Top & Best Digital Marketing Course Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Digital Marketing Course: Which is the best of 2022?

If you are interested in learning and applying Digital Marketing strategies in your business, In today’s article, we will talk about the fastest and most efficient way to acquire knowledge and practice in this area: The Digital Marketing course.

Digital Marketing is essential for enterprises that operate or want to operate on the internet. That is why today there is a great offer of courses that teach online marketing techniques and strategies. Next, we’ll show you how to choose the best course.

First, the most important

  • Having knowledge about Digital Marketing is essential nowadays, whether you are an entrepreneur, professional or student.
  • Digital Marketing strategies have revolutionized the way of advertising and are responsible for generating new business opportunities on the web.
  • But attention is needed when choosing the best Digital Marketing course to ensure quality learning.

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Enrollment Guide: All about the Digital Marketing course

With the expansion of Digital Marketing in practically all areas of work, the demand for specialized professionals has also grown. Therefore, the offer of Digital Marketing courses is increasing.

But, precisely for this reason, the quality of the offered course is not always guaranteed. Therefore, we created this Registration Guide. Next, we’ll show you what the characteristics of a good Digital Marketing course are and why you should consider taking one right now.

What is a Digital Marketing course for?

Digital Marketing is a set of strategies that uses marketing techniques to promote products and services on the internet and in digital media.

The objective is to attract consumers, create ties with them and, ultimately, increase the profits of the enterprise.

That is, regardless of what your job is, if it involves customers and the internet you need to understand about online marketing. Hence the explosion of offers on Digital Marketing courses.

This is because the Digital Marketing course has as main purpose to offer knowledge and skills so that you are able to use the internet in sales processes, be it products or services.

For this, in the digital marketing course you discover how to use online tools to know your potential consumer and find out what and how he wants.

In general, during the course students learn to execute and plan marketing campaigns on the internet, on websites, blogs and social networks, using some of the main strategies such as SEO, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing.

What is the difference between traditional and digital Marketing?

To better understand the importance of Digital Marketing, you need to understand the difference between this segment of traditional Marketing.

Marketing is also a set of business strategies that are used to optimize the profits of a business. And this is done with the needs and preferences of consumers in mind.

To this end, marketers use market research, advertising campaigns and after-sales service as their main tools. Everything as a means of reaching the consumer and offering what he needs.

As we have seen, this definition is basically the same as that of Digital Marketing. But the main difference between them is that Digital Marketing uses these strategies in the virtual world.

That is, while Marketing is used through traditional media vehicles, such as magazines, newspapers, billboards and television, to promote brands of products and services, Digital Marketing uses blogs, websites and social networks to reach the consumer.

And, precisely because it uses the web, Digital Marketing has adopted new ways of acting. For example, because of the internet, it is possible to segment the reach strategies and campaigns in a more concrete way than what happens with Traditional Marketing.

Thus, in the Digital Marketing course you discover that there are online tools for analysis, metrics and monitoring that are essential to reach the target audience of your business, enabling personalized actions that still retain your customers.

To summarize, check out the table we prepared with the main differences from traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing:

What are the subjects of a Digital Marketing course?

Okay, now you already know that Digital Marketing will help you to know your customer, to attract his attention to your product or service, which consequently will increase the profitability of your enterprise.

But you may be asking yourself: In practice, what do you learn in a Digital Marketing course?

The syllabus will vary depending on the type of course you choose: Short, medium or long term; be it basic, intermediate or advanced level.

But we have listed below the main topics learned in a Digital Marketing course:

    • Introduction to Marketing;
    • Digital Marketing Tools ;
    • Content marketing ;
    • Monitoring of social networks ;
    • Corporate communication ;
    • Brand Engagement ;
    • SEM & SEO;
    • E-mail marketing;
    • Media Analysis ;
    • Care consumer .


Why take a Digital Marketing course?

If you have a business that operates on the internet, whether through blogs, websites or social networks, including Whatsapp there, you need to have knowledge of Digital Marketing.

And although there is a lot of information available for free on the web, when you choose to take a Digital Marketing course, you save time.



Did you know that the turnover of the approximately 90 thousand virtual stores existing today was expected to be R $ 80 billion in 2019, according to data from the Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm)? ( 1 )


In the Digital Marketing course you learn in theory and in practice how to analyze and understand the market in which your business is inserted.

You also find out which marketing techniques are best for you to achieve your goal, whether it is attracting new customers, retaining existing ones or selling more.

Not to mention that in the online Marketing course you also learn how to measure results and monitor actions that are going right or wrong.

Briefly, see below why you should take a course in Digital Marketing.

