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Top & Best JBL speaker Review 2022 –How to select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best JBL speaker: How to choose the best one in 2022?


Today we are going to talk about the JBL speaker, which attracts more and more consumers because of the cheapness and popularization of the device.

But some potential customers are laymen on the topic and do not know what features to take into account when purchasing this type of device.

With that in mind, we have prepared this article, with all the information you need to know about JBL speakers and purchase suggestions so that you can choose a model with features that match your expectations.

First, the most important

  • The audio quality of the JBL speakers is excellent. There are two versions: stereo or mono sound, what differentiates one from the other is that stereo sound comes out in two channels and mono sound in only one.
  • These devices can be connected to smartphones with Android, Windows and iOS systems, via Bluetooth or by analog connection. The speakers are charged with a USB cable.
  • JBL speakers are waterproof and the rating varies between IPX7 (immersion in up to 1 m of water for half an hour) and IP45 (supports low intensity water splash) or IPX5 (resists rain and surface contact with water).

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The best JBL speaker models: Our choices

For those looking for a quality speaker, JBL devices will surprise you, as even the simplest models have the “JBL sound signature”, that is, they are very good.

If you are in doubt about which speaker is best, check out the Ranking below. We select the main models, and highlight what makes these products special.

  • The best selling model
  • A quality option
  • To attach to your motorcycle or bicycle
  • To provide a sound and visual experience
  • A great option to be carried

Buying Guide

JBL is the leading brand in the portable speaker market, because of the very high sound quality, with defined highs and powerful bass, efficiency, durability and superior design, even in the most modest models.

The best part is that you can take your JBL speaker anywhere, because in addition to the device being portable, it offers water resistance, which allows use in the pool, beach and during the bath.

What are the differences of the JBL speaker?

JBL speakers are recognized worldwide for the high quality, not only of audio, but of the equipment as a whole. Excellence made the entry and stabilization of the brand happen effectively.


JBL speakers are recognized worldwide for their high quality.

The sound quality varies from one model to the other and can be mono (only one sound channel) or stereo (two sound channels), both are very good. The sound is also balanced, that is, it balances the treble and bass well.

In addition, these models are modern, have connection to electronic devices via Bluetooth, but all come with an analog cable, in case you need a second operating alternative.

The battery capacity ranges from 600 to 20 thousand mAh, this means that the brand’s speakers can play music for at least five hours and at most 24 hours, without stopping.

An interesting feature is that the JBL speaker (from the simplest to the most sophisticated model) can make and receive live voice calls with crystal clear audio, without noise, hiss and interference.

Most models have a rubberized structure, covered in resistant fabrics, which guarantee durability of the piece and offer water resistance at different levels (IPX5, IP45 and IPX7). The shape and colors vary.


Which JBL speaker model is best?

You can find several options for JBL speaker models. All have Bluetooth connection and via analog cable, button to increase and decrease the sound, integrated microphone to make and answer calls and rechargeable battery.

However, each model has its characteristics. In this section we will detail the differentials of the main versions: Charge, Flip, Xtreme, Go and Wind.


The Go is one of the entry models, that is, it is among the simplest versions of JBL speakers, but even so this device has excellent sound quality, clean, with well-defined highs and lows.

The box has a 600mAh battery, with autonomy for up to 5 hours of uninterrupted music and three watts of power. This model has a retro design, square format, weighs only 134 grams and has five color options.


The JBL Wind speaker has been specially developed to be attached to the handlebars of bicycles and motorcycles. This model is round, light, has resistance to water splashes and low pressure jets (IPX5 classification).

The differentials of this model, in relation to the others, is that it is the only one that reads Micro SD card and has FM radio attached. Despite having a louder sound, it distorts a little, which the Go model does not do.

The battery has mAh and this box can play up to 10 hours of music. This model also has 3 watts of power.


The JBL Flip speaker is considered an intermediate model, both in price and in sound quality. This model is suitable for parties, as it has a more powerful sound and two sound radiators.

