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Top & Best Children’s Seesaw Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s Seesaw: How to Choose the Best Toy for Your Child in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the children’s seesaw, a classic toy that pleases boys and girls of different ages. You can find children’s seesaw options for one, two, three or four children to enjoy.

In addition to having fun, the children’s seesaw assists in the development of motor coordination, balance and concentration in children from one to eight years old. Stay with us and find out which children’s seesaw is perfect for your child. Good reading

First, the most important

  • You can find children’s seesaw models for one, two, three or four children. The individual children’s seesaw is indicated for young children, from one to three years old, while collective seesaws are indicated for older children, from three to eight years old.
  • The children’s seesaw assists in the child’s development, especially in motor coordination, balance and concentration. The toy is intended for children from one to eight years old.
  • It is essential that the children’s seesaw has an anatomically shaped seat with back support, ergonomic hand grips and non-slip foot support. Make sure that the children’s seesaw you intend to buy has received a seal of approval from Inmetro.

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The best children’s seesaw models: The newsroom favorites

Birthday, children’s day and Christmas … there are so many commemorative dates that there are no options for gifts for the children. Thinking about it, we prepared a list with the best models of children’s seesaw for you to give the little one:

  • The best children’s seesaw for young children
  • The children’s seesaw that stimulates creativity
  • A children’s seesaw with sound
  • A children’s seesaw to bring the kids together

Buying Guide

Childhood is a phase of life full of happy moments and memories. Playing is part of childhood and is very important for the physical, mental, emotional and social development of the kids.

But while the kids just want to know about fun, parents should be concerned with choosing toys suitable for their child’s age range and abilities. A toy that is liked by children of different ages is the children’s seesaw, the subject of this Buying Guide.

What are the benefits of children’s seesaw?

Few people know, but the children’s seesaw helps to develop the child’s balance, concentration and motor coordination in a practical and fun way.

Control and balance directly influence body positioning and stability, especially in children with developing bone structure.

By being able to control the balance and movement of the limbs such as legs and arms, children will perform better when running, jumping, walking and performing other activities and play, consequently, they will be much more active.

The child also develops right-left brain coordination and learning skills. Find out all the advantages – and some disadvantages – of the children’s seesaw in the table below:

The children’s seesaw is suitable for children in which age group?

The children’s seesaw is one of the most loved toys by children of different ages, especially boys and girls from one to eight years old. But be aware, these toys are classified in the following age groups:

    • 12 to 36 months
    • 19 to 36 months
    • 3 to 5 years
    • 3 to 8 years


In children’s seesaws with two to four seats, we recommend that only children of similar height and weight play together, to avoid possible accidents with the youngest child.

What are the types of children’s seesaw?

You can find different types of children’s seesaw: Individual, for two, three or four children.

The individual seesaw is indicated for young children, from one to three years old, who usually play alone. The toy is made of plastic and has a playful design, like an animal shape and vibrant tone, characteristics that arouse the child’s attention and fascination.

You can also find the individual children’s seesaw that can be connected to another seesaw (also individual) through a plastic piece that can be purchased separately. The toy is ideal for twins or brothers with similar ages.

For brothers, we recommend the two or three seat see-saw. The toy has double handles so that all children have a place to pick up, proportional spaces between themselves and elevations to separate the children.

But if your child tends to get the kids together at home, it’s worth buying a four-seat seesaw, so the kids can play together. You find a toy with two wide seats positioned opposite each other, four sequential or interleaved seats.

Generally, a children’s seesaw with a face-to-face seat has a safety lock to prevent children from slipping and hitting each other – make sure of this functionality before purchasing the product.

What precautions should I take with the children’s seesaw?

To clean the children’s seesaw, use a cloth moistened with water and mild soap, then wipe again with the cloth moistened only in water and let it dry in the shade – do not use abrasive cleaning products, as they may damage the toy.

Avoid leaving the seesaw exposed to sunlight and rain, as these weather conditions can damage the toy – to prevent the paint from fading, buy a children’s seesaw made of plastic with UV protection.