  • Credibility : When you choose a renowned Digital Marketing course you have the guarantee that the content taught will be of quality and updated;
  • Time savings: When taking the course, you do not need to research the content and learn on your own;
  • Organized content: In a Digital Marketing course, you already find the content in a structured way, which makes learning easier;
  • Doubts: The most complete courses allow you to interact with the teacher and ask questions.

Who should take a course in Digital Marketing?

Taking a course in Digital Marketing is useful for several professionals, at different times in their career.

If you are an entrepreneur, you can use the knowledge acquired in a Digital Marketing course to leverage sales and maintain customer loyalty. If you are a manager or consultant, a Digital Marketing course can be a differentiator in your resume.


A career in Digital Marketing is one of the most promising.

For students, it is worth remembering that the career in Digital Marketing is one of the most promising today, since it can and should be used in the most diverse areas and segments.

This is because, as we have seen, anyone who has a business or provides services will inevitably use the web to communicate with customers or promote and sell products.

And to succeed in this endeavor you need to know how to apply online marketing strategies.

What does the professional trained in Digital Marketing do?

The professional trained in the Digital Marketing course has a wide field of performance. He can work in any type of business, from small and large companies to public agencies and research institutes.

Its main function is to promote the brand of products or services provided on the internet, especially on social networks.

In addition, the digital marketing professional can also act as a market researcher, in online customer service, in creating campaigns, online content and metrics analysis.

How much does a Digital Marketing course cost?

The price of a Digital Marketing course will depend, mainly, on the duration and format. Therefore, you can find options from free ones to those that cost more than R $ 20 thousand.

Of course, you don’t have to choose the most expensive of all. Unless you are looking for a qualification, such as specialization or master’s degree.

But be aware also of the very cheap courses that can sin in the quality of the teaching material.


Enrollment Criteria: How to choose a Digital Marketing course

As the offer and variety of online Marketing courses are large, you need to compare some factors to choose the best one according to your need and objective. Are they:

  • Reputation
  • Level
  • Occupation area
  • Duration and qualification
  • Online or in person

Below we will show you how to analyze these topics.


The first factor that you should consider when choosing the best Digital Marketing course is the reputation of the school, institution or teacher. When it comes to an educational institution, this factor is easier to verify.

But when the Digital Marketing course is offered by a teacher or professional in the field, the ideal is to use the internet and check the curriculum and comments of those who have already taken the course.


Another criterion that you must analyze is the level of the Digital Marketing course. You will find everything from introductory courses, aimed at those who want to take the first steps in Digital Marketing, to the most advanced and academic.

If you already have some knowledge on the subject and want to catch up with the latest trends in digital marketing, you can opt for an intermediate level course. The advanced course is for those who already have practical experience in the area.

Occupation area

Your area of ​​professional activity should also be considered. That’s because, today, although you find many generic Digital Marketing courses, you can choose a specific course.

For example, you can choose a Digital Marketing course for lawyers, entrepreneurs, journalists, engineers, architects, dermatologist, nutritionist, etc.

Duration and qualification

We recommend that you also evaluate the duration of the Digital Marketing course and the qualification you will have when finishing your studies.

The duration of the course, in general, is related to the qualification, although this is not a rule.

In general, you will find options for Digital Marketing courses that can last from one month to up to 4 years.

In this regard, you can choose between technical, undergraduate, graduate, master’s or doctorate courses.

The higher the qualification, the more qualified you will be to act with the creation of online and content management strategies for different digital media, as well as with the planning, execution and analysis of a digital communication plan.

Online or in person

Last but not least, you will need to choose between an online or in-person Digital Marketing course.

Of course, the online course brings more convenience and flexibility. With it, you can attend classes and practice the exercises whenever and wherever you want.

But, precisely for this reason, the online course demands greater organizational planning on your part.

The face-to-face course, on the other hand, requires time to travel to the place of the class, but for some people it is a determining factor to ensure dedication to studies.



The Digital Marketing course is one of those courses that every professional should consider taking. After all, if you work selling products or services, you need to be on the internet somehow.

With this course, you will learn online communication strategies and learn about digital tools that will leverage your internet presence and the profits of your business.

But due to the high demand for professionals in the field, the world of Digital Marketing courses has also grown. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze some topics before choosing the best course for you.

Digital Marketing Glossary

  • Personas : These are profiles created based on the real consumers of your business and used to create targeted actions.
  • CRM: It is a software responsible for managing the relationship of a company with its potential and current customers.
  • Landing Page: These are the pages on the Internet that offer a content or product and, in return, visitors leave their contact information.
  • SEO: ‘Search Engine Optimization’, which in practice are techniques that improve the ranking of your pages and content on Google’s search system, for example.
  • CMS: ‘Content Management System’, a tool that allows the production, edition and publication of content on the internet without the need for technical knowledge in programming.



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