It is medium in size, cylindrical in shape and weighs 515 grams. The Flip has rubberized sides, high resistance fabric and can come into contact with the pool water (it floats), as it has an IPX7 rating.

The battery is more powerful, 3000mAh, 16 watts of power and battery life of up to 12 hours. This model can be found in several color options: black, white, red, blue, among others.


The JBL Charge already enters the high-end speaker category. Starting with the battery, which has 6000 mAh, double the previous model, which guarantees operating autonomy for up to 20 hours.

The sound is also more powerful, and the box transmits it from the front and the sides. The power is 20 watts and it has the charge function (hence the name), that is, it charges up to two smartphones at once, while playing the songs.

This model is also heavier, about 1.5 kg. The JBL Charge speaker comes with a USB cable, battery charging source and plug adapters.


The Xtreme is one of the most powerful models of JBL speakers, with a 10 thousand mAh battery, 3.5 kg (it even comes with a nylon handle to be carried like a bag), it has a zipper to protect the entrance from cables, rubberized sides and resistant fabric covering.


Despite the powerful external features, this model is not waterproof and therefore never submerge it in water, as you will lose your device. It only supports water splashes and low density jets (IPX5 rating).

An interesting feature of the Xtreme speaker is that it is possible to connect up to two audio devices simultaneously, or to pair three users alternately, so you share the speaker control with your friends.

How much does a JBL speaker cost?

In ascending order: the Wind and Go models are the cheapest and cost R $ 150 and R $ 180 respectively. The Clip also has an affordable price, around R $ 250. The Flip, Charge and Pulse models are considered intermediate, costing between R $ 470 to R $ 850.

The most sophisticated models are the Xtreme, which costs around R $ 1,200, and the most expensive model in the JBL portable speaker category is the Boombox, which costs R $ 2,300.

Where to buy a JBL speaker?

JBL speakers are very popular products, for this reason, you can easily find the device in stores specializing in electronic products and department stores such as Magazine Luiza, Ponto Frio and Lojas Americanas.

If you prefer, you can find more models at lower prices over the internet. An e-commerce where you will find all models of JBL speakers is Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing JBL speaker models

Now that you know that there are several models of JBL speakers, you must be confused about which one to choose. Therefore, in this last part of the text you will know what are the main aspects that you must take into account when buying. Are they:

  • Sound quality
  • Battery life
  • Sound power
  • Connections
  • Water resistance
  • Design
  • Extra features

We will explain each item in detail below.

Sound quality

The first thing that most people notice in a speaker is whether it can reproduce powerful bass, after all, who does not like having a device that vibrates to the music.

However, most of the time, the devices that highlight the bass can present low sound performance. That is why it is necessary to listen carefully and see if it is possible to distinguish the sound of the instruments and the voice of the singers.

A good speaker has to have powerful bass and balanced sound.

All JBL speakers feature what the brand calls a “JBL sound signature”, that is, the audio quality is always very good.

However, the sound quality changes from one model to the next, this occurs for several reasons. The first is whether the sound is stereo or mono:

  • Mono (monophonic) : It is the sound reproduction system with only one audio signal emitted. The models with this type of sound are: Go and Clip.
  • Stereo : Speakers with a stereo system have the audio divided into two channels, that is, they are two speakers to reproduce the different audio signals.

Stereo sound has greater intensity and depth, which allows you to easily distinguish each instrument, as they are divided into right and left. Models with stereo sound quality are: Charge, Xtreme, Flip and Pulse.

Battery life

Another important feature that differs from one model to another is the battery life of the speaker. It is worth buying a model suitable for the use you will make of it.

But it is important that you know that the amount of hours that the manufacturer informs that the device works is not always compatible with the actual use of the equipment, as this depends on the type of music and the volume that it will be played.

Just for you to have a parameter, the Go model has an autonomy of 5 hours, Wind works for up to 10, Flip and Pulse stay on for 12 hours, Charge for 20 (it is the most powerful in this regard) and Xtreme for 15 hours.

