Top & Best Adidas sneakers Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Adidas sneakers: How to choose the best in 2021?

Synonymous with sporting items, the Adidas brand is known worldwide and has been following its audience for almost 100 years during their physical activities and in their daily lives. One of its most well-known products is Adidas sneakers and that’s what we’ll talk about. Being made in the most diverse materials, colors, and models, Adidas sneakers exist in versions aimed at sports and casuals. Thanks to this, the brand adds a huge range of options.

And if you’re a fan of Adidas products and are looking for a new shoe, but don’t know which one to choose, know that you’ve just arrived at the right place. In this text we will tell you everything about this item and at the end of the reading, all your doubts will have been answered. To continue with us and come on!

First, the most important

  • Adidas sneakers started to be developed in the 1920s and currently the brand produces more than 400 million shoes per year.
  • Producing sports sneakers is one of the focuses of Adidas, however, it has also developed several lines of casual models, which are ideal for everyday life.
  • There are options for women’s, men’s and children’s sneakers and thanks to that there is a wide variation in price on these shoes.

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Ranking: The 4 best Adidas sneakers

Just go to a shoe store or Adidas store to see that there are many options for branded sneakers. That is why choosing just one model is not easy.

However, there are always options that stand out among consumers and we have separated in this ranking some of them for you to start your choice. Check out:

Buying Guide

Known worldwide, Adidas is a reference in sports products and among them are its sneakers. Shining on the feet of athletes like Lionel Messi, David Beckham and James Harden, these shoes combine high technology and comfort, making them ideal for playing sports.

But there are not only models for those who want to exercise. There are also models of Adidas sneakers that can be used on a daily basis and fill the production of style. So, if you are thinking of purchasing one of these, just read this buying guide because at the end of the reading you will know exactly which model is right for you.

What is an Adidas sneaker?

Adidas is a brand that emerged in Germany in 1920 and was created by Adolf Dassler, the son of a shoemaker. The first product he developed was a cloth sneaker created for runners.

At that time, Adolf’s idea was to create specific shoes for athletes of all modalities and he achieved that. In the 1930s, he already manufactured sneakers for more than 11 types of sports and had 100 employees in his factory.

But the brand’s success came even when the German soccer team won the 1954 World Cup. In that match, the players were wearing a boot model specially developed by Dassler.

Over the years the brand has grown a lot and expanded its product range. Among them are pieces of clothing, backpacks , sporting goods and sneakers , which is still among its best selling items and which is found in a wide variety of options.

Thanks to this there are many models of this type of footwear that is found on the feet of athletes worldwide.

he name Adidas is a combination of Adi, Adolf’s nickname, with the first letters of his surname. Since its creation, the company has become gigantic and currently employs more than 57,000 people worldwide.

Every year it produces more than 900 million sports products and sports lifestyle, of which about 409 million are shoes. All of this meant that in 2018 alone Adidas generated sales of € 21.915 billion.

What are the differentials of Adidas sneakers?

It is not for nothing that Adidas is a reference brand in sneakers. Its products are made in a way that suits all types of people, from sportsmen to those who want shoes with a different style for everyday life.

Another positive point of Adidas shoes is that there are models that meet all the requirements of its users, both in design, as in material and color. In addition, for the most diverse sports there are specific models and there are also options for men, women and children.

It should also be noted that there is a lot of investment in technology for the development of these sneakers. With that, Adidas is always launching new versions of its shoes, which makes them better and better.

However, all of these benefits come at a price and that of Adidas sneakers is considered high. As much as there are options with lower value, the most modern and differentiated ones tend to be expensive.

Another negative point pointed out by consumers of the brand is that some models that have white rubber soles turn yellow over time.

For which sports are Adidas sneakers produced?

Adidas’ mission is to be the best sports company in the world. It is precisely for this reason that it invests heavily in its products and thus it is increasingly able to reach athletes of all modalities.

That way you can find hundreds of tennis options and there are lines for the most diverse sports practices. Starting with the passion of the Brazilian, Adidas have a large line of cleats, with models for both field and society.

Adidas is very supportive of football and teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Flamengo, São Paulo and Juventus are sponsored by the brand. In addition, player David Beckham has a $ 160.8 million lifetime contract with her.

But not only that, there are also lines for futsal, basketball, tennis and volleyball. Outdoor sports enthusiasts like running, skating, hiking and trekking also find sneaker models at Adidas.

And there is also the trainning line, which is geared to physical activities carried out within gyms such as weight training, for example.

Are there Adidas sneaker models for everyday use?

As Adidas grew, it expanded its product line. Then came the models of sneakers aimed at daily use and that are not specifically used for sports.

Over the years the brand has developed more than thirty lines of casual sneakers, which are ideal for walks, work and more. The vast majority of models have straight soles and among the most famous is the Adidas Superstar.

Made for the first time in the 70s, the Superstar model was initially produced for basketball players. However, about ten years later he left the courts and started to make a name for himself on the streets.

This model is made of leather and has three serrated stripes on its side, which are a reference of the brand. Its rubber sole has grooves that guarantee good traction even on more rigid surfaces and it is found in several color options.

How to create a custom Adidas shoe?

Many people do not know, but Adidas offers its consumers the possibility of personalizing their shoes, making them a unique piece. Thanks to this it is possible to record the name, an important word and even insert emoticons in the shoes.

