Top & Best Barbecue Review 2021- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Barbecue: How to choose the best model in 2021?

Today’s topic is: barbecue, an essential equipment for those who love to make that barbecue on the weekend!

There are several types of barbecue grills, they can run on gas, electricity or traditional coal. They can still be fixed, portable or even built-in. With so much variety it is even a little difficult to choose the ideal model, isn’t it?

That’s why we prepared this article. In it, we will talk about all types of barbecue grills, which is the ideal model according to where you live, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each model, how much do they cost and where to buy. Come with us!

First, the most important

  • There are several models of barbecue: charcoal, gas, electric, breath, stove and the rotary model. It is important to know each one of them, to choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • The barbecue can be used to prepare meats, whole fish, vegetables on skewers, fruits, among other foods. That is, the weekend barbecue can also be vegetarian.
  • Some brands manufacture different models of barbecue grills like Mor and Arke. Nautika, which produces camping items, bets on the barbecue grill, a portable model that can be taken on your adventures.

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The best barbecue models: Our choices

Now, let’s present the best models so that you have great options to choose from. As there are several different types of barbecue, our ranking consists of the best model of each type. Check out:

Buying Guide

Having a barbecue to gather friends and family is the favorite program of many Brazilians. But did you know that, among so many barbecue options, there is one that best suits your needs ?! That’s what we’re going to tell you in this shopping guide.

What is a barbecue grill and where to use it?

The barbecue is one of the favorite dishes of many Brazilians. More than that, having a barbecue involves getting together with friends and family, celebrating special moments and that is why it must be suited to your needs and interests.

Anyone who thinks that to have a barbecue is necessary to have a large and open space. On the contrary, nowadays there are several options of models that vary according to the size, type, material, styles of meat preparation, etc.

All you need is for the space to be ventilated, to take away the smoke and smell that the barbecue grill releases. But be careful not to place it in a place where the wind blows in front, as the air flow can make the meat hard or rubbery.

You can place the barbecue in your kitchen, balcony, gourmet area or yard.

Barbecues can be powered by coal, gas or electricity. Among all, charcoal is preferred, as it gives the meat a smoky flavor. But this can also be considered a disadvantage, as many people are bothered by the smell of coal.

Excessive smoke is easily avoided by using dry charcoal, in large, good quality pieces. Now if you don’t want to see any smoke, you can opt for gas-fired grills.

Gas models are considered to be more environmentally friendly as they consume little fuel, prepare meat faster and dirty less. To create the smoked meat effect, some models come with volcanic stones.

Electric grills heat the grill or spit through an electric burner moved to a resistance similar to that of the heaters. This model needs to have higher watts power, because the bigger it is, the more the device heats up.

But, regardless of the type of barbecue you buy for your home, know that a good barbecue is one that manages to keep the heat it produces, releasing it steadily and slowly.

Barbecues can be fixed or portable. The coolest thing about the portable model is that you can transport it to the most suitable point, you just need to be careful with the surface, which must be flat, so that the barbecue does not swing or fall.

Also, be careful what you leave near the barbecue, such as plastic bags and flammable products like alcohol, gasoline or other sources of heat.

Now check out a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of the barbecue. In this list we consider the general characteristics of the product and not the particularities of each model (we will detail this in the next section).

How much does a barbecue grill cost?

If there is a product with a variety of prices, that product is the barbecue. As there are several types and models, we will specify the most popular value and the most sophisticated products for each type of barbecue:

    • Electric barbecue : Minimum R $ 80 and maximum R $ 2,400.
    • Gas grill : Minimum R $ 180, more expensive models can reach R $ 5,000.
    • Barbecue grill : You will pay at least R $ 80. The highest price reaches R $ 1,500.
    • Charcoal barbecue : Minimum value of R $ 80, the most expensive model for domestic use reaches almost R $ 3,000 and there are models up to R $ 23,000.
    • Stove barbecue : It costs between R $ 80 and R $ 110.


We need to emphasize that some models are really expensive, and can cost between R $ 15,000 and R $ 30,000, generally these grills are gas powered and have an industrial standard.

Where to buy a barbecue?

You can buy your barbecue at your own barbecue supply store. They are very complete and sell from coal to a masonry barbecue grill ready.

You can also choose to buy this device in furniture and appliance stores in department stores like Lojas Americanas and in supermarkets like Carrefour.

The offer is also great in virtual stores like Amazon. Amazon’s e-commerce is one of the most complete, because in addition to the great variety of products, you can compare models, brands and prices.



Types of barbecue

Barbecues can vary for a number of reasons. The first one is the equipment’s power source, that is, if they

operate on gas, electricity or coal.

The barbecue can also be fixed, mobile or built-in, and the portable models can be powered by coal, electric or run on gas. Finally, there are also models of breath, stove and rotating barbecue.

Charcoal barbecue

The charcoal barbecue is the most traditional model. Some say that this type of barbecue makes the meat more juicy and smoky flavor.

The charcoal barbecue can be made of brick, cement or metal and can be fixed, installed on the wall, or mobile. The portable models, with feet, are ideal for backyards and open areas.

Portable models can be floor, table or foldable. They are ready to use and can be taken anywhere. It has several options of sizes. See a portable charcoal grill:

Electric grill

The electric barbecue is a portable model that works connected to the outlet. Electric power triggers a resistance similar to that used in heaters. The higher the power of the resistance in watts, the hotter the grill or the skewer gets.

This model can be used to prepare delicious roasts without making smoke, which makes it ideal for small spaces without much ventilation. And it’s very easy to use, just turn on, put the meat on and let the heat work on its own.

Electric grills can be grilled or skewered. Some models rotate automatically and each skewer can be programmed to operate at certain temperatures.

The grill models can be used to cook different types of meat and side dishes. You can find electric floor barbecues, with support or casters, wall models or compact options, bench or table:

But before buying an electric barbecue, it is necessary to consider some factors such as power in watts – which is directly linked to the level of heating -, energy consumption, support and the type of grill.

Gas grill

The gas barbecue can be operated through cylinders – use is prohibited in buildings in the city of São Paulo – or natural gas piping. The fire is managed by burners.

It is very practical for environments with poor ventilation and apartments, as it does not smoke and is easy to clean. Another advantage is that these barbecues are prepared to receive the meat in 15 minutes, while the charcoal ones need about an hour.


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