this article we will show you all about it. So continue with us and let’s go!

First, the most important

  • Britânia has models of table fan, tower, column, wall and ceiling.
  • All Britânia fan options are made of plastic and operate at three speeds.
  • A differential of the Britânia fan is that it is found in different colors.

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The best Britânia fan models: Our choices

The Britânia fan is indispensable on hot days. It provides good moments of relaxation and there are several models of this product. Among the options, some are considered the best, and we show you what they are below.

  • The Britânia fan ideal for those who like colorful products
  • The best high power Britania fan
  • The Britânia column fan of choice for readers

Buying Guide

It’s no use, just hot days approaching for many people to go out in search of a fan to cool off. This product uses less energy than an air conditioner and is very practical. Among the options that are found to buy one of the best sellers is the Britânia fan.

Made by a brand, the Britânia fan is developed in different models and powers. Thanks to this it adapts to all needs and environments. This product combines a series of positive points and in this buying guide you will know everything about it.

What are the differences of the Britânia fan?

The Britânia fan is a product that combines a series of differentials. The vast majority of models made by the brand have a six-blade propeller. This makes them highly efficient at generating wind.

This product is also made in several models. Thanks to this variety it is possible to install it in all environments.

In terms of power, it is also advantageous. There are options in low and high power, which pleases a varied number of people.

Another positive point of the Britânia fan is its price. It is found at very affordable prices, with versions for less than R $ 100.

It should also be noted that this product uses little energy and emits little noise. In addition, all branded fan models run at three speeds.

The downside is that no Britânia fan model is bivolt.

Which Britania fan models can be found?

Britânia has a complete line of fans and they are found in several models.

The most common are the table and these are made in a greater number of options. There are also column columns, which are among the best sellers. They accompany a pedestal and its height can be adjusted.

Another Britânia fan model is the tower fan. This option is the most modern and sophisticated. There are also ceiling and wall options, which are at the top and take up little space.

There are also Britânia fan models with different sizes. The brand develops options with 30, 40, 50 or 60 centimeters in diameter that adapt to all spaces and needsFor those who can’t decide between a column or table fan Britânia has developed a 2 in 1 model.


The Mega Turbo 40 Six fan comes with two bases, one to be used on the table and the other in the shape of a pedestal to transform it into a column fan.

How to clean the Britânia fan?

For the Britânia fan to work correctly it is essential to keep it always clean. Even dirty fans can worsen several respiratory problems. Therefore, it is important to keep this product always sanitized and free of dust.


It is important to keep this product always clean and free of dust.

To facilitate this process the majority of Britânia fan models are made with plastic grid. It makes opening the fan simpler and thus allows more efficient cleaning.

After removing the fan grille, just wipe the blades with a cloth moistened with water and detergent. Then a clean damp cloth should be applied to each one.

With the ceiling fan, the process is the same, but it is not necessary to remove any grid.

What is the best fan: Britânia or Mondial?

When it comes to fans, two brands that compete directly are Britânia and Mondial. Both have several models of this product and share the consumer’s mind at the time of purchase.

Most Britânia fans have a propeller with six blades. Both table and column models oscillate horizontally and can be adjusted to the desired position. They are made of plastic, have a wire holder system at their base and are not bivolt.

Mondial fans can be found in options with up to eight blades. All have horizontal adjustment, however, they can be adjusted in just three positions, which is not always ideal.

Regarding the material, the Mondial fan models are also made of plastic, but do not have a wire holder. In addition, as with Britânia models, there are no bivolt options.

Below you will find more comparative details between the two brands.

How much does it cost and where to buy a Britânia fan?

The Britânia fan is a product that has an accessible but variable value. Thus, it is possible to find options for a price that starts at R $ 83 and can reach R $ 350, on average.

If you are interested in buying one of these, but do not know where to find it, know that it is very easy. Britânia fans are sold in several physical and online stores throughout.

With that, it is possible to find the brand’s models in places like Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare Britania fan models

The Britânia fan is a product that has high efficiency, but not all models are ideal for everyone. Therefore, you must pay attention to some details before choosing a model, they are:

  • Model
  • Wattage
  • Color
  • Voltage

Below we will detail each one of them so you don’t make a mistake in the purchase.


As we told you above, Britânia has several fan models. There are the table, column, ceiling, tower and wall and which one to choose depends a lot on the space where the product will be placed.

The table models are very versatile. This is because they can be used on the table or on the floor and are smaller.

The column ones, because they are taller, occupy a larger space, but due to their height they manage to refresh the space well. The tower ones have the most modern design and are small and basic.

Thinking of versatility, the ceiling models are the best. They do not occupy any space in the environment and can reach a larger area with their wind. The wall ones are ideal for commercial environments and, like the ceiling ones, take up very little space.


A fan’s power is directly related to its ability to generate wind, so this is an essential factor.

Britânia models are made with powers that vary between 50 and 160 watts. The weaker versions will automatically refresh the environment less, being more suitable for small spaces.

Britânia fans with greater power, on the other hand, are the most efficient in leaving the environment well ventilated, being good for large places.


When it comes to colorful fans, Britânia leaves nothing to be desired. One of the most striking features of the brand’s products is this and it is possible to find models in different shades.

The most common colors found in the Britânia fan are black and white. However, those who like more colorful items, easily find models in shades like pink and red.

So just choose the color that suits you best and matches the environment.


Britânia fan models are available in two voltage options, 110 and 220 volts. The brand does not manufacture bivolt fans and because of this it is essential to pay attention to this detail at the time of purchase.

The positive point is that all options are made with these two voltages. Therefore, the possibility of liking a model and it is not available at the voltage you need is small.


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