Top & Best Biodegradable glitter Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Biodegradable glitter: Learn how to choose the best in 2021

Whether to skip Carnival, use it in children’s school supplies or other festive occasions, biodegradable glitter is gaining more and more strength. And today, you will find everything about it.

Developed as an ecologically correct alternative, biodegradable glitter is a relatively recent novelty, but it promises to outweigh plastic and aluminum versions. See more in our review.

First, the most important

  • In addition to being biodegradable, this type of glitter is also usually natural, and you can even find vegan options.
  • As with edible glitter, many models can be ingested without causing damage.
  • It is easier to remove from the skin and, as it does not have plastic microparticles, it does not hurt or cause irritation during application.

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The best types of biodegradable glitter: Our recommendations

Biodegradable glitter is a great option for parties and to be used in conjunction with makeup. Here are some examples that we have set aside especially for you.

  • The best model to use on the body
  • The most suitable glitter for vegans
  • For those who want to enjoy an eco-conscious party

Buying Guide

For makeup lovers, having a beautiful collection of glitters is a real desire. After all, the brightness offered by them gives a special touch to any production.

Thinking about it, a biodegradable glitter is an excellent option, because in addition to adding a unique shine to your make, it is sustainable and does not harm the environment. To find out how to choose, check out our guide.

What is biodegradable glitter?

Glitter, that colored powder widely used in makeup, costumes and even food, is usually made with small pieces of plastic or aluminum, dyed in a lot of colors.

The big problem with these microparticles is that they are harmful to the environment. That is why more and more manufacturers offer a biodegradable version, which dissolves more quickly in contact with water.

Natural, it can also be vegan, that is, it does not use animal products in its manufacture. All these details make biodegradable glitter a much healthier option for the planet.

Did you know that traditional glitter is made of plastic microparticles that cannot be filtered and end up directly in the oceans, harming marine fauna?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of biodegradable glitter?

As you could see, biodegradable glitter has its advantages and does not lose anything to traditional models, since they have high gloss power and excellent durability without causing damage to the environment. You can also get amazing makeup without damaging your skin.

However, there are some disadvantages to be aware of. It can be difficult to remove from the skin, it costs a little more expensive than traditional models and you may need to use a fixative product to help with the application.

How can I use biodegradable glitter?

Biodegradable glitter can be used in many ways, but among the main ones, is cosmetic use. This is because it is much more pleasant and healthy for our skin and you can easily apply it with the help of a brush  to achieve unique shine effects.

Because it is produced from natural products, it has also been widely used in food, as it is edible and can be a great differentiator in sweets and cakes.

Finally, many children’s schools still include glitter in their school supplies lists. Biodegradable glitter is a great alternative as it is healthier for your children. Using it with stick glue it is possible to make amazing arts.


How important are biodegradable products to the environment?

Recent studies have identified that around 236,000 tonnes of microplastics are released annually into the seas and oceans, and the worst part is that they take dozens, sometimes even hundreds of years to decompose. This is highly damaging to the environment.

That is why more and more brands are looking for biodegradable options, which decompose more quickly and are not harmful to fauna and flora.

In addition, natural options are also great for consumers, as their products are less likely to cause allergies, irritations and even more serious damage to health.

Purchase Criteria: What to consider before buying biodegradable glitter

Throughout our analysis you could understand a little more about biodegradable glitter and how important it is to start using this type of product to help preserve the environment.

But, before making the purchase, you need to be attentive to some details to find the best brand and even the ideal glitter for each situation. So, see these criteria that we separated for you.

  • Material
  • Colors
  • Packaging and Presentation
  • Formats

After reading each of these topics, you will be ready to use glitter with a clear conscience.


Biodegradable glitter can be made from a multitude of natural products. The most common is a film made from seaweed. It can also be made from natural resins, such as those obtained from aloe vera.

To obtain the color, many brands use crushed rocks or other natural pigments that decompose quickly in the environment. In the case of vegan glitter, brands are still concerned about not using raw materials of animal origin.

To use on the skin, in conjunction with makeup, make sure the product is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. And, remember, to cook, look for an edible glitter to prevent damage to your health.


Fortunately, biodegradable glitter does not lose anything when compared to traditional glitter, especially when it comes to colors. Currently it is possible to find them in a huge variety, mainly for cosmetic use.

It is also possible to combine several colors, mainly in costumes, to obtain unique and differentiated sparkles. So use and abuse your favorite colors.

Packaging and presentation

Although the powder or granule version is very common, it is currently possible to find biodegradable glitter options in varied presentations, such as gel or cream.

The versions in various vehicles are especially interesting for those who want to use glitter on the body, since there is no need to apply other creams or fixatives.

Regarding the packaging, before buying your new biodegradable glitter, it is very important to consider its safety and sealing capacity, especially if you intend to take it in the bag or in the bag. Thus, you will avoid the risk of accidents and inconveniences.


Biodegradable glitter can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Although the most common is the powder, it is possible to find them in slightly larger squares, as well as in more rounded shapes.

They are also sold in the shape of stars, hearts and flowers. So, just choose the one that best matches your style and the occasion, remembering that the bigger, the greater the reflected shine.



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