Top & Best Children’s hanger Review 2021- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s hanger: how to choose the best in 2021

Today we are going to talk about an accessory that facilitates the daily lives of moms, dads and children: the children’s hanger.

Ideal for hanging babies’ and children’s clothes, the children’s hanger helps with organization, maintenance and access to clothing.

Amid so many different sizes and models, we will show you in this article what you should take into account before buying the most suitable children’s hanger.

First, the most important

  • The children’s hanger is the ideal size to hang children’s clothes, keep everything organized in the closet and also facilitate access and choice.
  • However, there are models with varied dimensions and materials of manufacture that can interfere with the practicality of your daily life.
  • We will show you what are the features that differentiate one model from another and how to choose the ideal children’s hanger.

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Ranking: the 3 best children’s hanger models

Those looking for a children’s hanger want to combine practicality with style. Knowing this, the manufacturers of this accessory have invested in options for all tastes and objectives.

Therefore, below, we will present you the best models of children’s hangers available on the market today.

Buying Guide

Do not fool yourself. It is not so simple to choose the ideal children’s hanger. It is necessary to take into account factors that guarantee the perfect fit of the clothes, the time of use and the practicality of the accessory.

For this reason, we have created this Buying Guide with all the information you will need to know to make the best decision when purchasing the best children’s hanger.

What is a children’s hanger?

As the name says, the children’s hanger is made for children. With a reduced size, this accessory is much more than a luxury or part of the decoration of the room .

The fact is that the children’s hanger helps a lot to keep the clothes of babies and children always at hand, in an organized and preserved way.

But it is important for you to know that the children’s hanger can be found in different sizes, which can be used from newborn clothes to older children, but do not yet need a traditional hanger.

In addition, today, it is possible to find different formats of children’s hangers. From traditional to those with designs and applications that give a decorative touch to the rooms.

But the most important thing, as we will see later in the Purchase Criteria, is that the children’s hanger is resistant, durable and, preferably, that takes up little space in the closet.

What is the difference between the children’s hanger and the traditional hanger?

As we have seen, the main feature of the children’s hanger is that it has a reduced size compared to the traditional hanger, used by young people and adults.

In general, between a children’s hanger and one for adult use there is a difference of about 10 centimeters in width. The thickness varies according to the material of manufacture.

The difference, in principle, may seem small, but the fact is that it would be difficult to hang a baby or child’s clothes on a traditional hanger. Which could even spoil the pieces.

Below, you can check the measurements of the main types of hangers, from baby ones to adult ones:

These measurements, however, can vary from 3cm upwards or downwards. This is so that the different types of hangers can be used for any type of cabinet, regardless of the depth of the furniture.

How to organize clothes on a children’s hanger?

The hanger helps to organize the clothes, but you can optimize the use of this accessory using some techniques used by organization experts.

After all, when we talk about babies and children, we know that the layette and the materials for daily use are many.

To avoid the mess and waste of time when trying to find the clothes, you need to keep everything handy, in an organized way.

Check out the main tips on how to organize the clothes in the children’s closet below:

    • Start with the bag , where products that will not be used often, in addition to diapers, can be stored.
    • On the shelves place the baby blanket, changes of crib set, bed and bath linen.
    • In the drawers , we recommend that you keep the rags , cloth diapers , socks, bibs and clothes that you will not hang.
    • Hang dresses, overalls, pants and jackets on the children’s hanger .
    • If you prefer , use hangers of the same model and color to create a decorative pattern.
    • Try using dividers between hangers to identify months of clothes.


What are the advantages of the children’s hanger?

The children’s hanger has numerous advantages for both dads and moms and the child. The great advantage of this accessory is that it helps in organizing the clothes that are kept in the closet.

The children’s hanger is ideal for hanging clothes that should always be in sight and close at hand, without folding and without being damaged.

In addition, with the children’s hanger it is easier to allow the child to have access to their own clothes and can even choose the look of the day alone, encouraging independence.


Another advantage is that there are models, shapes and sizes of children’s hangers that can even match the cradle kit. But, even with so many advantages, there are disadvantages in relation to the children’s hanger.

This type of accessory ends up being used for a short time as children grow up quickly. In other words, as children develop, larger hangers must be purchased.

The following are the main advantages and disadvantages of the children’s hanger:


  • Functional, practical and decorative
  • Maintains organization
  • Preserves children’s clothing
  • Facilitates access and handling
  • Varied models and formats


  • Short service life

How much?

The price of the children’s hanger varies widely depending on the material of manufacture, size, shape, fabric and quantity. Therefore, in general, you will find the children’s hanger costing between R $ 5 and R $ 700.

But you don’t have to be scared by the price. Just keep in mind that, in general, the most expensive ones have a unique design and include kits with about 50 to 500 units.

Where to buy?

You will find the children’s hanger for sale in layette, department stores and hypermarkets.

But still, we recommend that you buy from online stores like Amazon. With that, you get your children’s hanger from the comfort of home and you will have more options to choose from and more attractive prices as well.


Purchasing criteria: what to check when choosing a children’s hanger

As we have seen, it is important that the children’s hanger is sturdy and of the appropriate size, not only to accommodate baby and child’s clothes, but also to fit perfectly in the closet.

But these are not the only points you should consider before purchasing this accessory. Check out the main factors that must be observed before investing in the children’s hanger:

  • Manufacturing material
  • Size
  • Format
  • Color and Print
  • Kit

Next, we’ll explain these factors in detail so that you can make the best decision when buying the best children’s hanger.

Manufacturing material

The first factor that you should note before purchasing the children’s hanger is the material from which it is made. This will mainly reflect on the durability and resistance of the accessory.

You can choose from hangers made of plastic, acrylic and wood. The plastic children’s hanger is the least resistant, but it is more malleable and very thin. So this type takes up less space in the closet.

Plastic and acrylic children’s hangers are the most popular. (Source: funnyworks_mage / Pixabay)

The children’s acrylic hanger is more resistant than the previous one and suits all environments. It can be found transparent or in different colors.

The wooden children’s hanger is one of the most resistant and versatile. This material is the easiest to be decorated or lined. But it also takes up the most space.

Here are the main differences between the types of children’s hangers:


Then take into account the dimensions of the children’s hanger. As we have seen, the width of the hanger for babies and children can vary between 25cm and 30cm.

But it is possible to find models that are up to 33cm wide. The height usually varies between 11cm and 20cm. But, if you don’t want to take up too much space in the closet, we recommend that you also check the thickness of the hanger.

The thinner it is, the more units will fit in the closet. On the other hand, very thin hangers tend to hold less weight.


Also take into account the shape of the children’s hanger. Today there are several options from traditional to more playful.

Some models of children’s hangers, for example, come with hooks in the shape of drawings, be it ribbon bows, animals and even strollers and dolls.

Other models even have extra hooks to hang more than one piece per hanger. Pay attention only to the types of hangers that have points or corners that can hurt your child. Prefer those with rounded corners.

Varied formats give a playful air to the children’s hanger. (Source: meineresterampe / Pixabay)

Color and print

Here the choice is personal and may or may not follow the theme of the child’s room. You can choose the simple and basic children’s hanger, with neutral colors.

Or you can choose the most sophisticated ones, for example, those that are lined with velvet. In this case, the velvet prevents the clothes from slipping off the hanger.

But you will also find hangers lined with 100% cotton fabrics, pearls and painted in different colors.


Finally, check the number of cabins you want to purchase. The most common and economical is that you buy a kit.

On the market, you will find kits that include between three and 500 units. For a child, the average of six to 20 hangers should be enough for the first few years of life.


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