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Top & Best Clarice Lispector’s books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Clarice Lispector’s books: How to choose the best in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the books by Clarice Lispector, recognized as one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, for her modern narrative and unique writing.

One of Clarice Lispector’s differentials was its versatility. The author wrote in different literary genres: from short stories to novels, from chronicles to soap operas, correspondence interviews and even children’s literature.

And the writer excelled in all these genres. If you want to know a little more about Clarice Lispector’s biography and understand why her works are so popular, keep reading this article.

First, the most important

  • Although she wrote about different literary genres, Clarice Lispector was always acclaimed by the public and critical for her novels. During her career, the author published six novels.
  • You can find Clarice Lispector’s books in volumes or collections, the most popular are: All Tales, All Chronicles and All Novels (two volumes).
  • Clarice Lispector’s works have been translated into more than ten languages ​​in addition to Portuguese such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Basque, Catalan, Dutch, Romanian, Swedish and Turkish.

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Ranking: The 3 best books by Clarice Lispector

If you don’t know Clarice Lispector’s books or are in doubt about which one to choose, check out our selection with the author’s most popular titles and choose your favorite.


Buying Guide

One of the most acclaimed writers literature and an important exponent for the representation of the female figure in literature, Clarice Lispector arouses interest and charm in readers of all ages.

The author moved through several literary genres: romance, novel, short story, chronicles, interviews and even children’s literature. Want to know more about Clarice Lispector’s history and books? Continue reading this Buying Guide.

Who was Clarice Lispector?

Clarice Lispector was registered as The Hague Lispector when she was born on December 10, 1920, in Ukraine. Two years after his birth, the family came to fleeing persecution of Jews during the Russian Civil War.

The family arrived in Maceió, but settled in Recife (Clarice said she considered herself from Pernambuco). A few years later the family moved again, this time to Rio de Janeiro.

At the age of 18, Clarice Lispector started studying law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, although she already showed a lot of interest in literature.



At 19, Clarice published her first short story. Shortly thereafter, he began to work as a journalist at the National Agency, where he made friends and began to attend the literary circle in Rio.

In 1943 he published his first novel, Perto do Coração Selvagem, which won him the prize for best book of the year. Clarice never stopped, published new novels and books in other genres, being translated into more than ten languages.

The writer died in December 1977, victim of cancer. Clarice was considered one of the best authors of the 20th century and left behind dozens of works from different literary genres.


Why are Clarice Lispector’s books so important?

Clarice Lispector was one of the few writers who achieved unrestricted recognition at the Academy. One of his greatest contributions was to bring to literature the representation of the female figure in its essence.


Clarice preferred female characters.

Clarice had a predilection for female characters and created them with a wealth of details, describing feelings, behaviors, conflicts and desires, in addition to delving into the issues experienced by women, in a time when they had no voice. Fans of feminist books will identify with the author.

The most interesting thing is that the author portrayed women in different social classes, from poor and uneducated characters to artists and women from privileged social classes.


  • Works in several literary genres
  • The author also wrote children’s books
  • Titles in single volume or collections
  • Available in print and digital (E-Book) versions


  • Some works by the author are considered “difficult” to understand

What are the literary genres of Clarice Lispector’s books?

During her career as a journalist, writer and novelist, Clarice Lispector moved through several literary genres such as romance, novel, short story, chronicle, interview, correspondence and children’s literature.

Romance and Novel

Romance is a literary genre with prose narrative and four basic structural elements: narrator, character (s), plot and time. In the novel there is a temporal relationship between the facts, even if they are not narrated in the sequence in which they occurred.

Clarice Lispector wrote the following novels: Near the Wild Heart (1944), Luster (1946), The City Under Siege (1949), The Apple in the Dark (1961), The Passion According to GH (1964), A Learning or Book of Pleasures ( 1969), The Hour of the Star (1977) and A Breath of Life (1978).




Tales and Chronicles

The short story is a short narrative, which usually involves one or more characters in a narrative with a beginning, middle and end. The chronicle has the same structure, but brings a critical reflection on the themes of everyday life.

The author’s main tales and chronicles are: Laços de Família (1960), The Foreign Legion (1964), Felicidade Clandestina (1971), The Imitation of the Rose (1973), The Via-crucis of the Body (1974) and A Bela e the Beast (1979).


Did you know that the letters exchanged by Clarice Lispector with other writers, artists, intellectuals and family members were gathered in three posthumous collections?

These collections were entitled: Letters Near the Heart (2001), Correspondences (2002) and Minhas Queridas (2007). The letters help to get to know the author in her intimacy and understand her literary production process.


In addition to being a writer, Clarice Lispector was a journalist and had a section in the magazine Manchete, entitled Possible Dialogues with Clarice Lispector, in which she interviewed personalities. Some of these conversations are compiled in the books De Corpo Whole (1975) and Interviews (2007).

What topics are covered in Clarice Lispector’s books?

Clarice Lispector became known for intimate literature, a literary aspect of the third phase of Modernism, which consisted of describing the psychological aspects of the characters and portraying everyday situations from a subjective perspective.

Clarice wrote about characters who questioned their own existence through an inner monologue or flow of consciousness, in a dense narrative, with reflections and observations about lived situations.


How much?

Clarice Lispector’s books cost between R $ 15 and R $ 40. The collections are a little more expensive, around R $ 50. Boxes with several copies cost between R $ 90 and R $ 110.

Where to buy?

You can find books in the best national and international bookstores. If you prefer, you can buy the books online and receive them at your door. Our suggestion is Amazon.


Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare Clarice Lispector’s books

Clarice Lispector has a vast bibliography, with works in different literary genres. To find the best books – according to your taste – you need to analyze and compare the criteria listed below:

  • Literary genre
  • Reader age range
  • Book or collection?
  • Book or E-Book?

We will explain each of the items throughout this section.

Literary genre

As we mentioned earlier, Clarice Lispector was a versatile writer, with works in different literary genres. We can highlight: romance, short stories, chronicles, novels, interviews, correspondence and children’s books.

Reader age range

Some people don’t know, but Clarice Lispector also wrote for children. His career in children’s literature yielded the following works:

  • Mystery of the Thinking Rabbit (1967)
  • The Woman Who Killed the Fish (1969)
  • Laura’s intimate life (1974)
  • Almost Real (1978)
  • How the Stars Were Born: Twelve Legends (1987).

Book or collection

When buying Clarice Lispector’s books, you can opt for the single volume narrative or the collections, which bring together two or more works of a certain literary genre released by the author.

All Novels: This collection is divided into two volumes. In the first, you will find the following novels: Near the Wild Heart, The Luster, The City Under Siege and The Apple in the Dark.

In the second volume: The Passion according to GH, A Learning or The Book of Pleasures, Living Water, The Hour of the Star and A Breath of Life.

All Tales: In this collection, you find from the first tales, written in adolescence, to the last, when Clarice was already a consecrated author.

All Chronicles: This work brings together in one volume all the works of Clarice Lispector as a chronicler. There are over a hundred chronicles in full, including some unpublished texts.

Book or E-Book?

When buying Clarice Lispector books, you can choose between the traditional version or the digital book (e-Book). The advantages of the printed book are that you can take notes, mark excerpts with post-it notes and collect.

However, this version is expensive, takes up space and can wear out over time. You do not encounter these problems with digital e-books. In the same e-reader you can collect hundreds of titles.

These books are cheaper, especially if you are part of a subscription program like Kindle Unlimited . However, you will need to make an initial investment in an e-reader.


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