Top & Best Cervical pillow Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cervical pillow: What is the best in 2022?

In today’s text, we will talk about the cervical pillow, the pillow for those who seek not only a better quality of sleep, but also a better quality of life.

With an advanced design, the cervical pillow has the perfect ergonomics to offer enormous comfort and guide the most appropriate posture of your body during sleep, regardless of how it is. And for you to find the ideal model for your sleep, we have brought this Guide with the most useful information, the best buying tips and, of course, the best on the market.

First, the most important

  • Due to its level of specificity and technicality, the cervical pillow is considered an orthopedic product.
  • Still, like any pillow, it can have different filling materials, such as latex, foam, viscoelastic foam (also known as “ Nasa pillow ”, feathers, springs, among others.
  • The cervical pillow is indicated by orthopedists for those who sleep in a lateral position, or “on their side”.

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The best cervical pillows: Our recommendations

We have put together an exclusive list, which you will see below, containing the best models of cervical pillows. The items present were evaluated based on the combination of their materials, technologies, comfort and cost-benefit.

  • The best cost-benefit
  • The most comfortable
  • The most technological


Buying Guide

The importance of sleep for our rest and cognitive activities is widespread. What is not well known is its influence on our body posture and well-being.

The cervical pillow not only brings these issues to the fore, it offers a practical and very comfortable solution for them. In the Buying Guide below, we will see how this happens, and how for each type of sleep, including yours.

What is the cervical pillow?

The cervical pillow is a different model of pillow, as it has a focus on orthopedics, that is, on the correct positioning of the head, the body, and, as the name denounces, the cervical – the region of the spine that forms the neck – during sleep.

For this, it is a pillow with a very specific shape with two undulations, which, simply put, looks like the back of a camel.

With this design, it is possible to align the head with the trunk, adjust the posture and prevent excess weight on the cervical, which occurs in a bad position during sleep.

The following video shows a little of how the cervical pillow works:




How to use the cervical pillow?

The ideal use of the cervical pillow happens when it supports all the weight of the head, and freeing the cervical from this “burden”. To do this, the model must fill the entire height space between the shoulders and the head, when lying on its side, or between the back and neck, when lying on its back.

Thus, taking into account the wavy shape of the cervical pillow, the head should be laid exactly in the gap between the two waves, that is, in the lowered part, so that the pillow naturally fills the space we talked about above.



Did you know? Orthopedics recommends that the best position to sleep is the side, or “side”, regardless of the pillow.


What are the benefits of the cervical pillow?

Because it is a product focused on orthopedics and ergonomics, the cervical pillow has a number of benefits for our well-being, although it is somewhat imperative to the way one should sleep.

The first benefit is the improvement in sleep quality, as it guarantees enormous comfort in bed, with the correct position of the body at night. A good sleep means a better mood, a sharper mind, among other “side benefits”.


Another benefit is that, with the correct posture it provides, the cervical pillow prevents several pains, both during sleep, and – and especially – upon waking, including back pain and even headache.

This same correct posture also means that there is a free circulation of blood that flows from the head, which causes numerous benefits related to the general well-being of the body.


  • Sleep quality
  • Prevents / Reduces pain
  • Improves blood circulation


  • Ask for a position Higher price among other pillows

What are the technologies of the cervical pillow?

In addition to advanced ergonomics, the cervical pillow has models that combine other technologies, cushioning, filling, or even other more advanced issues. We highlight the most successful ones.

One of them is the pillows with “hives” of springs, a small group of springs inside the padding, which increase the density of the model, but which do not reach the user’s head.


Infrared pillows emit electromagnetic waves that accumulate benefits.

Another outstanding technology is the infrared, which are models with inserts inside that emit electromagnetic waves with the same frequency as the sun’s rays, which accumulate benefits to the joints, musculature, among other parts of the body.

How much does it cost and where to buy a cervical pillow?

Due to their specificity, most cervical pillow models have a value slightly above the average of common pillows, in a price range between R $ 50 and R $ 300, with the most expensive ones accumulating technologies, from cover to cover. You can find cervical pillow models both in large mattress stores ( ) and the like, but also in department stores for household items, for example, in addition to specialized brand stores.

However, for a greater variety of models and prices, apart from the comfort of buying directly from your home, the best indications are the Amazon, complete and traditional online stores.



Purchase Criteria: Choosing your cervical pillow

Now let’s go to another list, this time of purchase criteria, which are tips for choosing your model, based on the characteristics of the cervical pillow and its use.

  • Filling material
  • Sleep position
  • Height
  • Density

Rest assured, that we will talk about each of these items, so that your choice and purchase, therefore, are the best possible.

Filling material

If you are without guidance regarding the great diversity of models and brands of cervical pillows, a first point to note is the material that fills the pillow. There is no ideal material, just one that you like the most.

There are models with polyurethane foams, models with viscoelastic foam, that of “Nasa”, which is molded under the applied pressure, aerated foams, in short, a multitude of materials to your taste.

Sleep position

Keeping in mind the position in which you usually sleep is essential to choose the most suitable cervical pillow model. If you, for example, sleep on your stomach, this type of pillow will do little good.

The main difference, in fact, is between the lateral and the dorsal position, which is the belly up. For the side, the double curl of the “camel back” type is indicated, while the dorsal one needs a lowered part that goes from one of the edges to the center of the model.


One point that can raise doubts at the time of purchase is at the height of the pillow. No matter how big or small the model may appear, the measure that matters is the first wave, the one that should fill the height between the shoulders and the head, for those who sleep in the lateral position.

The ideal, therefore, is that the height of the pillow is proportional to the width of your shoulders, which, when you lie on your side, becomes height.


The density of the cervical pillow is another very important point to note in your search for the most appropriate model. Simply put, the density of a pillow is how much it sinks when you rest your head.

Ideally, you should experiment with the models and empirically complete the best density, which would objectively be the one that does not hinder the filling of the shoulder-head space. Still, numerically it must be between 29 and 34.


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