Best Comb Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Comb Review: What is the best choice for your hair in 2021?

Welcome to My Price Saving! Today we are going to talk about a simple but fundamental article when it comes to ensuring our good looks: the comb.

Inexpensive, practical, and functional, the comb is the best friend of untangled hair. Its function is basically to comb them and ensure their good looks.

Although routine, what many do not know is that there are different types of combs and each one is suitable for a type of hair. In the guide below we will point you to these and several other questions regarding this product.

First, the most important

  • Combs are items that are part of our basic personal hygiene. Its function is to untangle and divide the hair, leaving it light and loose.
  • The differences between brush and comb are striking: One was designed to model the strands, and the other to untangle.
  • Before buying a comb, it is important that you know which model is the most suitable for your hair type, since there are significant variations.

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Best combs: Our favorites

If you think that every comb is the same, you are very wrong. To help you when choosing, we have selected some models that should be strongly considered:



Buying Guide

The comb is one of those articles that we have become familiar with since childhood. It is part of our basic personal hygiene and ensures our hair looks good.

In the following guide, we will explain in detail all the questions about this product and tell you which model is best for your hair type.



Comb: What is it and what are its advantages?

The comb is probably an old acquaintance of yours, right? It is nothing more than a personal hygiene item that contains a handle, so you can hold it firmly, and bristles, to be slid between the strands of hair.

Its objective is basically to untangle and comb the locks, so that they are loose and organized, guaranteeing a good appearance and cleanliness aspect.

It can be made of plastic, wood, acrylic, and various other materials, and is, in general, a cheap object. Although simplistic, it is essential in our basic hygiene routine and should be used daily.



What is the difference between the comb and the brush?

The differences between the comb and the brush go beyond the structure. Each of them has a specific purpose, and we do not always remember this when using them.

The comb has only one row of bristles and therefore its function is to untangle and separate the strands. It is also essential to finish hairstyles, in addition to assisting the hairdresser at the time of cutting.

The brush, on the other hand, has shorter bristles, but in many rows. Its function is to model the threads and assist in the drying or straightening process.

If, even so, you like to comb the strands using the brush, it is recommended that you first untangle the hair with the comb, as this is the safest accessory for the health of the strands, preventing them from breaking.


  Comb Brush
Bristles Longer and distributed in a row Shorter and distributed in several rows
Occupation Untangle and separate the wires Model and assist in drying and straightening
Price Low Low to medium

Which comb is best for your hair type?

Choosing the wrong comb for your type of hair can lead to a number of factors that you will surely like to avoid, such as hair breakage, excessive frizz and even blurring of the curls.

To avoid experiencing any of these situations, we recommend that you pay attention to the following tips and choose the ideal model for the desired purpose:

    • Wooden comb. Wood is an excellent neutralizer of static, which is why it reduces the frizz of the threads, being a good option for any type of hair that suffers from this condition.
    • Comb fork. The fork comb is widely used in curly and curly hair, black power style. Its function is to loosen the root and shape the wires.
    • Fine comb. Perfect for separating strands and assisting in hairstyles and cuts, especially when they are wet. They are not suitable for untangling, as their bristles are very close together, they can break the threads.
    • Comb wide teeth. This is the most suitable for a good detangling, both on wet and dry hair. It is important to remember that the thicker your strands are, the more widely spaced the bristles must be.
    • Alligator comb. Wavy and curly hair tends to get along very well with the alligator clip because it helps maintain the shape of the curls and at the same time leaves the hair light and loose.


  wood Fork Thin Wide teeth Alligator
Goal Decrease frizz Shaping and volume Separate locks and assist in cuts and hairstyles Untangle Keep waves and curls
Hair type All Curly and curly All All Wavy and curly
Structure Inwood, medium-spaced bristles Resembles a fork has long bristles Bristles short and tight Thick and spaced bristles It has a pleat in the entrances and bristles with sharp points


How much does a comb cost?

The excellent news is that, as it is a super popular item and used worldwide, the price of the comb is usually very cheap and affordable.

On average, a simpler option will cost around R $ 3, while a more worked model can reach up to R $ 15.


Where to buy a comb?

There is no lack of a place to buy your comb, after all, because it is a product that is widely used by both the female and male public, it is quite easy to find this product out there.

In almost every supermarket, for example, you find at least one option. In pharmacies, there is also a certain variety of combs, and for those who prefer the most sophisticated or professional models.

Department stores like American stores are also good choices, but if your business is online shopping, we recommend Amazon.

Purchase criteria: how to compare combs

Now that you know a little more about a good hair comb, we will give you tips on what to observe when making your purchase. Check it out:

  • Bristles
  • Cable
  • Material
  • Size

Next, we will explain point by point so that you have no doubts about the matter.


Bristles are the main parts of a comb, right? That is why it is very important that they are firm and comfortable to the scalp.

Before making your choice, make sure you choose the right comb type for your hair, with bristles that will meet your needs.

Escape the uncomfortable options and look for those that will be able to untangle and shape your wires.


Have you ever stopped to think that the handle of your comb is what gives you security and firmness when it comes to handling it? The choice of such a feature can go a little unnoticed at times, but it is extremely important.

If possible, prefer combs that have handles, not those with bristles only, as they are less easy to handle.

Especially if you have heavy hair, it is extremely important that the handle of your comb is firm and stable, so that you can easily reach the desired goal.



The material of your comb greatly influences the result that it will guarantee to your hair. Wood or carbon fiber models, for example, reduce hair static by controlling frizz.

Plastic or acrylic ones, although cheaper, do not have the ability to neutralize static and are also considered more prone to breakage.


We are used to finding traditional and larger size combs, commonly used at home, right?

Well, but if you are looking for a reduced size model to carry in your bag or backpack during your day, know that this is also possible.

There are now many smaller combs, ideal for easy transport from one environment to another.


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