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Top & Best Baby kangaroo Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Baby kangaroo: What’s the best in 2022?

In today’s article we will talk about an item that is a real help in the life of dads and moms during the child’s first months: the baby kangaroo.

The kangaroo allows the baby to be accommodated and carried securely close to the adult’s body. The baby is comfortable and the adult hands free, providing an excellent experience for both on walks, trips and even in day-to-day activities.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features you should pay attention to to make the best choice of kangaroo for your baby.

First, the most important

  • Various baby kangaroo models are available on the market, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, and with different accessories to promote the child’s comfort. Choose based on your baby’s age and weight.
  • Model, material, age indication, usage positions, included accessories and product dimensions are some characteristics to be considered at the time of purchase.
  • There is a lot of price variation for the product, depending on the brand, model, capacity, etc. It is possible to find simple versions from R $ 200 and the most sophisticated and with different accessories can cost more than R $ 1,000.

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The best baby kangaroos: Our recommendations

A good kangaroo will be appreciated not only by adults for its practicality, but also by children, for providing comfort and closeness to their parents. Able to accommodate the baby in various stages and positions, it is compact and can be taken on trips and outings.

Because it allows the adult to have his hands free while giving attention to babies, he is very appreciated by parents of different profiles: practical, busy, adventurous, etc. Are you convinced that the kangaroo is a good bet? Check out our list of the most interesting models of the product to inspire you when choosing yours:

  • Kangaroo with ergonomic seat
  • The kangaroo of dads’ favorite brand
  • The best cost-benefit
  • Well rated by moms

Buying Guide

Motherhood is really an incredible time. But having resources that make this moment easier is even better. This is the case with the baby kangaroo, an accessory that helps dads to carry babies while leaving their hands free.

Here you will have access to the most relevant information about the baby kangaroo: models and indications for use, advantages and disadvantages, values, where to buy, etc.

What is the baby kangaroo?

The baby kangaroo is an accessory intended for adults to carry children from 0 to 36 months – depending on the model – on their backs or close to their chest. Equipped with straps and buckles, they are used similarly to backpacks, with attachment to the adult’s waist or lumbar area.

Babies, on the other hand, are seated, with their legs free through the kangaroo openings. The most common positions are with the baby facing the parents or facing the environment, both on the adult’s chest and on the back.

However, some models provide other positions, such as with the baby lying down, for example.

Did you know that your baby can use the kangaroo up to 2 years old? It is safe for both children and those who carry it. Just remember to check the maximum weight capacity, some models support only 15 kg, others up to 25 kg.


What are the advantages of using a kangaroo?

Practical and easy to use, transport and store, the kangaroo has many advantages. In addition to calming the child by promoting direct contact with the adult, contributing to the formation of the emotional bond between the two, he can be a great facilitator of the routine of activities for those who have a baby to care for.

It allows the baby to be carried safely and comfortably without the adult using his hands, and can perform several other tasks while using the product. It is also very practical, as it has no difficulty in placing the baby or being fixed on the adult.

Its design favors that it can be taken on trips and trips, as it is compact and does not take up much space.

What are the different types of baby kangaroo?

The most common kangaroo models are conventional, ergonomic and evolutionary. Although they have the same objective, each model has different characteristics, making the piece unique. See the comparative table:

How much does a baby kangaroo cost?

It is possible to find baby kangaroos with a wide range of prices, depending on the product brand, model, material of manufacture, the accessories included and the extra features it offers.

There are models for more than R $ 1,000, but it is also possible to find simpler types for less than R $ 200. Evaluate the prices of the model chosen in the different brands available in the market to guarantee the most cost-effective purchase.

Where to buy a baby kangaroo?

You can buy your baby kangaroo at physical stores that sell children’s products. However, where there will be greater availability of established brands and models it will be in online stores, such as Amazon.

Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing baby kangaroo models

As the kangaroo is a product for children in its tenderest phase, it must be evaluated with double care before purchase. This assessment can make all the difference to ensure the safety and comfort of the little ones – and also of the adults – who will use it.

Not always the most expensive kangaroo and the most renowned brand will be ideal for you and your baby. Therefore, we will present you with topics on the characteristics you should pay attention to in order to choose the kangaroo that best meets your expectations.

  • Material
  • Capacity and age indication
  • Color
  • Comfort

Check below the details of each of these characteristics. Take into account each of these particularities when choosing your kangaroo and ensure a successful purchase.


The proper material is critical to your kangaroo’s durability. Kangaroos are usually made of reinforced fabrics, with the addition of padding and breathable parts for greater comfort for the baby and the adult.

The models can be fully washable or with removable covers for cleaning, which is essential for good asepsis and product conservation.

Prefer models with reinforced back support and padded parts.

Prefer models with reinforced back support and padded parts, especially when fitting legs and safety straps. Make sure the material has a pleasant touch and is free of rough seams or labels that may disturb the baby’s sensitive skin.

Capacity and age indication

Check carefully the instructions for use of the product, which usually occur according to the baby’s age and weight. Most kangaroos should not be used from 0 to 3 months of age, as at this age the spine is not prepared for the position provided by the kangaroo. Inappropriate use may impair the child’s development.

The capacity and age indication of the product is usually reported very clearly by the manufacturer. These indications vary according to your model, material, types of support and fixation that the product offers. There are models that are adaptable, reaching a greater range of ages and weights.

Always use the model appropriate to the child’s age and weight to ensure safety and prevent damage to the baby’s posture and development.


This is a very personal criterion obviously. The baby kangaroo offer is huge. You will find from the classic black kangaroo, or printed and colored.

A black model does not get dirty easily, unlike very light models. In addition, it is a very neutral option and easy to pass on, after all, your baby will not use the kangaroo for long.


The baby will be able to spend long periods in his kangaroo, where it is possible to feed, nap, rest and play. So it is essential that she is comfortable.

There are models that in addition to the traditional quilts offer accessories to provide more comfort such as an adjustable headrest, removable hood, bibs, etc.

Pay attention, still to the possible positions for the baby in the chosen model. The ideal posture for a baby in the kangaroo is sitting, with the legs folded in the “thrush position” or “M” position, with the hip relaxed and the spine fitted, allowing the free circulation of blood in the lower limbs.

Another good option are models that allow use in various positions, such as on the side or with the baby lying down. These variations will provide more comfort not only for the baby but also for the adult who carries it.

Also check how the product is fixed to the user, and whether the position is designed not to force the back and allow even weight distribution between the shoulders and the hips. Padded straps with multiple adjustment options are also important for adults.


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