Top & Best Electric bike Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Electric bike Review: how to choose the best in 2021?

If you are looking to ride with quality, welcomes you and presents the best models of Best electric bikes Review.

Also known as an e-bike, the electric bike is a great transport alternative for those who wish to preserve the environment. We will help you find the best models for you who are looking for ease and sustainability.

If you want to buy an electric bike, but still don’t know how and which model to choose, keep reading. We will show you every important detail to make the best choice when buying your new companion.

First, the most important

  • Some electric bikes look more like motorcycles, others like traditional bikes, but all have the same principle, combining pedaling with motor impulse.
  • There are options for electric bikes that are activated without the need to pedal. These are ideal for people with disabilities or the elderly who have some motor difficulties.
  • Make sure that the chosen model meets your needs and also that the brand offers replacement parts, such as the battery, for example.
  • As with any other form of transport, you must pay attention to traffic precautions and use the necessary accessories such as horns and traffic lights, in addition to safety equipment, such as a helmet.

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Ranking: The 3 best electric bikes

Wanting to invest in a bike that doesn’t require you to make so much effort? Below, we list 3 of the best models on the market. You will see that some of them have the option to work manually, for when you are wanting to cycle. Come on!

1º – Confort FULL Duos electric bicycle

No products found.

This is the ideal bike for those looking for option two in one. It allows you to use assisted pedaling while using the engine or to turn off the engine and use it as a regular bicycle.

You can reach 30km per hour using only the accelerator. Remember that to use one of these you must be over 18 years old and have an ACC (moped driving authorization).

Suitable for walks inside the city during the day or at night. It comes equipped with an LED headlight and reflectors, a horn, as well as locks that block the rear wheels and an alarm. The batteries can be charged in any single outlet.


2nd – Sports Duos electric bicycle

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This model from the Duos brand is a good option for those who follow the most sporty style. Developed in steel, it has very specific characteristics in aluminum details. With 48V capacity on the rechargeable lithium battery, it has a range of about 35km.

This bike has 26 rim and Swedish style pedal, both in aluminum. The 800W motor has a 6-month warranty by the manufacturer and a frame made of rigid steel has a one-year warranty. Ideal for everyday transportation, this bicycle is a healthy, clean and inexpensive way of driving compared to a motorcycle, car or even the bus.


3rd – Daytona Scooter electric bicycle

No products found.

The next bike on our list is the Daytona Scooter. Despite the brand having the name of the famous scooters, the model does not look like a motorcycle at all. On the contrary, it is an electric touring bicycle with a light and comfortable appearance.

It allows the cyclist to use both pedal-assisted and accelerator mode. The motor power is 800W, the battery capacity reaches 48V and the autonomy is up to 35km.


Buying Guide

Ready! It’s time to get your bike and ride around … Oops, is it? With electric bicycles, you don’t have to make all that effort to get around the city.

Want to know how to choose the ideal e-bike model for you? Continue reading our Buying Guide!


What are electric bikes?

Choosing a safe, economical and practical means of transportation in the city today is not an easy task.

Those who drive cars and motorcycles face, in addition to the high costs of insurance and license plates, the frequent expenses of fuel and chaotic traffic. Relying on buses every day is also not cheap, much less practical or comfortable.

For those who practice physical activities, cycling or skating from home to work or school can be a good alternative. But what about the days when that tiredness hits? Even when you are super willing on the way, the ride is usually exhausting and tiring.

An option that has been conquering Brazilians are electric bikes that allow you to choose between pedaling or activating the electric motor.



Best of all, to use these vehicles you do not need fuel or a driver’s license. Just provide DETRAN with an ACC, Authorization to Drive a Moped.

What do I need to issue the ACC?


    • Being over 18
    • Knowing how to read and write
    • Have identity document
    • Have Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF)


The process for issuing the document is very similar to that of the National Driver’s License, with theoretical and practical courses and tests. You will need 20 hours / class in the theoretical course and 10 hours/class for the practical part. Consult the DETRAN of your city for the amount of the fee for issuing this document.

Electric or motorized bicycle?

Several factors may have led you to choose an electric or motorized bicycle as a means of transport: practicality, low costs compared to other vehicles, or simply your passion for bikes in all ways.

But if your choice is for a clean vehicle that contributes to the environment, you should definitely choose an electric bike.

