Top & Best Bookshelf Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bookshelf: How to choose the best one in 2020?

If you love books and can’t stop buying them, you’ve probably encountered a difficulty: how to store them all? One of the best and most practical ways to do this is with the bookcase!

The shelf can have several functions besides storing your books. In it, you can also place decorations and picture frames. In addition, the bookcase itself already gives an extra charm in the room.

However, with so many bookcase options, how to choose the best one for your needs? Here we will talk about the different types of bookshelves, their advantages and disadvantages, the best models and what you should pay attention to when choosing yours.

First, the most important

  • A bookcase is ideal for organizing and completing the decoration of the environment. Let us help you choose the best model for you!
  • There are several types of bookcases: fixed or mobile, vertical or horizontal, classic or modular … It is a huge variety on the market. Surely one of them will please you!
  • The great advantage of the bookcase is that it prevents your books from getting moldy and even helps you organize your things!

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Ranking: The 6 best bookshelves

Do you like to read, but no longer know where to store your books? There are several formats and models of bookshelves in stores. We have separated here the most popular among consumers, to help you decide when buying!

Buying Guide

Now that you know what the best bookshelves are, let’s talk about their advantages and disadvantages, where to buy and how much they cost. Plus, you’ll know exactly what to pay attention to before purchasing your bookcase!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a bookcase?

The most obvious advantage of the bookcase is that it stores your books, leaving them within reach whenever you need them. In addition, the chance of the books becoming moldy is much less, as they are not locked inside a cabinet.

Another advantage is that it is much easier to organize your books with shelves. When leaving them stored in different corners or inside the closet, it can be difficult to find the one you are looking for. On the shelf, it is possible to organize them by genre, author or name of the book.

It still offers a decorative look. In addition to being able to place decorative objects on the shelves, the furniture itself makes the room more charming and beautiful. You can find several beautiful models that match your living room or bedroom!

Keeping your home organized will be easier with a bookcase. If you are a regular reader and / or love decorating, this is always a great option. In addition, there are several very accessible models of bookshelves, without the need to pay a very high price.

Among its disadvantages is the space that most models occupy. It is possible to purchase shelves that are attached to the wall, but the floor shelves need their own space.

Another negative point is the dust they usually collect. To prevent your books from getting worn out over time, always take them off the shelf and wipe everything with a dry cloth.

How to organize books on the shelf?

The bookcase is one of the best places to store your books. They are protected and organized more easily.

When purchasing your bookcase, some measures will help to leave the books intact and the decoration even more beautiful. To take advantage of the space, you can place large niches under a window, for example.

For a change, there is the possibility of you stacking the books instead of always leaving them side by side. On top of the stack, you can place a decorative object.



Did you know that books were not always arranged vertically as we do today?

In the past, books were stored on shelves horizontally and tilted, which made it difficult to see and did not allow the storage of many volumes.

It was only after the Great Depression that shelves and shelves began to arrive in people’s homes. Thus, the most varied ways of ordering them emerged.

Daily cleaning of the bookcase and books is essential for health, especially for those who are allergic. Always place few books, to avoid the accumulation of dust. Also, wipe frequently.

These are some of the decorations you can make with shelves in your home:

Standing and lying books

Many people end up leaving the books all the same, standing up. This is a more classic way to decorate your bookshelf. However, if you want to innovate, you can mix books lying and standing.

At the ends, leave two or three books upright. In the middle, you can place them stacked. Each stack can have a different number of books, to make it more decorative.

By size

Another way to place your books on the shelf is in order of increasing or decreasing size. This layout looks great on bookshelves with straight shelves.

Mixing objects

In addition to books, you can place various decorative items on the shelf. How about mixing your books with flowers, picture frames, candles, travel memories, etc.? This will leave the bookcase with your face and give a charming touch to the environment.

Minimalist decor

For those who do not like very full and “polluted” decorations, there is the option of leaving the environment more clean. This decoration is ideal for those who do not have so many books.

Color organization

For those who have many books, it will be easy to organize them by color. This makes the bookcase super cute and charming. On each shelf, organize items according to your color palette.

How much?

As we have already talked about the advantages and disadvantages of the bookcase, most models have affordable prices. Nowadays, it is super easy to find a bookcase that suits your taste and your pocket!

From R $ 100 it is already possible to find several models of shelves. However, the most complete and quality models cost around R $ 250 to R $ 300. There are still much more expensive models, costing over a thousand reais, made of wood, but they are few and rare.

Where to buy?

You can find different models of bookshelves in the best furniture stores. If you want to buy yours in the physical store, you can find it in place.