To do this, simply purchase the model on the brand’s website and on the same screen as the purchase there are the personalization fields. Altogether two words and two emoticons can be inserted in the tennis.

But it is worth knowing that not all models can receive this differential and that this feature is paid for.

How much does an Adidas shoe cost?

Because there are many model options, Adidas shoes are found with a wide price range.

This change in value depends on several factors such as the material in which it is made and its type, since sports cars tend to cost more than casual ones. There is also variation whether it is female, male or childlike.

In addition, whether or not it is a launch also makes the price of Adidas shoes higher or lower.

With that, it is possible to find models with a value that starts at R $ 79.90, on average, up to around R $ 1,200.00.

Where to buy Adidas shoes?

As a brand that is very fond of, Adidas sneakers are found in practically all stores that sell shoes or sports items, Authentic Feet and Centauro. In fact, the brand itself has physical stores throughout the country, which makes purchasing your products even easier.

Online this also happens and there are many sites that sell Adidas sneakers. That way, if you are thinking of buying one of these and don’t want to leave the house you can access online stores like:

    • Amazon

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing Adidas sneaker models

Now that you are already inside the world of Adidas sneakers the time has come to show you how to choose the ideal model for you. For this, some factors must be taken into account, they are:

  • Type of use
  • Feedstock
  • Tennis design
  • Barrel height
  • Comfort

Below we explain each one of them so that you get the purchase right.

Type of use

The first step in finding the ideal model of Adidas sneakers is to define in which situations you will use it. That way, it will be possible to create a filter, since there are hundreds of options.

With that, if you are looking for a sneaker for the gym you can look for the models of the trainning line, which are specific to this. If you practice running, the ideals are those of the running line and for everyday life, as we told you, there are casual models.

Each line of Adidas sneakers is made to meet the needs of your audience and the sport in which it will be used. Thus, running models have different soles and cushioning than futsal, for example.

Therefore, for tennis to be adequate and to ensure greater comfort to its user, it is essential to be as specific as possible about the occasions where it will be used.


Because they exist in many models, Adidas shoes are made of different materials. This happens not only to please more people, but also so that the shoes are the most comfortable and suitable for the type of use.

Thus, there are sneakers made with synthetic raw materials and here materials such as mesh, for example, and those made of natural fabrics, such as leather, fit here.

For sports models, the more flexible and soft the sneakers, the better. This is because it is important that the foot can perfectly perform all the movements necessary for physical activity.

At Adidas many options of this type are made in mesh, which is like an interlaced mesh. This fabric has the differential of being very breathable and thanks to that the perspiration of the feet inside it is less.

For casual sneakers Adidas works with a type of synthetic fabric that resembles leather, suede and natural leather. Synthetic leather in appearance is similar to natural leather, but it is less resistant and long lasting. The good thing is that it has a lower price.

The suede originates from the inner part of the leather. It is more rustic and has a different texture that is created from coarse sandpaper. This fabric is used both in whole sneakers and for details of it.

Natural leather in terms of durability is excellent and it can also be very comfortable. Another positive point is that it guarantees a good aeration of the feet, it is easy to clean and waterproof.


Among the diverse options of Adidas sneakers all lines have models that have the most varied designs. This is very positive, since finding one that pleases is easier this way.

In this sense, you must then decide if what you want is a more basic and simple shoe or if you will invest in a more striking and differentiated option.

As for different shoes, Adidas has some that stand out. An example is the B-Ball model, which aesthetically looks like a snow boot. Another option is Futureshell, developed with Alexander Wang, an American stylist. This one resembles space shoes and is ideal for those who like innovative pieces.

Here also comes the question of the color of sneakers. In the case of Adidas there are the most basic shades like white, black, gray and navy blue, and the most striking ones like green, yellow, orange and more. Not to mention that there are even some metallic options.

Which one to choose depends a lot on personal taste, but if you want something more versatile, neutral colors are ideal, since they go well with any outfit. If it is not important for you to combine clothes with shoes, then invest in the flashy and colorful ones, because they will boost your production.

Barrel height

When choosing Adidas shoes, you should also think about the height of the barrel and the brand offers options for those who want both short and long.

The short-barreled ones are the most common and dominate mainly in sports options. That’s because, with the exception of skateboarding, depending on the sport, a medium-high sneaker can end up getting in the way.

However, those who are looking for casual models have this possibility of choice. The B-Ball model we mentioned above is one of them and there is also the Nizza, VRX Mid and Hoops Mid.

All of them have medium pipes and thus are able to add a lot and the visual, in addition to protecting your feet more from rain and cold.

In 1936 Adidas gave the American athlete Jesse Owens a pair of running shoes for him to wear during competitions at the Berlin Olympic Games.

With them, Jesse won 4 gold medals and thus the fame that the brand had excellent quality shoes consolidated throughout the world.



Last but not least is comfort. Isn’t there anything worse than leaving home and wearing sneakers that hurt your right foot? And as much as Adidas invests a lot to make their shoes as comfortable as possible, it doesn’t always happen.

Therefore, it is essential to try the model you are thinking of purchasing and more than that, walk with it a little before purchasing. Only by wearing sneakers is it possible to know if it is the correct size, if it is tight or hurting somewhere on the foot.

This is also true for online shopping. If you do not know there is a deadline for exchanging or returning products purchased over the internet. With that, if you bought an Adidas sneaker online as soon as it arrives try it and if it is not good change.


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