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Top & Best Beach Tennis Racket Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Beach Tennis Racket: How to choose the best one in 2022?

If you want to join two passions, tennis and beach, welcomes you and presents the best beach tennis racket models available in the market.

A mixture to guarantee fun and sports practice in the same activity. Different from frescobol and more like tennis, the sport was created in Italy, beach tennis has already won many practitioners.

Like most sports, this game has its own rules and also its own accessories, in addition to the different models suitable for beginners and professionals.

Whether you are starting to train or looking to improve your practice, we will help you find the best beach tennis racket option to suit your interests.

First, the most important

  • Different beach tennis rackets meet the needs of different players. Define your style before buying a racket.
  • Testing some racket options before making your purchase can avoid frustrations and unnecessary investment.
  • Prices range from R $ 300 to R $ 1200. If you are starting in the modality, consider the entry models, to get more practice.






Buying Guide

There are countless sports, and the number of options for fun and leisure is even greater. Even so, it turns and moves some new modality that emerges and begins to gain supporters worldwide.

Beach tennis was no different. And to play, an ideal racket is more than indicated, it is essential. Finding your model can be a difficult task, but here in our Buying Guide, you will have valuable information to know exactly what to choose.



What are beach tennis rackets?

Beach sports are always exciting and stimulating. It is common for athletes to change their air, especially during hot summer days. And sand on the beach is an option.

Like volleyball, football, running and crossfit, tennis also left the courts and won the sands. The sport that emerged in Italy, more than 30 years ago, conquered the world and became a professional since 1996.

With specific rules and equipment suitable for its practice, beach tennis is considered a new sport, which has been gaining a lot of fans. Beach tennis rackets, therefore, are nothing more than the main accessory needed to practice this sport. The  Vini Font is the 4th in the ranking in the world circuit of Beach Tennis.



Suitable for all ages, the practice of beach tennis has no contraindications. Some people believe that it is the same as playing tennis, and that instead of the floor court, the space is limited in the sand.

But in practice it is a little different. Sports have some similarities and differences. Starting with the beach tennis racket, which we will talk about much more below.

What are the differences between beach tennis and tennis rackets?

We start with the measurements of the beach tennis court. In simple games the indicated size is: 16 meters long and 4.5 meters wide. For doubles matches, the length is the same, but the width is increased to 8 meters.

This size of court has the same dimensions used in beach volleyball. In beach tennis, there is no need for large setbacks, unlike tennis courts.

The ball used in beach tennis is the same as in tennis games, but with low pressure. In regional tournaments, organizers can choose the green ball, which is 25% slower compared to the traditional tennis ball, or the orange ball, 50% slower. The second is the official tournament of the professional circuit.

Regarding rackets, the main difference is in the length and also in the area of ​​contact with the ball. The manufacturing materials and technology used are quite similar to ensure the athlete’s resourcefulness on the court. See the basic differences between tennis rackets and beach tennis:



Which racket size is right for you?

Beach tennis rackets have some differences, and your choice should be related to the type of player you are. Beginners and intermediates can make similar options to ensure better results on the court.

If you intend to practice following the rules of the IFBT – International Beach Tennis Federation – you must respect the size limit of the racket up to 50 cm. But it is worth knowing that there are some variations.

Longer rackets offer greater impact and greater reach. Shorter rackets can also be lighter and easier to maneuver. These models are usually indicated for women beginners and children.

When choosing your beach tennis racket, remember that you need to seek the balance between size and weight, and this should vary depending on the brand, models and especially the material of manufacture.

The size of the racket head also has the width regulated by the IFBT rules. The ideal is to choose a medium width that offers security and at the same time is easily controllable. It is also recommended that the rackets be rounded.

Those looking for ball speed should also opt for beach tennis rackets with the heaviest head. Take into account that the weight will interfere with your way of handling the racket during the match.

The characteristics that represent the qualities of the racket, such as flexibility, weight, among others, are directly linked to the manufacturing materials. Most Beach tennis racquets are developed in graphite, fiberglass and various mixtures such as graphite and titanium.

The interior material used is usually some kind of hardened foam. The inner part is just as important as the outer material as they represent the flexibility and durability of the racket.



Why does the beach tennis racket have holes?

The answer is simple: To decrease the air resistance on the racket. According to the international federation of the sport, these holes can measure up to 13mm.

The larger the holes and the greater the number of them in a racket, the lower the air resistance will be, and the racket will feel lighter. Rackets with larger holes are suitable for beginners or older players.

Younger and more experienced players will prefer rackets with fewer holes, heavier, which allow stronger strokes.

Does the player’s position influence the type of racket?

Beach tennis can be played individually or in pairs. In the case of doubles, each player has a well-defined position. And even in individual games, the player’s style influences the choice of the racket.

For the most offensive games, the ideal are the rackets developed in rigid materials, heavier and with Sweet Spot. This is an area of ​​the racket head, where contact with the ball becomes more “soft”.

The rackets indicated for defensive play must promote control of the ball. It is ideal that they are developed in more flexible materials, with less weight and greater Sweet Spot.

With all the choices available on the market, it is worth remembering that the best beach tennis racket for you is the one that gives you confidence to play your best.

How much does it cost and where to buy a beach tennis racket?

Just like tennis, Beach Tennis is still considered a elite sport and this has a direct bearing on the cost of the equipment needed for its practice.

The value of the rackets varies from R $ 300 to R $ 1200 reais. For those who are starting in the sport and still cannot identify their priorities, it is worth testing some options before making a high investment.

Sports stores offer the most varied model options and prices on the market. You will still be able to choose a range of colors that match your style.

If you followed your research to the letter and already know which brand and ideal model you want, the internet is the place where you will find the best prices and promotions.

At Amazon, the main store in virtual commerce, you can find the brands known and recommended by professionals.

Purchasing Criteria: How to compare beach tennis racket models

The beach tennis racket is the most important accessory for the practice of this sport. Choosing the best one for your style of play means better results, better performance on the court and also more satisfaction in each match.

Now that you know the main differences between the racket styles and the benefits of each of the characteristics, we are going to introduce you to three main points.

These main factors will influence your decision and will be practically decisive for your purchase:

  • Weight
  • Manufacturing material
  • Holes / Damping
  • Cable size

We’ll talk about each one below, so you can make the best choice when buying your beach tennis racket.


The lighter rackets allow for more movement speed and require greater effort on the player’s arm. The heavier rackets offer more power to the ball, without affecting both the arm and a light racket.

Your choice should always seek balance, so choose the racket that has the maximum weight you can manage, depending on your strength and ability.

Manufacturing material

There are three main materials for manufacturing beach tennis rackets and these are directly linked to their weight and flexibility.

  • Fiberglass . Makes rackets lighter and more flexible, generating greater control and less power.
  • Graphite . They have an intermediate level of weight and flexibility.
  • Carbon . They are heavier and more rigid, generating greater power.

Holes / Damping

Professional players prefer rigid rackets that limit cushioning during impact with the ball. In this way most of the ball’s energy is converted into energy for the return.

The holes that exist in beach tennis rackets influence this cushioning. And the aerodynamic pattern of holes is present in most intermediate and professional rackets. Accurate holes at the ideal point represent greater accuracy.



Cable size

There are beach tennis rackets where the handle is shorter, and others where the area where the player holds the racket is longer. This element of a racket can make all the difference:

  • Long-handled rackets . They make it more difficult for the player, as they make handling difficult. However, they allow more reach and power. Ideal for more experienced players.
  • Short-handled rackets . Handling is easier, as the cable is closer to the ring. Thus, it is possible to have more control, achieving more accurate strokes.


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