Top & Best Elbow Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Elbow: how to choose yours in 2021?

In today’s article we will help you choose a protection item that is indispensable in the practice of several sports: the elbow.

Resistant and durable, the elbow protects and supports the joints and the elbow region as a whole during the practice of sports and physical activities. Available in adult and children’s models, versatile or adapted for specific sports, the elbow pads absorb impacts and avoid the dreaded injuries and grating in the event of a fall.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features you should pay attention to to make the best choice of sports elbow pads.

First, the most important

  • Elbow pads can be versatile and cater to several different sports practices. However, each model will offer a type and level of protection, which may be more or less suitable for your purposes.
  • Characteristics such as type, material, resistance, quality, size, fit and cleaning methods should be analyzed to define the ideal elbow.
  • The prices of elbow pads vary according to the make, material and model. It is possible to purchase simple versions from R $ 15, the most sophisticated or from renowned brands, can cost more than R $ 100.

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Buying Guide

If you are already convinced that grated and skinned elbows are not an option, go to the Elbow Pad Buying Guide. In this section we will present the most relevant information about the protection item: models and indications for use, advantages and disadvantages, values, where to buy, etc.

What is an elbow?

The elbow is a protective equipment used in the area of ​​elbows to practice activities such as cycling, skating, skateboarding, motorcycling, among others. It is also an accessory used by goalkeepers, tennis players, hockey players and American football, either to absorb impacts or to support the joints.

The elbow pads can be of the adjustable type with rigid or padded protection, of the elastic or compression type. The compression model retains heat in the region, improving blood circulation and preventing overload and injury to the muscle and joints.

The models with padding focus more on cushioning falls and blows, avoiding grating and injuries.



Elbow: why use it?

The biggest advantages of using elbow pads are the practicality and efficiency in preventing injuries and injuries. They protect the elbow area, cushioning impacts in the event of falls or knocks. The elastic or compression models also have the advantage of providing support to the muscles, preventing injuries and helping with muscle recovery.

The elbow pads can be of different models, in order to adapt to the athlete’s profile, the type and intensity of activity that he practices. Affordable, they are available in versions of all price ranges. However, the model must be chosen carefully according to the activity to be developed.

Models with rigid protection can restrict movement and hinder some activities, for example. Models in very thin materials, on the other hand, may not offer the necessary protection in activities with risk of falls or knocks.



  • Can improve the athlete’s performance by making him / her safer and without fear of injuries and injuries
  • Compression models help muscle recovery and prevent muscle damage
  • There are versions adapted to different sports practices
  • They can be found in different price ranges


  • Rigid models can restrict movement
  • Models without padding may not absorb impacts well

What are the most common types of elbow pads?

The elbow should be chosen according to the activity to be performed and the level of protection required. Be aware that activities with rich falls and impacts need more padding to absorb impacts.

Sports with a lot of movement will demand models with better support for muscles and joints. When choosing your elbow, watch out for the size, especially in the case of children’s products. The product needs to have the appropriate dimensions for the user to fit well on the arm and perform the expected protection.

How much does an elbow pad cost?

The values ​​of the elbow pads can vary greatly according to the model, material and brand of the product. You can find simpler versions starting at R $ 15. More sophisticated models or subscriptions to famous brands may have much higher prices.

If you buy online, it is also worth paying attention to the freight charges charged by the sales platforms. They can vary a lot according to the shipping region, size and weight of the product.

Where to buy an elbow pad?

You can buy your elbow pads at stores specializing in sporting goods, where salespeople can help you choose the most suitable for your goals. Large chains are a good option, and tend to offer a wide variety of brands and models.

If you prefer to buy online, sites like Amazon also offer many product options, having even more variety than that found in physical stores.




Purchasing criteria: how to compare elbow models

To research and compare a product we need to have as little information about it as possible. If you’ve followed this article up here, you’re on the right path to making a successful purchase. Below we will present some characteristics that you should be aware of when comparing elbow pads:

  • Model
  • Material
  • Size
  • Adjustment
  • Sanitation

Below we will detail these topics so that there are no doubts when choosing.


There are models of elbow pads specific to some activities, such as elbow pads for futsal, for tennis, for motorcyclists. The multipurpose models, can be of the adjustable type with rigid or padded protection, of the elastic type – with or without padding, in addition to the compression models.

Elastic models should be worn as if they were socks, and fit naturally to the body. The adjustable models are fixed by means of the clasp.


The most used materials in the manufacture of elbow pads are reinforced and elastic fabrics, mixed meshes, neoprene, rubberized with reinforcements in rigid plastic or padded material such as silicone, gel or cotton fibers to absorb impacts. The type and quality of the materials used in making the elbow will be fundamental to determine its quality, durability and resistance.

Some materials may receive antibacterial treatment to make the elbow protections, which is an excellent option to avoid bad smells and the proliferation of microorganisms in the piece.


Although the vast majority are adjustable, the elbow pads are also manufactured with different sizes for children and adults, and the latter option can still be categorized into P, M and G and GG, depending on the model and manufacturer.

They can also be separated between male and female models, where the shape adapts to the gender, but the vast majority are unisex. It is essential that the chosen elbow is suitable for the user’s size. An elbow that is too big may be poorly adjusted, compromising protection and increasing the risk of injury.

A small elbow, in turn, can also hinder performance, because in addition to causing discomfort it can compromise blood circulation in the region.


The adjustment of the non-elastic elbow pads can be done by velcro or cords with buckles. There are usually two sites: one above and one below the elbow. The shape and location of adjustment are essential to determine how much the elbow will mold to the body and how firm it will be.

In addition, it will be decisive for the degree of ease of placing and removing the equipment. Models with laces and buckles can be more complicated to place without the help of others.


It may seem insignificant, but the possibilities of washing and cleaning your elbow should also be one of the determining factors for choosing. This is because, like gloves and socks, the elbow pads need to be cleaned frequently.

After all, they will be in direct contact with sweat, becoming the perfect environment for the proliferation of bacteria, microorganisms and bad odors. If you strive for convenience, give preference to 100% washable models, which suit your usual care routine with sports accessories.

That way you won’t need to create a new care routine for your elbow, and you can always have a clean accessory with minimal headaches.



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