Top & Best Augusto Cury Books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Augusto Cury Books: Which are the best of 2022?

The books that deal with emotional and social issues are very popular today and Augusto Cury’s books have been addressing these issues for many years and have achieved great success.

Thanks to this, this author became known worldwide. The book The Seller of Dreams kicked off him to become one of the most widely read writers today.

And if you are looking for a new book option, know that there are dozens of options written by Augusto Cury. Precisely for this reason it will be easy to find one that you like and in this text we will talk about them all. So at the end of the reading you will know exactly which one to choose. So continue with us and let’s go!

First, the most important

  • Augusto Cury’s books address different themes and there are options on family, anxiety, God and many other subjects.
  • Contrary to popular belief, these are not self-help books and many are classified as fictional.
  • It is possible to find the works of Augusto Cury in digital and physical format and there are options with prices starting at R $ 9.90.

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Ranking: Augusto Cury’s 4 best books

Augusto Cury has several book titles released, but there are some that are considered by readers as the best. To show you what they are, we created this ranking. Check out:

Buying Guide

Augusto Cury is a author who has achieved worldwide success thanks to his many best-selling books. His works address very current themes and seek to help readers find answers and solutions to the most diverse problems of today.

Precisely for this reason they are always among the most sold. And if you are looking for a new book and want to know the works of this author just read this purchase guide until the end to learn more about them.

What are Augusto Cury’s books?

Augusto Cury is psychiatrist, who is also dedicated to the work of writer and researcher. Born in the city of Colina, in the interior of São Paulo, the author has sold more than 30 million books alone and had his works published in 70 countries.

Its various titles work on the most varied themes and are aimed at personal development, always seeking to teach the reader a lesson. Altogether there are more than 50 titles published by the author and his best seller The Seller
of Dreams gave rise to a film released in theaters in 2016


Soon new films and series based on Augusto Cury’s books will be released. The work The Smartest Man in History, which belongs to a trilogy, will be transformed into an international series with 10 episodes from each book. The titles The Future of Humanity and Stolen Happiness are also signed to star on the big screen.

What is the genre of Augusto Cury’s books?

Taxed by many as self-help or fiction books, Augusto Cury’s works, according to the author himself, are psychiatric, psychological and philosophical novels.

In an interview with Veja magazine, Cury said that his books, although dealing with some universal themes, are about applied philosophy and psychology and not self-help. This is because they do not offer ready-made answers or magical solutions to the reader.

What are the benefits of Augusto Cury’s books?

Books are products that always bring some kind of benefit to the reader, whether by improving reading, presenting new words or showing him a completely new universe.

In the case of Augusto Cury’s titles, all of this also happens, with the difference of working on problematic issues of society. Precisely because the author is a researcher and psychiatrist, his works are based on scientific knowledge and not on mere stories.

This means that there is more in-depth content in the storyline of the book. Thanks to this, the reader is presented with several theories and fundamentals that manage to generate a change in the way he sees things.

Another positive point of these works is that they exist in different themes. This means that the most diverse interests of the readers are served. It should also be noted that the price of these books is mostly low, which facilitates reaching more people.


  • The works are written based on scientific knowledge
  • They are easy to understand
  • They have low price
  • Address different themes
  • Introduce new perspectives to the reader


  • They can be boring for those who don’t like this style of reading

What are Augusto Cury’s most famous books?

Augusto Cury owns dozens of books that are found in the most diverse formats. However, among so many works, there are some titles by the author that stand out.

The Dream Seller is the first of them. Releasing in 2008, it can be said that this was the work that introduced Augusto Cury to the world. Containing a comic and emotional plot, it tells the story of a homeless man who tries to save a businessman from suicide.

Another highly successful title by the author is Prisoners of the Mind . At the end of 2018 it ranked third among the best-selling fiction books according to a survey conducted by the PublishNews Portal. The story addresses the theme of family and mental prisons.

The titles Stolen Happiness , Mind Traps and the Future of Humanity are also among the best known by the author. All of them made Cury occupy prominent positions among the best sellers in the country.

How much?

Augusto Cury’s books are very affordable. However, there is some price variation between the works and this is related to their year of launch, with the newer ones having a higher price than the old ones.

Thus, it is possible to find securities with a value that starts at R $ 9.90, on average, up to around R $ 49.

Where to buy?

very famous author and thanks to that, finding his books to buy is very easy. With that, in most bookstores and stores that sell books, it is possible to purchase them.

Online this is even easier, since several sites. Some of them are:

    • Amazon
    • Free market
    • Virtual Bookshelf
    • Submarine

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare Augusto Cury’s books

If you are a fan of reading and want to purchase a book by Augusto Cury, know that there are several factors that must be taken into consideration to choose the ideal title. Are they:

  • Physical or digital book
  • Thematic
  • Single volume or kit
  • Number of pages

Below we will detail each one so you don’t make a mistake in choosing.

Physical or digital book

The first step in choosing a book to buy is to decide whether to purchase a physical or digital copy. In this regard, some factors must be analyzed.

One is personal taste. In this sense, there are people who prefer physical books for reading and others e-books. Space is also another important point. When you have purchased a paper copy and want to read it on the way to work or anywhere it is essential that it fits in your purse or backpack .

This problem does not happen with digital books, since they can be saved on devices such as cell phones, tablets , e-readers and notebooks . However, not every smartphone can be a good reading platform. That’s because very small screens are not ideal for this.

The price must also be considered and in this sense it is worth knowing that e-books are always cheaper than physical books.


The choice of the theme of the book to be purchased is another very important point because it must be in accordance with some question of interest to you.

For example, Augusto Cury has several works on the theme of family and children. If you do not experience this in your reality or do not feel connected with this theme, however good the book is, it will not hold your attention.

Fortunately the author is very eclectic. So, if you have anxiety problems, you will surely find a work on that, if you want to better understand how your mind works too.

In fact, the title of the book does not always show 100% of what will be covered in it. Therefore, in order not to make mistakes, always read the synopsis of the work before purchasing it.

Single volume or kit

Many bookstores create special boxes containing some books by the authors and thus sell the works for a special price that is often attractive. This also happens with the copies of Augusto Cury.

However, it is essential to analyze all the works that are contained in this kit and check if they interest you. This is because, otherwise, you will be paying for a product that will not be used or appreciated by you.

In these cases it ends up paying more to acquire a single volume, because the value will be lower and money will not have been spent on something uninteresting to you.

Number of pages

The number of pages in a book must also be taken into account before purchasing it as there are different types of readers. Some people look for faster readings and don’t like to be stuck in a single story too long.

If this is your case it is more worthwhile to acquire a work by the author that has less than 200 pages, for example. Augusto Cury manages to mix this well and there are options with the most varied sizes.

This information is always found in the description of the book and from that it will be possible to consider whether the work adapts to your taste and the time you have to complete it.


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