Top & Best Aro 29 Bike Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Aro 29 Bike: All about the best of 2021

get to know our complete shopping guide for rim 29 bikes. If you think about buying this model we suggest reading this article until the end to check all information for amateur cyclists or bike professionals.

People may even think that rim bikes 29 are all the same, just different in prices. But, after reading this text you should have noticed that there are many features to be taken into account before buying yours.

Here you will find the best models on the market and their main differences. As well as the main criteria for any cyclist to have more benefits in the purchase. Continue with us and good reading.

First, the most important

  • The rim 29 bikes are for those who appreciate speed. If you are looking for a product to perform maneuvers or run less in the city look for another bike.
  • When buying the rim bike 29, you should not only pay attention to the number of gears. It is necessary to take into account the other components of the product: brake system, suspension, handlebars and frame.
  • Cheap large tires can be very heavy along with the bike’s suspension and rim 29. It is necessary to use a large tire, but also light to enjoy the best that the bike can offer.

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Buying Guide

With a 29-rim bike you can pick up speed, get through rough terrain more easily, go mountain biking or cross country. Did you like the possibilities?

Keep reading to learn all the advantages and characteristics of this skinny girl. At the end of this guide, you will have found all the information to make your purchase safely.


What is a 29 rim bike?

Bicycles with a rim 29 are the very evolution of more traditional bikes with a rim 26. This type of product has a robust structure to withstand long journeys without losing stability.

It is more worthwhile to cycle a rim bike 29 on high speed roads or on uneven terrain. This product may also have the 29er bicycle name on the market.

A rim bike 29 is for those who want to reach full speed. The name rim 29 means that the bicycle has a larger rim than other popular bicycle rims.


What are the benefits of a 29 rim bicycle?

The larger tires on the rim 29 bike have more traction with the track and generate balance for cyclists. This is because this tire has a larger area of ​​contact with the ground.

Even on wet soils, the thickness of the rim 29 bicycle tires creates more safety for cyclists. But, when going uphill, you need extra pedaling power, because larger tires require heavy wheels.

The type bikes have the advantage of easily overcoming small obstacles on the track. Therefore, the stones in the uneven soils of the trails hardly interfere with the performance of the 29th mountain bike. Below you can find the pros and cons of buying a 29-rim bike:



  • A bicycle to reach high speeds easily
  • Improves cyclist performance
  • More stability on the wet track
  • Robust structure for long journeys
  • Easier to ride on uneven terrain


  • High prices
  • Not suitable for short and slow routes in the city
  • Demands more strength from the cyclist uphill
  • Need professional help to assemble
  • Less initial starting power due to the weight of the rims and suspension

What are the main components of the rim 29 bike?

If you better understand each piece on the bike it is easier to make a peaceful purchase. Discover now the main meanings of the components of the rim 29 bikes:

    • Finish and colors : Some rim 29 bikes have a clear varnish finish over the water-based adhesive. The water-based adhesive is a special film that does not spoil in contact with rain or sun. For this reason you can use the bike for several years without losing colors.
      Black, white, red, silver, orange, blue and pink are the main colors of bike rim 29. There are versions with suspension that have the same color as the frame, so the model is more sporty in the visual.
    • Gears : These sports bikes made for long journeys have up to 27 gears, on average. Most of the 24-speed rim 29 bikes have 8 gears and 3 crowns. The gears are responsible for the power of the bike; the crowns serve to adapt the different combinations of the workings of the gears. The more combinations available, the better the gear.
    • Frame : This is the main part of the bike. It serves to fit most parts on the bike. Usually coveted bike frames are made of carbon or aluminum. Some versions have hydro technology, which reduces the chances of wrinkles appearing in the frames.
    • Handlebars : Can be made of different materials such as aluminum or carbon. The straight version is best for 29-rim bikes for balance reasons.
    • Disc brakes : Unlike most traditional brakes, disc brakes are responsible for true modular braking. This modular braking means that the brake system uses more mechanical combinations to brake. As a result, the braking becomes more powerful and there is less risk of accidents.
    • Suspension and rim : The 29th rim and the sturdy suspension are two things needed on sports bikes, so it is better to use lighter tires with larger sizes. However, if the cyclist is tall and heavy, it is more worth choosing heavy tires.


What types of terrain can I use my 29 rim bike on?

The use of the rim 29 bicycle should happen on certain types of soil for cyclists to achieve maximum performance. You can cycle on trails, uneven terrain, mountain biking, use for long journeys on the road or even cross country.

It provides a specific characteristic for each type of soil. On the trails, it exceeds the stones on the path. On uneven terrain types, it offers a more stable and safe ride, so it becomes essential.



For mountain bike adventurers, the aro 29 bike is a rule for many cyclist competitions. The engineering of the bike works for you to accelerate on the tracks in natural environments.

It is also excellent for speed, so it is ideal for long journeys on the road. And since it requires less effort when cycling in mountainous terrain, the rim bike 29 is also perfect for cross country.

What is the ideal rim bike 29 for my height?

Perhaps the most important thing you should know is about the middle size of the bike you should buy. Anyone who buys a very small or large bicycle almost never gets to change it at the store.

So, in order not to have post-purchase problems, know the main frame sizes of the rim 29 bikes and what height it is ideal for.

