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Top & Best Basketball shoes Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Basketball shoes: How to choose the best in 2022

Today is the day to talk about an accessory that is functional and fashionable: basketball shoes.

Manufactured to protect players’ feet and ankles during the match, basketball shoes have evolved and today have advanced technologies for professionals, amateurs and, why not, fashionistas.

In this article, we will help you understand what to consider when buying the most durable and efficient basketball shoes

First, the most important

  • Basketball shoes are essential to prevent injuries that players are subject to due to movements on the court.
  • Current models use advanced technology to ensure cushioning, traction, flexibility and protection.
  • Here you will discover the main factors that differentiate one model from another and how to make the best choice.


Buying Guide

The choice of basketball shoes should go beyond design and color. It is necessary to take into account factors that interfere with the protection and efficiency that the footwear will provide.

That’s why we created this Buying Guide with everything you need to know to get the perfect match for your moves.


What is a basketball shoe?

Basketball shoes are, as the name says, a special shoe used by basketball players to protect their feet, prevent injuries and reduce impacts.

Studies show that, during a game, the player is subjected to an impact force greater than 10 times his body weight. And this has negative effects on the feet, ankle, knees and spine.

For this reason, a good basketball shoe is manufactured with design and materials that will help not only to improve athletic performance, but mainly to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents.


Basketball shoes usually have a long barrel to protect the ankle from the risk of sprains; and the sole is manufactured in such a way that it takes into account the rotation movement made by the players.

This movement, which is characteristic of basketball courts, is risky and, if performed with ordinary tennis shoes, can cause damage to the player’s knee. However, since the creation of basketball shoes until today, footwear has evolved a lot.

Nowadays, you will find a basketball shoe specific to each modality of the game and also for each position that you eventually play.

More than that, currently, basketball shoes have fallen into popular taste and have even become a fashion item.

How did basketball shoes come about?

The first basketball shoes were manufactured by Converse All-Star in 1917. But the shoe became known only three years later when Indiana University player Chuck Taylor started wearing it and helped to improve it.

Made of canvas, long upper and rubber sole, with reinforced heel and cracks in the sole, to reduce slippage on the courts, the shoe that is still used today worldwide: the black high-top All star.

Then, in the early 1970s, the then-created Nike entered the court and launched the Nike Blazer MID, reinforcing the shock absorbers of basketball shoes.

In 1980, however, tennis had its first major evolution. Nike launched Air Force I, which included an air bag under the heel.

Some players like Moses Malone, Michael Cooper, Bobby Jones, Calvin Natt, Mychal Thompson, and Jamal Wilkes were the first to wear Nike Air sneakers.

In 1984, in partnership with Michel Jordan, the Nike Air Jordan line was created, positioning Nike as a leader in the manufacture of basketball shoes.

Then Adidas and Reebook entered the competition by expanding the options.

As a result, all manufacturers have invested in increasingly efficient basketball shoes, aiming at the player’s performance and protection. And, of course, without leaving aside the boldness in the designer and in the colors.

Since then, innovations have increased, both in terms of materials and technologies applied to footwear.

What is the difference between basketball shoes and running shoes?

It is a fact: for each sport there is a specific shoe that will protect and increase the athlete’s efficiency.

Doctors and specialists ensure that choosing the right shoe helps prevent serious injuries in people who practice sports and constant physical activities.

In basketball it is no different, since there are several types of different movements performed by the player.

There is, for example, the running part, the jumps, the rotations and, of course, the weight of the impact of the body itself.

Sports scientists at the University of Utah point out that, on average, basketball players change directions every two seconds and execute 105 short shots each game.

Basketball shoes are designed to act as shock absorbers for short shots, in which the player makes a quick and abrupt start, with a change of direction, and then stops.

In addition, basketball shoes provide stability at the ankle while ensuring flexibility for players to move laterally.

Running shoes are designed to cushion and stabilize movements over long distances, with repetitive strides without major changes in direction.

Check out the main differences between the features offered by basketball shoes and running shoes:

What are the types of basketball shoes?

With the evolution of basketball shoes, manufacturers have invested in the creation of specific models with different functions. For example, there are sneakers manufactured specifically for those who play on outdoor courts, considering the type of court surface.

There are also basketball shoes that improve the performance of those who move more or less on the court. Therefore, nowadays there are types of basketball shoes that can be classified taking into account two factors:

    • The modality
    • The player’s position


Within the category of modality, there are basketball shoes for those who play indoor (closed courts) or outdoor (outdoors).

The basketball shoes indicated for those who play indoor have, in general, a thinner and softer sole, allowing flexibility, in addition to shock absorption.

For those who play outdoors, tennis should be firmer, more stable and robust, due to the rougher soil.

So, in general, this type of basketball shoes has a sole with extra reinforcement and comes with velcro straps, to further reinforce stability.

