Top & Best Ceiling fan with remote control Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Ceiling fan with remote control: Choose the best in 2022

The advantages of buying a ceiling fan for your home or office are numerous and you already know them. But have you ever thought about buying a remote controlled ceiling fan?

This alternative has been drawing the attention of consumers for comfort and convenience. But is this the best option for you? Discover the answer in another article.

First, the most important

  • The ceiling fan remote control offers interesting features such as turning the equipment on and off, switching between fan or exhaust mode, controlling the wind speed, adjusting the timer and turning the lighting on or off.
  • Most remote controlled ceiling fan models have two or three blades. Choose a model with two blades if you want concentrated ventilation, and three blades if you want comprehensive ventilation.
  • We recommend that you look for a specialized technician to install the remote controlled ceiling fan. If the installation is performed incorrectly, the equipment may suffer irreparable damage that is not covered by the warranty.

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The best ceiling fans with remote control: Our suggestions

Are you looking for a remote controlled ceiling fan but are lost with the variety of models and brands? To make your choice easier, we have prepared a list of the best models of the moment. We analyze the technical configurations of each model, look for recommendations from experts and consider the reviews of consumers who bought these products.

  • An economic model
  • Best cost-effective option
  • The best ceiling fan with remote control for bedroom
  • The best option for those who prioritize design

Buying Guide

The ceiling fan is ideal for those who want to keep their home or office ventilated without worrying about the electricity bill – the equipment’s energy consumption represents 2% of the electrical energy consumed by an air conditioner. Not to mention that the fan takes up little space and is decorative.

Want even more convenience and comfort? Invest in a remote controlled ceiling fan. But before buying the equipment, read this Buying Guide and learn more about the product. Good reading!

Why should I buy a remote controlled ceiling fan?

Buying a ceiling fan with remote control is ideal for those seeking practicality, comfort and usability, as the user will have access to all the functionality of the device through a remote control with a range of up to eight meters.

And even with the use of the remote control, the use of the wall control is not disabled, so you can use both control modes for the same equipment.

A positive aspect of the remote controlled ceiling fan is that the equipment does not require structural or electrical changes. And some models come pre-assembled and have a simple installation system.

A negative point is that the equipment’s receiver is electronic, which makes it sensitive to electrical power outages – when constant, it can shorten the receiver’s life and require replacement of the part.

Find out all the advantages and disadvantages of a ceiling fan with remote control in the table below:

What are the functions of a remote controlled ceiling fan?

The remote control for the ceiling fan allows you to choose whether to turn on or off the fan or lighting, switch between the fan and exhaust fan functions, control the speed and direction of ventilation and activate the silent / night mode.

Some models have a timer / timer function that allows you to program the automatic shutdown of the device in a certain period, one, two, four, six or eight hours (depending on the model).

What are the best brands of remote controlled ceiling fans?

The Arno , reference HVAC environments, offers a ceiling fan model with remote control: Ultimate. This model is 35% more economical thanks to the exclusive electronic engine, having received grade A in the labeling Program.

Integrates with any room in the house, as it has a minimalist design in three color options. The remote control has a modern design and displays all the features – speed control, timer function and “sleep” that reduces the rotation speed to provide a peaceful night.

The Back Up system activates the fan functions via the wall switch in case of loss of control. Prices range from R $ 550 to R $ 620.

The Mondial offers Maxi Air Control model. This ceiling fan with remote control has adjustable speed: minimum, medium and maximum, timer and lighting (not included with the lamps).

The fan comes pre-assembled and with integrated propellers. A differential is the exclusive mechanism for easy installation in which it is enough to fit, rotate and lock. This model also supports remote control. It is available in two color options.

The Ventisol offers four models suitable for residential use: Flow, Vortex, Phoenix and Sunny. Both have steel motor and rod and three plastic paddles. The remote control of both models offers basic functions.

The Flow and Vortex models have the following differentials: Winglet blades, which increase ventilation, reduce engine noise and wear, and an integrated LED lamp – while the Fênix and Sunny models offer chandelier for two lamps.

The ceiling fan with remote control Cancun of Britain is silent, has low power consumption and high performance. Comes with remote control that can be used to select fan or exhaust function and control the speed.

Anyone who values ​​the design of the ceiling fan should invest in one of the Spirit brand models . Among the differentials of the brand we can mention: Integrated LED lighting – white or yellow – compact remote control, energy efficiency and quiet operation.

Some models offer electronic repellent that works even with the fan off.

Should I buy a ceiling fan with remote control or wall control?

This is a very common question among consumers looking for an air conditioning solution. The basic difference between a fan with remote control or wall control is that the first model eliminates the need for mobility.

The functionalities are basically the same, the difference is that the fan with remote control has a timer in which it is possible to program the automatic shutdown of the equipment.

Did you know that there are other drive modes for a ceiling fan? One model can be controlled by a string attached to the fan and the other is controlled by smartphone via Bluetooth.



Purchasing criteria: How to choose a ceiling fan with remote control

Imagine lying in your bed watching a movie and having to get up to turn the fan on or off … Or being in the office and having to stop work to adjust the wind speed or direction.

To make the most of the equipment’s performance, buy a remote controlled ceiling fan. To find the ideal model for your home or office, review the following features:

  • Number of blades
  • Air flow and power
  • Design
  • Remote Control

Buy your ceiling fan with remote control and add much more convenience to your life. Remember to rate this text and leave a comment.

Number of blades

Although many people believe that the number of blades on a ceiling fan is related to the power of the equipment, this is not true.

The number of blades influences the wind distribution capacity, that is, the larger the size of the environment, the more blades the fan must have. You find the following options:

Air flow and power

Did you know that the greater the number of propellers and the inclination of these parts, the greater the power of the fan must be? These variables impact on equipment efficiency and energy consumption.

The power of a remote controlled ceiling fan ranges from 150 to 200W.

It is also important to evaluate the air flow, which indicates the capacity of the fan to circulate the air through the environment and to cool it. The flow is calculated in cubic meters per second (m³ / s).

Know that every 20m², an environment needs a fan with a flow of 2m³ / s. Use this measurement as a reference to calculate the flow capacity required for the desired environment.


Take a moment to evaluate the design of the remote controlled ceiling fan. You can find options in three color options: White, silver or black.

White models are versatile, as they combine with neutral tones, contrast with dark colors and balance with vibrant colors. When choosing a white ceiling fan you will have a classic and timeless piece.

he equipment in silver color is modern and sophisticated. This tone is neutral, so you can buy without fear, as it combines with different styles of decoration. Reserve the models in black for environments with modern or industrial decoration.

Remote Control

At the time of purchase, evaluate the design and functionality of the remote control. You can find plastic models in white or black, in conventional size (like the image below) or compact.The commands can be indicated by drawings or acronyms. Find an option that is easy to understand. Some brands, such as Mondial, offer support for the remote control.


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