    • Tables 22 and 23 : For cyclists who can go from 1.97m to 2.05m in height;
    • Tables 20 and 21 : For cyclists who can go from 1.86m to 1.95m in height;
    • Tables 18 and 19 : For cyclists who can go from 1.78m to 1.88m in height;
    • Tables 17 and 18 : For cyclists who can go from 1.68m to 1.78m in height;
    • Tables 15 and 16 : For cyclists who can go from 1.56m to 1.68m in height;
    • Tables 13 and 14 : For cyclists who can go from 1.45m to 1.55m in height.


What is the difference between the 29 and 26 rim bike?

Many people without knowledge of the subject buy the cheapest model, without taking into account their own needs for use. There is no point in buying a rim bike 26 if your business is cycling in the mountains or trails.

They are classified differently precisely because they have different characteristics. The rim 26 are cheaper, but are also slower. Despite being lighter, they are ideal for amateurs.

The rim bike 29 is totally contrary to this description. Check through a table below that explains the main differences between the two models:


How much?

Number of gears, frame composition, brand, weight and colors are things that impact the values. Recent products with technological innovations are more expensive.

This is a means of transport that is not cheap. Prices for the rim 29 bike can range from R $ 600 to R $ 15,000. The best versions are imported. There are also national productions with cheaper prices and excellent performance.



Charles M. SchulzAmerican cartoonist

“Life is a bicycle with gears. Most people have gears that are never used.”

Where to buy?

Before saying what are the best places to buy, it is worth informing the advantages of buying online: you do not need to transport the heavy packaging of the bicycles to your home; installers install the bike in the location indicated by customers; and pay at least 15% cheaper than in traditional physical stores.

Now, if you want to shop personally, as people used to do, there are reliable stores to visit. Some of them are: Bayard, Lojas Caloi, Extra, Rihappy, Colombo, Carrefour, Centauro, Ponto Frio and Casas Bahia.

On the other hand, for buyers who like the advantages of online shopping there are also reliable online stores. Some examples are: Amazon.

Buying online on Amazon is highly secure. This store has a defense system to protect any customer’s data, which is never shared with other companies. This e-commerce also has strict policies against fraud.


Purchasing Criteria: How to compare rim 29 bikes

Anyone who is not a mountain bike specialist has a good chance of choosing a more expensive model for nothing. The lack of knowledge makes sales people lead us into the conversation.

However, things shouldn’t be this way. The purpose of the mypricesaving website is to make the public learn to make the best purchases. We have gathered information for you to get along, even if you know almost nothing about the product.

Those who follow the following criteria are more likely to succeed in purchasing:

  • Painting
  • Gears
  • Packing measures
  • Mounting the bike
  • Bicycle weight
  • Tire quality
  • Warranty

Now let’s explain each of the points above. After reading, you will become someone more aware with less risk of having a headache after all:


The frame is the main part of the bike and the first thing you should look at. Rim 29 bikes with carbon fiber frames have more advantages than models with aluminum frames.

Carbon fiber ones are more expensive than aluminum. For this reason, most of the frame models on the market are aluminum. However, most professional bikes have carbon fiber in the frames.

The benefits of the carbon fiber frame bike are more lightness, more resistance against corrosion and greater durability. In practice, the only advantage of aluminum frames is that they are more resistant because they are more robust.



Another point that you cannot forget is the question of marches. There is not much difference in the range of force required to ride a 24 or 27-speed bike.

The rim bike 29 is not meant to be used on routes that have only uphill. So, a little less marching doesn’t get in the way of almost anything. Sometimes shopkeepers increase the price of the 29-inch bicycle just because of the number of gears.

So, if the bike has 21, 24 or 30 gears, it is a matter of your preference, and also budget available for purchase.

Packing measures

You should pay attention to the size of the bicycle packaging before buying. The box needs to be the right size to pass through doors, elevators or corridors.

Even if the product box does not pass through the spaces, the delivery personnel consider it a completed delivery. And there are no refunds to consumers because of this problem.

Before opening the packaging, make sure that you have purchased – and received – the correct product. This can be done with a simple look at the invoice.

If the package is not sealed or shows signs of violation, call the store immediately. In this case, tenants are obliged to exchange. The same is true if the wheel is out of suspension or any part is broken.

Mounting the bike

Do you think that the rim bike 29 will arrive at your house assembled and ready to be used? This is a mistaken thought. What really arrives is a package with the main parts separated. That is, there is a need to mount the bike.

Some stores even offer the facility. They say the service is free, when in fact the price to install is already included in the price. You can even venture out and follow the instructions on the packaging or the video below to assemble your bike.


But, remember, when you open the packaging it becomes a little more complicated to ask for the warranty for assembly problems. That is why it is better to hire the services of a professional and certified assembler to assemble.

Bicycle weight

The rule is simple: the lighter the rim 29 bike, the lower the retail price.

It is important not to buy a very heavy bike, otherwise it will be difficult to face the climbs. The rim 29 and the suspension are heavy pieces. Therefore, the other components of the bike need to be lighter. Trying to balance is fundamental. Their weight usually varies between 12 and 15kg.

Tire quality

To endure the streak of adventures, the rim 29 bike needs sturdy tires. If you buy a low quality tire you should suffer a little to pedal. Do not think about savings when buying tires. They are indispensable for you to achieve the best performance that the professional bike can offer.

You can get more detailed information about the tires of the model you liked by reading the product description in the online store. Pay close attention to this detail before making the purchase.



As much as the bike is the best brand, factory errors can occur. That’s why the bike needs to have a minimum warranty of 6 months.

If the product has no warranty, you better look for other offers, regardless of whether the bike is cheap. The waiver of the warranty should never happen, even when buying 29 used or used rim bikes. Read how long the manufacturer provides a warranty in the product description.


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