For those who want to see a wider range of models and prices, there is the option to buy online. You can find your bookshelf on sites like Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Main features for evaluating a bookcase

Since there are many types of bookshelves available in stores, you will need to know what sets them apart. These are some of the features you should review before choosing your model:

  • Bookcase type
  • Design
  • Material
  • Measures
  • Finishing
  • Shelves or niches

Each of these items must be taken into account at the time of purchase. Still having doubts? Read on to learn more about each one.

Bookcase type

When buying your bookcase, you will come across a huge variety of models, which can end up confusing consumers. First, there are two main types of bookshelves:

Fixed or fixed shelf

The fixed shelf functions as a shelf. You choose how many you want and screw them to the wall. This model has several advantages, such as saving space and the fact that you choose how to leave them arranged on the wall.

However, there are also some disadvantages. The first is that fixed shelves are not usually very spacious. Therefore, you will need to purchase several if you have many books. In addition, because they are fixed, you will need to drill the wall to install the shelf.

Mobile bookcase

The biggest advantage of the mobile shelf is that it is easily transported to other rooms or when moving. In addition, they are usually more spacious, ideal for those who have several books and want to make a decoration.


After choosing between these two main types, you will still have to decide between several different types of design:

Classic model

This is the best-selling model in stores and most common in homes. The classic bookcase has a rectangular shape and usually comes with at least 4 shelves.

Because it is classic, there is no error with this model, it is the “little black dress” on the shelves. As the shelves are straight, you can store books and decorative objects smoothly.

Hack Bookshelf

If you are looking for a bookshelf and a hack, why not combine the useful with the pleasant? This model of bookshelf serves both to place the television and to store books and decorative objects.

Because it is horizontal, it needs more space. In addition, it is important to remember that it cannot store a large volume of books.

Modular shelf

This type of bookcase has been gaining more and more strength in homes. Because it is more modern and irreverent, it is ideal for those who want to innovate in decoration.

There are several types of modular shelving, but, in general, they are divided into modules that are positioned in different places. This bookcase draws attention and leaves your home with a touch of fun.

Diagonal bookcase

This is also a more “different” model. The diagonal bookcase makes your home more modern and is super charming!

The downside of this type of bookcase is that it cannot accommodate decorative items, as they can fall and break. But if you have several volumes of books to store, it may be ideal.


Once you’ve decided which type of bookcase you want, it’s time to choose the material. The vast majority of affordable shelves are made of MDF, but there are also other materials used in the shelves. These are the main ones:

Wood or bamboo

Wooden bookshelves are more traditional choices. In the past, this was the most common material used in bookshelves.

The positive point of the wooden shelves is that they combine with different styles of decoration, and give a touch of elegance in the room where they are.

Shelves made of this material are a little more expensive than MDF. However, it is possible to find a wooden bookcase that is accessible.


Most metal shelves have a more traditional look, with an office face. If you are looking for practicality and good price, this material will be very useful.

It is also possible to find more charming and colorful metal shelves. It will suit your taste and preference.


MDF is a reconstituted wooden panel. That is, it is produced with wood fibers glued together. Its quality will depend a lot on the manufacturer.

Despite this, MDF usually has stability and absorbs paints with ease. With this material, it becomes easier to shape the furniture to make it more charming, such as rounded parts and contours.


This material is usually used in conjunction with MDF in several bookcases. Like MDF, MDP also has good paint absorption and stability. However, it is not as malleable as MDF, being more used for straight furniture.


One of the main factors that you should note before buying a bookcase concerns the measurements.

Many people live in small houses and apartments, with little space for furniture. However, this does not need to stop you from purchasing your bookcase. Before choosing yours, carefully measure the space it will be in. The sale sites show the measurements of the furniture.

In addition, you can choose from three main types of bookcases to suit the space you have available: horizontal, vertical and shelf style.

If you have little space, choose vertical or fixed shelves, which you can hang on the wall. If the space is large, horizontal shelves can also be an option.


We have two main types of finishes for a bookcase: lacquer and laminate.

  • Lacquer . It has a smooth and shiny look. For being more beautiful and charming, this finish draws a lot of attention at the time of purchase. However, it is more expensive and easily scratched.
  • Laminate . It is practical and more accessible. However, keep an eye: this finish cannot be exposed to the sun, as it creates stains on the shelf.

Shelves or niches

Shelves usually come with shelves or niches for you to place your books or decorative objects. The biggest difference between them is the visual aspect. However, they can also make a difference in the organization of the environment.

The niches, because they are smaller, make it easier to arrange your objects. If you prefer, you can use each niche for a specific purpose, one for books, another for picture frames, etc. Thus, your bookshelf is more tidy and organized. In addition, the niches provide a more cool look to the environment.

Shelves, on the other hand, are more traditional and present, especially on vertical shelves. They are more practical for those who have many books. However, nothing prevents you from using them, too, to store decorative items.


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