Top & Best Drumsticks Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Drumsticks: Which are the best in 2021?

If you are a drummer or intend to start playing the instrument, this is an item that cannot be missing: the drumsticks. And as every drummer knows well, it is necessary to buy with a certain frequency.

There are drumsticks for different types and needs. Some are more suitable for general use, while others need to be used only to produce specific sounds. Some produce a louder sound, while others are lighter and make low sounds.

Among so many options, it can be a little difficult to choose the best model for you. Here we will talk about the best drumsticks, brands, materials and tips. Find out how to choose yours with confidence!

First, the most important

  • There is a huge range of drumsticks available. From different types of wood to the most varied measures. We will help you decide which one best suits your needs!
  • If you play a lot, you already know or will realize that drumsticks are items that need to be changed frequently. Therefore, always prefer models of quality and high durability.
  • The vast majority of drumsticks are affordable. With about R $ 50 you can buy a great pair.

The best drumsticks: Our recommendations

There are several types of drumsticks, from size to material. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that each one is indicated for a type of sound and preference. Here, we list the best models of basic drumsticks, which can be used for different musical styles.

  • The drumsticks most praised by online users
  • Drumsticks signed by the legendary Travis Barker
  • Quality drumsticks in pack of 6 pairs

Buying Guide

It seems such a simple detail related to the instrument. But know that the choice of drumsticks influences the sound produced. Now that you know the best models, it’s time to choose yours!

Of course, each drummer prefers a different type of stick: lighter or heavier, with an oval or round tip, etc. However, before deciding which one is best for your needs, in this Buying Guide we will introduce you to some things you should know.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of drumsticks?

If you already play the drums or intend to learn, drumsticks are absolutely necessary. Without them, it is not possible to reproduce quality sound on the drums or cymbals.

The perfect pair of drum sticks for you will help you achieve the key you were looking for, whether to practice, to play a cover or to compose new music.

A stick can help you achieve a higher or lower volume. A sharper and clearer sound, more serious or clean and dry. There are countless options, everything will depend on the drumsticks you buy.

On the other hand, acquiring the pair of drumsticks that does not suit your needs can impair the sound quality. It is essential to know more about the types of drumsticks before buying yours!


  • Help achieve the desired sound
  • There are several different types of drumsticks to suit everyone’s needs
  • Most models are cheap


  • Buying drumsticks that don’t suit your style can impair sound quality
  • Need to be replaced with some frequency, depending on how much you use

What determines the durability of drumsticks?

In the Purchase Criteria we will explore everything you need to know in detail to choose the perfect drum sticks for the type of sound you want, and of course, what makes them more resistant.

But we already want to emphasize that their material, tip and length are essential points to be considered. Especially the material used in production determines their durability.
Some drum sticks materials last less than others. The ideal is to give preference to quality drumsticks. So, avoid the ones that are too cheap. They can break easily.

This applies not only to the body of the drumsticks, but also to the tip. To ensure greater durability of your pair of drumsticks, some materials should be avoided.

How much does a pair of drumsticks cost?

Although drumsticks have little durability if you use them a lot or hit them hard, they also have the advantage of being cheap. It is worth making a stock if you play frequently.

From R $ 30 it is possible to buy quality drumsticks of size 5A (one of the most used) from renowned brands such as Vic Firth.

The most expensive pairs tend to be close to R $ 100, but they rarely go beyond that.

Where to buy a pair of drumsticks?

In any musical instrument store you will find pairs of drum sticks and other accessories for your drums.

Buying online makes it easier to find a wider range of brands and size.

Buying online you don’t even need to leave the house, it saves time and money, since you usually find better offers. And you still get the product at the door.

Parchasing Criteria: Main factors for evaluating a pair of drumsticks

As we have already said, the ideal drumstick for you will depend a lot on your musical preferences and playing style. However, it is necessary to learn more about the main characteristics of a stick:

  • Material
  • Measures
  • Tip
  • Brand

In order to leave no doubt before you buy your drumsticks, we will explain each point one by one. Come with us!


Most of the drumsticks available in stores are made of wood (at least the best quality). However, each one has a type of wood in its body. These are the main ones:

  • Hickory: Hickory wood has a high resistance to shock. Therefore, it is one of the most used types in the manufacture of drumsticks. Its quality is great, it usually has high durability and provides a good sound. This type of wood is a favorite among drummers. It usually comes from the southwestern United States and is a hardwood, but less so than Oak.
  • Maple: Maple wooden drumsticks are about 10% lighter than Hickory drumsticks. They have a larger diameter, but have a slightly lower durability than the drumsticks in Hickory and Oak. They have a good sound and are ideal for those who prefer a slightly lighter stick.
  • Oak: Oak wood is harder and heavier than Hickory and Maple. Therefore, it is more suitable for those who prefer heavy drumsticks and that produce louder sounds. With its high strength, it can even be used in home construction.
  • Jatobá: The drumsticks made, are very heavy and have high mechanical properties. They are usually resistant and are ideal for those who make louder sounds from the drum.
  • Ivory: With good elasticity and density, ivory is native to South America and the drumsticks made of this material have a weight that lies between those of Maple and those of Hickory. However, this material is less resistant than the others. Ivory drumsticks serve more as a “stickman”. If you can, avoid drumsticks of this material.


Your drumstick measurements have to do with size and diameter. Preferences change from drummer to drummer, depending on how much volume you want to get out of the drums.

When it comes to size, the smallest is 7A, followed by 5A, 5B and 2B.

The 7A drumsticks are the lightest and thinnest. Therefore, they have a lower durability than drumsticks with other measures. The ideal is to use 7A drumsticks only for playing light styles (like bossa nova and jazz) and in places where loud music cannot be played. They are not suitable for heavy musical styles.

The 5A drumstick is the most common model. They are used by several people because they are more democratic. They are a little heavier, so they are ideal for playing pop, pop rock and black, for example. It can be used for rock, however, it will not produce a very loud sound.

The 5B drumsticks are versatile and have good durability. With a weight between light and heavy, it serves for different types of musical styles. Depending on the drummer’s skill, the 5B drumstick can be great for both a softer and heavier touch.

Heavier, the 2B drumsticks are more suitable for higher musical styles, such as rock and heavy metal. If you like to weigh your hand and produce a loud sound on the drums or play in big venues, this drumstick will be ideal.

There is still Signature, this type of stick does not fit any of the classic measures, as they are unique and signed by great drummers. They usually resemble the sound that the drummer makes in his drum kit.


The drumsticks are always very unique and complete. All their details make a difference when it comes to getting the ideal sound. The tips do not escape this rule. When checking the tip of your drumsticks, you need to pay attention to two points: the material and the type of tip.

The tips of the batteries are usually made of wood, nylon or plastic. The ideal is to always choose wooden or nylon tips, because those made of plastic break easily and make the stick unusable.

There are several types of tips and each one will help you achieve a different tone in your battery. Check the table:


There are several brands of quality drumsticks in musical instrument stores. So, avoid buying drumsticks from little-known brands.

Some of the most renowned and used by great drummers are Promark, Vic Firth, Vater and Liverpool drumsticks. Of course there are other good brands, but always do your research before choosing.

Ask your teacher, fellow drummer, or musical instrument store attendant for directions. And remember that in this Guide we have selected the best models for you.


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