Sound power

When choosing a speaker, observe the sound power of the device. This index is measured in RMS watts and the higher, the more powerful the speaker.

The device must have the power appropriate to the size of the room where the speaker will be used, so the space will be filled and all people in the room will enjoy the music that is playing.

The 3 W standard speakers like the Go, Clip and Wind models are indicated for the reproduction of sound in small environments and with few people like living room, bedroom and vehicles.

The most powerful models such as Flip (16 watts), Charge and Xtreme (20 watts each) are indicated for outdoor environments such as parties in the pool and barbecue area, camps, among others.

Oh, and don’t get confused, sound power has nothing to do with sound quality, these are distinct characteristics. For this reason, don’t be fooled by the numbers when buying your JBL speaker, thinking that the bigger the better.


Analyzing the connections available on the speaker is important to purchase a model that meets your needs and preferences.

All JBL models have Bluetooth connection to play music, 3.5 mm analog cable if you want to connect your smartphone, tablet or Smart TV directly to the speaker and USB port for charging.

But, from one model to another, you find some differences, for example, Wind is the only one that reads Micro SD card. Charge and Xtreme models charge smartphones via USB cable.

Most models are connected to the Android and iOS operating systems, but the SoundFly model also connects to Windows Phone. Some models also have voice commands and allow connection with the Google assistant and Siri.


Water resistance

If you want to buy a speaker to party at the pool, beach or even listen to music while bathing, JBL models are a good choice, as they all have water resistance.

This protection varies from one model to the other and is measured in IP, short for “Ingress Protection”, that is, it is the technology that protects your speaker against water, dust, sand and other particles that could damage the equipment.

  • IPX5 : IPX5 rated speakers support higher pressure water jets. That is, your device will not burn if it gets light rain or accidentally falls into the water. The Xtreme model is in that category.
  • IP45 : These models are protected against solid agents 1 mm in diameter or more and against low, medium or high pressure water jets. The Wind model is in this category.
  • IPX7 : IPX7 protected speakers are the most resistant, as they support immersion up to one meter deep for up to 30 minutes. You can put it in the pool where the speaker floats. The models with this classification are Flip, GO, Charge and Pulse.


Having a product with a modern and beautiful design is interesting, but you should not be carried away just by the visual aspect of the equipment, after all, all the criteria listed above are much more important.

Each JBL speaker model has a unique design. The Go model has a retro style, in a square format with rounded edges and eight color options: blue, black, pink, orange, red, yellow, gray and tiffany blue.

The Wind and Clip models have a round design, with a carabiner for hanging. In addition to the visual aspect, the design is also functional, since the equipment can be affixed to different surfaces and offer stability and security.

The Xtreme model has nylon handles to be transported, it is available in several color and pattern options (it is the only model with this characteristic) and it has a zipper on the back to insulate the entrances.

Flip, Pulse and Charge speakers have a cylindrical shape, which facilitates handling. The flip can be found in several color options and is smaller, the Pulse has LED lighting and the Charge can be used both vertically and horizontally and has handles.

Two other JBL speaker models stand out, this time for their futuristic design: Soundfly BT and Soundgear.

Extra features

  • JBL Conect : This feature allows you to connect your device to another 100 speakers of the JBL brand simultaneously.
  • Social Mode : Allows up to three devices (tablets or smartphones) to be connected simultaneously via Bluetooth (or USB cable) so that these three users can share the control of the speaker alternately. This feature is available on the Xtreme model.
  • Charge function : Models with this function allow you to connect up to two smartphones to the speaker so they can recharge while listening to music. The versions with this function are the Charge and Xtreme speakers.
  • Stereo Pairing : This feature is used to connect two JBL speakers and reproduce or maximize the stereo sound effect. This technology uses two speakers to create a more realistic and immersive sound.
  • Speakerphone : JBL speakers have a built-in microphone with speakerphone technology that eliminates noise and hissing so you can receive and make phone calls cleaner and without interference.



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