Top & Best Aftershave Review 2021– How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Aftershave: Which is the best for you in 2021?

Is taking care of the appearance of your face fundamental for you? So using a product that softens and relaxes your skin after shaving needs to be part of your daily life. We’re talking about a good aftershave!

Treating your face well after shaving is not a matter of vanity. In addition to helping the health of your pores and skin healing, this custom will bring benefits that will be noticed in the long run. The idea that men should not be concerned with personal care has been left in the past.

But which will be the ideal aftershave for you? There are several product categories, each suitable for different skins and faces. In this article, we will explain each detail so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs!

First, the most important

  • Using a good aftershave is important for maintaining the health and appearance of your skin. Shaving, after all, is an aggressive act, which can cause minor injuries, inflammation or allergies.
  • There are several styles of aftershave, with the most common being gels, creams and balms. Each indicated for a different skin type. It is important to know which one is best for you.
  • A good aftershave will probably cost you around R $ 50, but you can find them from R $ 20 to approximately R $ 150. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. The main thing is to understand what will make your skin react well.

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Ranking: The 4 best aftershaves in the market

The aftershave category is not unique: there are several subdivisions, especially between gels, creams and balms. We selected some high quality products from each of these divisions and we present below:


Buying Guide

Now that you know some of the most recommended aftershave models, it’s time to understand which one is best for you. Why use each of these products and what are the differences between the different types? We will clear up each of these doubts in the next sections of this article!

What is an aftershave and what is it for?

Shaving is very aggressive to the skin. After all, it is a blade cutting through the ones that were being born. In addition, it is possible that it contains bacteria. Irritations, inflammations and injuries are natural results of the process.

It is exactly to combat these reactions that aftershave lotions exist. They are composed of substances that soften the effects, help in the healing of possible injuries and treat allergies and irritations caused by shaving.

But each aftershave is made for a different type of skin and a different phase of the beard. There are gels, creams and balms with varied substances in the compositions. You need to know yourself to choose which one will bring the best effects for you!



Did you know that the beard, throughout history, has always been more than just the coat that covers the face?

In many times, it had sociological functions, representing status or power. In ancient Greece, for example, a long beard meant virility, strength and power. That only changed thanks to Alexander the Great: masterful combatant that he was, he ordered his army to cut all the hair on his face, since he believed that they could interfere in the battle.

At that time, there was certainly no good aftershave …

Gel, cream or balm: how to choose?

Each person has a different skin. There are those who suffer from excess oil, there are those who have dryness as a problem. There are those who deal with various irritations and allergies, there are those who happily do not go through it.

You probably know your skin well. No one can know what makes sense to her better than you.

An aftershave gel is ideal for those with oily skin. The texture is usually more gelatinous, not containing so many oils. It tends to be more refreshing.

If your problem is the lack of oiliness, that is, a skin that is too dry, look for a cream. It will possibly have a more moisturizing function, helping the recovery and elimination of bacteria.

And if the issue is that your skin is very irritated or is susceptible to allergies, it is best to use a balm. It has more sensitive components and values ​​healing and comfort.

Check the indications for each type in the table below:


Other types of aftershave: What about lotions and balms?

Other types of aftershave that we usually find on the market are lotions and balms.

The lotion name is usually given to more generic products that may have several specific characteristics. The main function is to refresh and give a feeling of freshness after shaving.

Look for those that have no alcohol in their composition: they are less aggressive to your skin.

In turn, balm is not exactly an aftershave product. At least not in the classic sense, that is, to be applied after the skin is scraped by a blade.

But we also quote it because it is recommended for application on long beards after trimming. In this case, it helps to maintain hydration and the health of the hair, giving a much better appearance to the face.

If you are the owner of a big beard, don’t forget the balm after every everyday trim! Check out more tips on the use of balm in this video from the Manual of Modern Man:




How much?

The value of an aftershave varies depending on the make, style and characteristics of the composition. Those more modern, full of compounds with specific functions in their formula, will be a little more expensive than the traditional ones.

It is possible to find good aftershave products starting at approximately R $ 20. The more specific and the more respected the brand is, the more that value will rise. There are some bottles of up to around R $ 150.

Where to buy?

The best options for purchasing aftershave are cosmetics stores and barber shops. In these places, you will certainly find professionals who will be able to explain the details of each product to you.

If your idea is to buy online, we recommend Amazon, all with a huge range of products. The websites of cosmetics stores or specialized in shaving tips are also good ideas.





Purchasing criteria: Factors to consider when choosing the right aftershave for you

We have already explained how to choose the perfect aftershave for you. Now, let’s go to some criteria that will help you finalize the purchase.

  • Quantity of product in the bottle
  • Presence of allergens in the composition
  • Use of natural compounds
  • Fragrance

It’s time to explain each of these items so that you can make the best choice when buying your aftershave!

Quantity of product in the bottle

The capacity of the bottle is related to the cost benefit of the product. Is it more worthwhile to buy a 50 ml or a 100 ml, both of which are in the same price range and have similar capacities and functions?

Note that the notation of the amount of product can vary according to the aftershave style. Those that are more liquid, such as lotions, will come in milliliters or liters, while those that are more solid, such as creams, will come in grams.

I also thought about the frequency with which you shave and notice the expiration date of the product. There’s no point in buying too much aftershave if you’re only going to use it twice a month – and look there.

Presence of allergens in the composition

Are you a person who suffers from many allergies? And do you know which chemical or vegetable products or compounds you are allergic to? If the answer is yes to these two questions, this tip is quite simple: look at the composition of an aftershave before you buy.

If you don’t know what you’re allergic to, though, maybe looking for hypoallergenic products is a solution. Another possibility is to test certain different compositions, if the reactions are not so severe.

For those who suffer from irritation after shaving, this video from the DermaClub channel has some good tips:


Use of natural compounds

There are many people who prefer to make use of cosmetics that are made only from natural products, without artificial compounds. If so, there are also great aftershave options for you!

Many herbs are used in these aftershaves, for example, chamomile and witch hazel, a great healer. There are a lot of options of extracts from nature that will take good care of your skin.

If you are a person who values ​​cosmetics that are not tested on animals, also pay attention to this detail.


Most aftershaves, of any kind, contain some type of fragrance. The idea is not only to do good for the skin, but also to leave it fragrant. If you have an appointment right after shaving, without a doubt, it can make sense!

On the other hand, you may not like strong perfumes or certain smells. In that case, it is better to look for either the aftershave that is without any type of perfume, or to be able to test before making the acquisition if the fragrance pleases you.



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