Top & Best Hot glue gun Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hot glue gun: What is the best option in 2021?

Welcome to you who want to buy a hot glue gun.  and we have prepared a practical and useful Guide to assist you. Let’s dig into the details of the information to demonstrate everything about this device.

Each year, several brands appear that produce this type of product with differentials that help in the work. It is important to know at least the summary of the best productions in order not to be caught off guard when purchasing the wrong models.

Know the average price and the types of uses for each of the most current versions of pistols. See the features of popular models. In general, we will present several important data for you to make conscious purchases.

First, the most important

  • Never buy a hot glue gun without first checking the voltage on your property. There are models that work only on 220V.
  • The best versions are able to heat the glue tube in 5 minutes or less. Products that take longer to prepare for use cost less.
  • Buy hot glue guns certified by INMETRO, tested according to strict safety standards.

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Best hot glue guns: Our recommendations

Choosing the right hot glue gun requires attention to detail. It is easy to deceive yourself. Just because a product is bigger does not mean it is better. Each size of hot glue gun is for different use.

To give you an idea of ​​what to look for in the market, discover the technical characteristics of the best pistols. See how each of these products can help with your home or professional services.

  • Hot glue gun – Vonder
  • Hot glue gun – Brasfort
  • Hot glue gun – Sertic
  • Hot glue gun – Hikari

Buying Guide

The hot glue gun is an item used in various situations. Whether in the home or professional environment, it is a widely used tool for the production of handicrafts and jewelry.

This section tells you some important points to help you find the best deals on the highest quality products. Try to read carefully to have a better decision when buying your pistol.

What is a hot glue gun?

This appliance is an electrical instrument for applying hot glue to different materials. The product is used for general repairs, installing furniture, working with crafts, among other things.

The pistol works on the most different types of materials. It is not necessary to use batteries to make the product work. You just need to plug the model into the outlet and wait for the glue to heat up.

In this video from the BloodyVids channel, you can check out 10 tricks using a hot glue gun:

What kind of glue can you use on the gun?

The glue has a sodium state, sold on sticks with different types of millimeters. After the heating generated by the gun the glue melts and can be applied.

You need to buy the right stick according to the size of the pistol in millimeters. Glues are available transparently or in different colors. Usually colorful options are used to make crafts or works of art.

If you buy a glue stick for 5 mm pistols you will not be able to use it on devices smaller or larger than 5 mm. This is a general rule of thumb for most pistols.

Can I glue what kind of material using a hot glue gun?

It is possible to use a hot glue gun in different materials. Whether for home or professional use, this is a very versatile tool. Even to do minor repairs at home. The most used materials for bonding with this type of glue are:

    • Plastic
    • wood
    • Papers
    • Straw
    • Ceramics



The best pistols are certified by INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology). Buy only certified products for the application to be more secure.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the hot glue gun?

As we have seen, it is versatile and glues different types of materials. This is a great – if not the greatest – advantage of the hot glue gun. They still have a very affordable price and the glue sticks also tend to be cheap. The pistol is still super light and practical to use.

Some versions, especially the more professional ones, have been developed to prevent accidents from occurring. After all, the temperature of the hot glue can exceed 90 ° C. Just a drop of glue can hurt your skin a lot.

As a disadvantage, we can highlight that it does not work well on metals. And it needs electricity to work. Now see the pros and cons of using this product at maximum temperatures:

What is the ideal size for a hot glue gun?

The most important variable is size. Did you know that smaller products do different jobs than larger models? The more millimeters there are at the end of the device to release the hot glue, the larger the gun.

If you need to repair smaller parts of a product or work with small crafts it is worth using the 7 mm pistols. On the other hand, when you want to work with a pistol to repair or make big things, it is best to use the 12 mm versions.

In millimeters a hot glue gun can range from 7 mm to 12 mm or more. Some expensive 12 mm versions have a light button to turn on or off.

This lighting function on the button is important because it reduces the chances of the product being forgotten while plugged in. After all, if you see the light on in the model, you can turn it off immediately if you are not using it.