How much does it cost and where to buy a children’s seesaw?

The price of a children’s seesaw varies according to the number of seats in the toy. The individual children’s seesaw costs between R $ 100 and R $ 350. The collective use seesaw costs between R $ 180 and R $ 580, on average – you can find options for up to R $ 2,500.

You can buy a children’s seesaw at toy stores like Ri-Happy Brinquedos, PB Kids, B-Mart Brinquedos, among others. The toy can also be purchased online, at stores such as Amazon.

Purchase criteria: Find the best children’s seesaw at the moment

To choose the best children’s seesaw for your child, godson or nephew, you need to know the main characteristics of this toy. In this way, you can analyze and compare the different models for sale according to the purchase criteria below:

  • Child’s age
  • Comfort and safety
  • Material
  • Design
  • Other features
  • Multifunction children’s seesaw
  • Dimensions

We will detail each of these criteria throughout the section. If in doubt, leave a comment. Don’t forget to share this content with other dads and moms.

Child’s age

One of the precautions you should take when buying a children’s seesaw is to analyze the indicated age of the toy. It is essential that the seesaw has dimensions compatible with the child’s age and size.

If the seesaw is intended for two, three or four children, it is essential that children have a compatible weight and height, so that you avoid possible accidents with younger children.

Comfort and safety

When buying a children’s seesaw, evaluate all the features of the toy. First of all, we recommend that you buy a see-saw based on a curved shape, which ensures a smooth and even balance.

The base must have footrests and restraints to prevent the seesaw from knocking the child back. The children’s seesaw must also offer hand rests, with anatomical shape and non-slip material.

It is also important that the seat has a shoulder, to prevent the child from sliding back. And it is essential that the seat has an anatomical shape and back support.

Buy a seesaw with an Inmetro seal.

When buying a seesaw, or any other toy, be sure to check if the product has the Inmetro seal, which ensures that that item has undergone rigorous tests to ensure its quality and safety.


You can find children’s seesaw options in plastic, wood or metal – to that of a children’s playground.

The plastic model is the most popular, as this material can take on different shapes, sizes and colors, in addition to being very light and easy to transport – in some models, the bottom of the base has recesses that allow the stacking of two or more seesaws.


Tip: To increase the resistance and prevent the toy from fading, it is worth buying a children’s seesaw with UV additive, which protects the toy against ultraviolet rays.


Another option is the wooden children’s seesaw, perfect for those looking for a toy with vintage design, has little space in the child’s room or playroom or is on a limited budget.

As disadvantages, we can mention that the children’s wooden seesaw cannot be placed on the playground, as rainwater can spoil it, and this toy is usually uncomfortable.


The big difference of a children’s seesaw is the design of the toy. You can find animal-shaped models in vibrant and playful colors such as yellow, orange, red, blue, pink, green, among others or characters known in the children’s universe.

To make the right choice of toy, observe the child’s tastes and try to choose a toy of the character of the favorite cartoon, an animal that shows affection or favorite color.

Other features

Some models of children’s seesaw emit sounds that help to stimulate the child’s involvement in play. Other models come with a sticker pack for the child to personalize the toy and stimulate the children’s creativity.

Multifunction children’s seesaw

Not everyone knows, but some individual children’s seesaw models can be transformed into other toys such as baby walkers and strollers – toys with this proposal are suitable for children aged one to three years.

The two-in-one seesaw has a removable base and can be turned into a walker to help the child take their first steps.

The three-in-one seesaw has a curved base that ensures a firm and smooth balance and opening to hide the front wheel, while the two rear wheels can be accommodated on the base by rotating the axle. The cart handle can be placed and removed.


Before buying a children’s seesaw for your child, observe the dimensions of the toy to make sure that the seesaw will fit in the child’s room, playroom or backyard.

We have prepared a comparative table with the approximate dimensions of different seesaw models, check below. Note: We do not consider the four-seater seesaw, as the shape of the toy varies greatly – seats facing each other, sequentially or interleaved.


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