Top & Best Ball filling pump Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Ball filling pump: How to choose the best one in 20211?

Today is the day to talk about the ball pump, the sports accessory that is practically mandatory in any ball-game, whatever the ball.

With a ball filling pump, you have a simple device that easily solves one of the only problems that can make a football, volleyball, basketball, among other sports with ball impossible, and the best: you can take it with you wherever you want, whenever you want.

In this Guide, we will teach you how to choose the ideal ball pump model, from lists with the best products, with selection criteria, with the advantages and disadvantages of their use, among other tips and precious information for your purchase be the best possible.

First, the most important

  • There are plenty of bombs. There are the simple ones, the double action ones, the so-called “foot pumps”, in addition to the electric ones.
  • Always look for models that offer extra needles / nozzles. They are small and thin pieces, easy to lose and break.
  • Its price usually varies between R $ 25 and R $ 250, depending on its material, technology and efficiency, mainly.

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Buying Guide

It is not difficult to imagine the scene, if you have not already experienced it: everyone prepared at the appointed time and place, all ready to start … except the ball, which is withered! The situation is easy to solve, if you have a bomb in hand, of course.

This is the great merit of the ball pump: to be a practical and inexpensive solution to this common problem of ball sports. So simple is its operation, which has never been surpassed, with manufacturers developing new models just to make it even more practical, portable and efficient.

In this Buying Guide, we will see these developments, in addition to the advantages and disadvantages of their use.

What is the ball pump?

The ball pump is nothing more than an air pump, mostly manual and portable. Its operation is analogous to that of a syringe, transferring, through pressure, the air from one chamber to another, in this case, a ball.

The pump is basically formed by an air chamber, usually a cylinder; a piston, which moves vertically inside the chamber and pushes the air contained therein to the nozzle, also called a needle, which, by means of compression, transfers the air quickly to the ball chamber.

Between the chamber and the needle it is common to have a hose, to guide the air, relieve pressure on the extremities and make the model more flexible and easy to use.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ball pump?

Buying and using a ball pump has some good advantages, and inevitable disadvantages. Starting with the good points, the first, as we said, is to have a practical and inexpensive solution to the most common of any ball beating problems.

Then, you can easily carry this solution anywhere, even in your backpack . Hardly a hand model will exceed 20-30 cm in length, or weigh more than 200-300 g.

Another great advantage is its versatility. Fortunately, the absolute majority of balls follow the same chamber and spout pattern, so with a pump you can fill virtually all existing sports balls, including exercise balls.



The disadvantages, on the other hand, are in the limits of the pump in its efficiency, durability and area of ​​operation. A medium pump, for example, can cost you a lot of effort on your arms to completely fill a ball.

As for durability, the great disadvantage of the product lies in the fragility of the needle, which, thin and light, bends and breaks easily when it is not lost.

Finally, no matter how versatile the balls are, the pump hardly goes any further, being difficult, or, in some cases, impossible, to inflate bicycle tires or inflatable mattresses, for example.


  • Practical and inexpensive solution
  • Portable
  • Versatile


  • Big effort
  • Fragile needle
  • Restricted to balls

Which is better: Single pump, double action, standing or electric?

You must remember what we wrote up there about the operation of the ball pump, simple and practically immutable. This means that the product, in essence, does not change.

But it does not prevent it from having varieties, based on adaptations in its practicality and efficiency. Thus, we have the single pump, the double action pump, the standing pump and the electric pump. The simple one, as you might imagine, is the most basic, with piston, chamber and nozzle.

The double action does not have a showy variation, but it is very impressive. While normal pumps transfer air when descending the piston, double-acting pumps also do so when raising the piston, from a double valve inside the chamber. They usually have hoses.

Foot pumps are handled in the same way. They are just bigger, making them transfer more air with each pumped. Due to their size, they usually have pedals, in order to stabilize the model with the feet during filling. It is not uncommon to have pressure gauges, which are pressure gauges.

Electric ones also usually have a pressure gauge , and they are the only ones that have a slightly different operation, with pumps made from electrical energy, not with the strength of our hands.

Most have the same shape as simple pumps, with the addition of buttons to decrease or increase pressure / air transfer.


Ball pump or bicycle pump?

Bicycle pumps, at least portable ones, have a design and operation very similar to a ball pump, and this can create doubts for those who research.

First of all, in order to be compared, the bicycle pump model must have a ball chamber needle, or at least the possibility of fitting one.



Then, the choice will depend on the intended use of the pump. If it is exclusively for balls, the price of a bicycle pump may be too high.

However, if you are looking for a multipurpose pump, for bicycles and mattresses, a bicycle pump can be very cost-effective.

How much?

With basic operation replicated in most models, the cost of the ball pump varies due to the difference in materials, technologies and efficiency between each model.

You will find more basic pumps starting at R $ 25, while the most efficient and technological pumps for up to R $ 250.

Where to buy?

In major sporting goods chains, you will find quality products and sold by specialized personnel.

On the internet, however, you will find a greater variety of models and prices, apart from the advantage of being able to buy from the comfort of your home. In this case, online stores like Amazon are the best indications.





Purchasing criteria: What to note before choosing your ball pump

To help you further with your research, and especially with your choice, carefully read the following list of purchase criteria, made from the characteristics of the product and its use.

  • Portability
  • Efficiency
  • Extra needle
  • Ease of use

Now, let’s talk about each of these items, so that you leave this Guide as informed as possible, and then leave the store with the ideal model.


There is no point in having a bomb if you cannot use it when the ball in question needs a calibration, or even a full inflate.

Thus, pay attention to the portability of the models, observing not only their weight and length, but also if they have removable parts and if they fit well in their packaging or even in their bag.


Nobody wants to get tired before the game even starts, right? Therefore, it is better to look for the most efficient model possible, that is, one that can fill the largest volume with the least number of pumps.

Pay special attention to double-acting models with long chambers. The tendency is that they need less pressure on the piston to fill any ball.

Extra needle

Up there in this Guide, we talk about how needles are inevitably fragile, as well as easy to get lost. This criterion, then, is simple: give preference to models that come with at least one extra needle.

More than saving you a little savings, it will be difficult for the model to let you down, as in a possible scenario of the needle breaking before completing the filling of a ball.


Ease of use

Sports and activities with balls are, besides being very fun, accessible and with appeal to all ages. Thus, thinking about the common good, and, ultimately, the durability of your product, look for models that are easy to handle.

This means that children can not only use the product, but prevent them from using it in the wrong way, which can permanently damage the model.


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