It is important to turn the gun off after use so as not to use glue or cause accidents in the work environment.

What is the safest hot glue gun?

The safest are 11 mm or 12 mm pistols. These structures have advanced engineering to prevent accidents in everyday use.

Some 12 mm pistols have a kind of support to support the device safely. This is useful because if the pistol drops the damage will be great. These versions also feature a more flexible trigger to facilitate glue control.

What are the differences between a 7 and 12 mm hot glue gun?

A professional 12mm hot glue gun is used to generate comfort when applying it because of the anatomical trigger. It is great for using the product in the most comfortable way possible.

This way you can work all day without feeling exaggerated tiredness in your hands. This is an important resource for those who work long hours in a row, the anatomical trigger.

With less fatigue in your hands you decrease the chances of having accidents with the hot glue gun.

Pistols smaller than 7 mm for home use are not suitable for long hours. These inexpensive versions almost never have a comfortable trigger for constant use.

Large pistols from the best brands have a silicone protector in the nozzle. This protection is important to better control the amount of glue that can leave the product, resulting in safe use.

12 mm guns are not suitable for gluing small things. This is because the excess glue that comes out of the nozzle in the large revolver ends up in aesthetic damage to the glued products. Note below a table that compares the difference between the 7 mm and 12 mm pistols:

How much?

The average values ​​of the product on the market can range from R $ 20 to R $ 1,000. The best brands are international and the most expensive models are 12 mm or more.

This type of pistol can cost a little more if you can heat the glue quickly. Engineering also counts, after all, valuable products have a finish that allows you to use them very safely.

The most expensive productions offer a warranty exceeding 3 months. An extended guaranteed term means that the brand has a lot of confidence in the operation of the product – keep an eye out!

Where to buy?

Stores that sell building materials have several types of hot glue guns. Some popular physical stores that offer.

When shopping on the internet you have more time to compare prices and variations of models. Shop safely on sites like Amazon.

To have the comfort of buying cheaper and receiving at home it is valid to make the purchase on Amazon. There are tenants who deliver within 24 hours to customers who live in cities and capitals.



Before hot glue guns are sold on the market, they are tested according to safety standards. Two of these standards are IEC 60335-2-45 and ABNT NBR NM 60335-1 that guarantee when the product is certified by INMETRO.



Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare hot glue guns

I already know! You want to buy a hot glue gun, but are afraid of being tricked by salespeople. Or, you still don’t know which offer may be more advantageous than the others.

Want to have less dilemmas when comparing products from physical or virtual stores? Then take these 4 criteria into account when comparing hot glue gun offers:

  • Glue
  • Voltage
  • 2X1
  • Temperature

These criteria seem a little confused, right? We will explain each of them below.


Can you imagine what an ungrateful surprise? Buy the product and receive a pistol that has no glue stick. Believe me, this kind of thing happens more often than we can imagine.

Before buying the product over the internet or in physical stores it is your duty to ask if the pistol already comes with the glue. It is not difficult to find glue sticks for sale in the same places that sell pistols.

7 mm sticks have less glue and cost less than 12 mm sticks.


Check to see if the voltage of the product is the same as your own. When you plug a 220V device into a 110V outlet, the damage can be terrible to the electrical circuit in the place.

The advantage of the device with more voltage is that the glue heats up quickly and at higher temperatures. There are also bivolt models.


Do you want to buy different models for your work team? Don’t hesitate, negotiate with retailers or manufacturers to get the best prices.

With a little research it is not difficult to find offers of light 2 and pay 1. However, these promotions are more related to pistols with smaller nozzles in millimeters.

Finding 2 in 1 offers for 12mm hot glue gun from the best brands is difficult. This is because they have more advanced and expensive engineering.


One rule of thumb is certain: When the gun manages to heat up at higher temperatures, the glue becomes more powerful. This power helps both to glue materials and to those who use the device to write or make art forms.

If the gun does not work well, it may be a sign that the device is not heating the glue enough. Did you see how to choose this product on the market is not a seven-headed bug? Now you can go shopping and buy the best hot glue gun for your type of work.


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