The second category of types of basketball shoes takes into account the player’s position on the court. For example, if you are a Shipowner, you know that you will need more mobility and speed.

Thus, the most suitable shoe has a thin and flexible sole, which helps to increase traction, and has a short shaft to offer more freedom to movements.

But if you play like Alas, basketball shoes with a wide base are ideal, offering even more stability.
For Pivots, basketball shoes are recommended, which provide greater stability, shock absorption and extra support.

What are the advantages of basketball shoes?

As we saw, the great advantage of tennis to play basketball is that it protects the player against injuries, especially in the feet, ankles and knees. And this is possible due to the design combined with technologies that increase cushioning, traction and flexibility.

Precisely because of these benefits, basketball shoes also optimize the performance of good players on the court.

Another advantage of this type of sneakers is the durability. The fact is that basketball shoes from leading brands are made with the highest quality materials, so they are durable and comfortable.

In summary, the best basketball shoes offer additional ankle support, durability and traction.


However, basketball shoes also have some disadvantages. The main one is the price. That’s because the best manufacturers are international and use high technology in the manufacture of these sneakers.

If you want to have a quality and high durability sneaker you will have to make an investment that will not come cheap. But the cost-benefit is high since your shoes will last longer.

The fact is that sneakers from brands with less tradition end up spoiling faster and do not offer the resistance, cushioning and traction needed for their protection and performance.

Check out the main advantages and disadvantages of basketball shoes:


  • Prevents physical injuries
  • improves performance
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable
  • Cost benefit


  • High Price
  • Leading brands are international

How much?

The price of basketball shoes varies according to the brand, the material of manufacture and the applied technology.

a pair of high performance basketball shoes can cost between R $ 200 and R $ 1,000.

But there are professional basketball shoes that can cost a few tens of dollars.

Where to buy?

You can find basketball shoes in sports and footwear stores.

But we recommend that you make your purchase at online stores like Amazon and Amazon.

Thus, you will have more options of brands, models and prices. Remembering that many of the models you will only find online.


Purchasing Criteria: What to Consider Before Buying Basketball Shoes

Of course, the look and colors of basketball shoes count in your choice. But none of this will guarantee improved performance on the court or the safety of your feet and ankles.

To ensure that you will buy really efficient and long-lasting basketball shoes, we have listed below the factors that should be taken into account:

  • Leather
  • Midsole
  • Sole
  • Design

Below, we will detail each of these factors for you to choose the ideal one for you.


Basketball shoes consist of three parts: the upper, the midsole and the sole. And each of these parts will interfere with protection, flexibility and traction.

Start by looking at the upper of the tennis shoe, which is the part that involves the entire foot. Take into account both your height and the material of manufacture.

Leather, for example, can be found in three types according to height: low, medium and low.

Low-top sneakers are manufactured to allow speed and agility, ideal for the player who runs a lot on the court.

The negative side of the short barrel is that to guarantee dynamism it affects the stability and safety of the ankle, which is unprotected.

The basketball shoe with medium upper leather , offers medium support, covering the ankles without closing completely, allowing flexibility of movements, but with less stability.

High-top sneakers, on the other hand , are the most suitable for players who play in the center and forward who, in general, need greater support for their ankles.

But it also means that this type of shoes will be heavier and could compromise freedom of movement.

Check out how the different types of basketball shoes can play in the player’s performance and protection:

After making your choice between high, medium and low barrel, you should take into account the material of the leather.

Basketball shoes can have a soft upper, with flexible and breathable fabric, offering comfort, mobility and speed.

There are also models with resistant and durable uppers, made of rubber and leather or synthetic materials.


The midsole is the part that lies between the sole and the insole and it is it that gives or not the ideal cushioning.

Most of the available models have midsoles composed of ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, known as EVA, polyurethane or a combination of these materials.

EVA foam is lighter, while polyurethane midsoles are denser and more durable.

Experts say the ideal is for the midsole material to be a moderate mixture of the two materials, to maintain stability without sacrificing comfort.


The sole of the basketball shoes is another factor to be observed before making your purchase. That’s because the sole is the point of traction of the shoe. In general, you will find models made of either rubber or synthetic material. But it is its format that most influences performance.

If you are looking for maximum balance on the court, opt for a flat and wide sole. If your focus is to have a better grip, choose the sole with a herringbone or hexagonal pattern, which prevents you from slipping.

In outdoor games, choose a thicker and more resistant sole as the asphalt wears basketball shoes much more.


Yes it is! Design is also important. Although you shouldn’t just focus on it, basketball shoes can say a lot about the athlete’s style and personality. And that is a matter of very personal choice.

Sneakers can have a super discreet style of single color, or be so colorful that it is even difficult to describe how many colors it has.

It is difficult to choose just one model. Usually basketball players have different models for different situations.


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