Top & Best Automotive DVD player Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Automotive DVD player: How to choose the best of 2020?

we will talk about the best automotive DVD player options available on the market. There are options for every budget. Of course, those who want to have the most advanced features will have to pay a lot more than those who just want to listen to their FM or AM radio.

We selected some of the options most commented and approved by users and listed here. We are also going to talk about what you should take into account when buying an automotive DVD player so as not to make mistakes when purchasing this.

First, the most important

  • An automotive DVD player has many functions in addition to playing music and videos from CDs, DVDs and other inputs. There you can see your reverse camera, browse online and offline maps or mirror your smartphone. Besides, of course, watching TV with the car parked.
  • Before buying, pay attention to the size of the DVD player, measured in DINs. We’ll talk more about that below.
  • The simplest devices cost around R $ 500, but there are more sophisticated models that cost at least R $ 1,000.

Best car DVD player models: Our favorites

Having a DVD player in the car is an excellent resource these days. It features many facilities for both navigation and entertainment features. But before choosing any model, check out the 4 best on the market in the following list:

  • Pioneer AVH-Z9280TV, the top of the line
  • Pioneer AVH-Z9180TV
  • Pioneer AVH-A208BT


Buying Guide

Deciding to place an automotive DVD player in your car may seem like a simple task at first glance, but it becomes a little more complex when you start to analyze all the options. Check below, in our Buying Guide, key factors that you need to take into account when making this decision.

What is an automotive DVD player and what are its advantages?

An automotive DVD player, as the name implies, is a DVD player that can be installed in a vehicle to produce image and sound. However, installing a DVD player in the car is not just for enjoying the best shows of your favorite band.

Having this feature in your vehicle will also help in your safety – through interactive maps – and assist in driving – with the reverse cameras. Some devices also allow you to watch the main television channels in the car. But be careful, watching while driving is against the law.

The fine that regulates the use of DVDs in vehicles is 242. The law allows cars to have equipment like this, but they cannot be visible to the front passengers – driver and passenger – when the car is started. The exceptions are maps (GPS) and the reverse camera.

Even if you need to take care, having a DVD player in the car can be very advantageous. Look:



  • Watch shows and TV with the car stopped
  • See maps on the road
  • Install reverse camera


  • It can take the driver’s attention
  • Driving is not allowed
  • Failure to comply with the standard can lead to fines

Automotive DVD Player: 1 DIN or 2 DIN?

First, you need to know if the DVD fits in the center panel of your car. The DVD player size options available for purchase are just two.

The first (and smallest) is the one that most car radios have. It is usually used when there is no fixed screen to play video (sometimes there is a retractable screen). This option is called 1 DIN and the devices have a height of 5 cm.

The second option is called 2 DIN and occupies twice the size of 1 DIN. In this case, the screen where the video is shown is usually fixed. These devices have a height of 10 cm. See, below, a comparison between the two models:



You can think of the 2 DIN device as occupying the space of 2 1 DIN devices, one on top of the other. If your car is compatible with the 2 DIN option, it is certainly also compatible with the 1 DIN option. The contrary, unfortunately, does not happen.

If my car has a radio (1 DIN), does it mean that I cannot install a larger device? Not necessarily. Notice the photo above where we show a 1 DIN radio. Above the device is an object holder.

In this case it would be possible to install a 2 DIN device when removing both the radio and the storage compartment. Perhaps that is the case with your car.

But be careful, it is good to check that the space where you will install the DVD player is 17.9 cm wide. Although the vast majority of vehicles follow this pattern, there are some exceptions, as is the case with some Hyundai HB20.

You can see several examples of devices 1 and 2 DIN in the video below:



How much?

The prices of automotive DVDs depend a lot on the available resources. If you are looking for something just to play your music on mp3 or your radio, you will find several options below R $ 500.

In this price range it is common to find options that have Bluetooth, which allows you to use your car stereo as your phone’s speaker (great option for making calls).

For those looking for a true multimedia center, prices in general start at R $ 2,000.

Where to buy?

Automotive DVD player models are easily available in many online stores, department stores, hypermarkets, etc. Not to mention that you can also find some options at the car stereo installation store in your neighborhood.

The advantage of buying over the internet is undoubtedly the greatest number of options available.

In many cases, the price may be lower over the internet, as there is greater competition between several sellers on a single site Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Automotive DVD Player Models

Now let’s list the points you need to think about before making a decision on which is the best automotive DVD player for you:

  • Navigation and maps
  • Reverse camera
  • Watch TV
  • Bluetooth
  • Compatible size

Below, we will detail each of these items so that you can make the best choice when buying your automotive DVD player.

Use navigation and maps

When traveling, using the DVD player may be a better option than using navigation on your mobile screen. One advantage is the screen size: automotive DVDs typically have 6 to 7 inch screens, while many smartphones have 4 to 5 inch screens.

The negative point is that the price of devices with this feature is much higher, and it will not be easy to find options with prices below R $ 1500. If your goal is to spend little, the way is to use the DVD just to play the audio from your phone and follow the map on the phone screen.

Reverse camera

Using the reverse camera is a great option to bring safety to the driver, especially in very tight or busy places.

Some automotive DVDs already come with the reverse camera included, which is very good.

Anyway, if you are interested in this feature, here’s a tip: you can buy a camera separately.

Most cameras have the same type of connection and many automotive DVD players come with input for these cameras.

Therefore, if you intend to have a reverse camera, your device selection may include those that come without a camera. Just check that the model you chose has a camera input.

Unlike navigation systems, it doesn’t cost much to have a DVD player with this option. With R $ 500 (plus the price of installing the camera, if you don’t install it on your own), it is possible to have this item in your car.

Watch television

There are automotive DVD player options that allow you to watch television (already in the digital TV standard). This option is interesting because it does not require internet on your cell phone and it costs nothing.

However, don’t expect great signal coverage. There are many complaints from weak signal users on many devices.

But remember that TV (or even DVD videos) can only be watched with the car stopped, that is, only when you are parked waiting for time to pass.

Having devices showing videos to passengers in the front seat while the car is moving is prohibited by the Traffic Code and fines. Therefore, many devices prevent TV from showing when the car is moving.


In general, this is a way of transmitting audio from your cell phone or smartphone to your car stereo. The big advantage is that you don’t need a cable, because the transmission is wireless.

With Bluetooth you can do a lot with your DVD:

  • Speak on the phone. Listen to the sound of your phone conversations on your car speakers. This can allow you to talk on your cell phone while driving without respecting the law.
  • Play your music.  And also content downloaded from your smartphone.
  • See maps. Listen to your smartphone’s navigation commands.

Most models on the market have Bluetooth, and it is not necessary to pay too much to have a device with this feature.

Compatible size

As explained in the Buying Guide, your car needs to be compatible with the automotive DVD player you intend to buy.

Be sure to read the item “What you need to pay attention to before buying” to better understand the issue of DIN size and not have headaches after purchasing the product.



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