Both allow you to have the same benefits, allowing you to choose to pedal or rely on the help of the engine. However, only the electric is powered by a battery and can be charged in the socket, that is, without emitting pollutants into the air.

See the basic differences between them and make your best choice:


  Electric Motorcycles
Fuel Uses electrical energy Uses a mixture of gasoline and oil as fuel
Pollution Non-polluting Pollutes the Environment
Impact Absorbs impact on joints Direct contact (impact) with the ground
velocity Average speed 25 km / h Average speed 50 km / h

What to pay attention to when choosing your electric bike?

Choosing a bicycle is not always an easy task. You must evaluate every detail that will influence your well-being and your style of using that item. Many people buy a bike for physical activities, others for walks, and still others as a means of daily transportation.

There are many variations of brands, models, styles and quality. When the subject involves yet another novelty, which in this case is how it works, the research is even more intense and the choices are more difficult.

Defining a good alternative purchase for your electric bike will involve, among other factors, what your need for use is. This, of course, in addition to the price, model and benefits to be offered.

Another important factor to note is the quality of the product and, mainly, the assistance offered by the manufacturer. Just like cars and motorbikes, bikes used on a daily basis require some attention and frequent maintenance.

To ensure that your electric bicycle performs optimally, you need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and have the necessary support.


What are the advantages of an electric bicycles?

Useful, pleasant, and necessary. Combining these three factors is one of the possibilities of using an electric bike. As they can be used in both electric and pedal mode, you will have the chance to combine functionality and physical activity.

At the same time that you escape the traffic of big cities, you breathe better and you can still choose a more peaceful and wooded path. If you are in a hurry, start the engine, if you have time, pedal well.

The experience of older people must also be taken into account, after all, the elderly are among the main consumers of electric bicycles. This is because it does not require so much effort to cycle, but still provides the pleasure of smooth cycling.

Just to mention some “inconveniences”, if you intend to use only the electric function (and you don’t need to pedal anything), you need to be aware of the autonomy of the bike (we’ll talk about the battery below). In addition, you must also have a driving license, as mentioned above.



  • Practice
  • Helps to escape traffic
  • It does not require so much effort


  • Depends on battery
  • ACC is required

Lead or lithium battery?

Is it time to recharge your batteries? You may need a vacation, a month or 15 days enjoying a place away from home and work.

Even so, the time may not be enough for you to return with a full charge. As for the batteries of electric bicycles, the reality is quite different. Whether lead, those similar to car batteries, or lithium batteries, more common in electric bicycles, the batteries have easy and efficient charging.

You need to be aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations, respect the rules of use, and the charging time to ensure the battery’s useful life.

Here are some characteristics of modern lithium batteries and how they can make your day with an electric bicycle easier:

    • The first recharges will not reach full battery life, therefore, 3 to 4 recharges are necessary for them to reach their full capacity.
    • These first 3 or 4 battery recharges should last longer than 4 hours.
    • The batteries of the electric bicycle are not addictive. This was very common with batteries of older electronic devices such as cell phones and notebooks.
    • Never use your electric bicycle until the charge is completely discharged. This will ensure extended battery life.


Even though it is less common, there are electric bikes that run on lead batteries. Most of the requirements that we will evaluate should make you choose the lithium battery at the time of your choice.

However, it is up to us to introduce you to the main characteristics of each one. Regardless of your choice, keep in mind that battery quality is not the only factor to be assessed, but it is perhaps one of the most important in the general context of your purchase.

Batteries are expensive and if you can enjoy them with quality for a long time, the more beneficial your investment will be.

  Lead battery Lithium battery
Weight Heavier, average 10kg Lighter, average 1kg to 3.5kg
Lifetime A lifetime of 400 recharge cycles A lifetime of 1000 recharge cycles
Price Lower values About 40% more expensive
Refill 6 to 8 hours to recharge 2 to 4 hours to recharge
Location They are usually attached to the bicycle Can be taken off the bike to store or carry

Why should I have an electric bike?

Cycling is a way to contribute to yourself, your physical and mental health, and also to the environment. Have you ever stopped to think about how many hours are lost in traffic daily? Hours of life, often wasted in endless lines.



Stephen HawkingTheoretical Physicist

“Pollution, greed and stupidity are the biggest threats to the planet.”

Leaving the routine, cycling, moving and having a lighter and healthier life is the desire of thousands of Brazilians. What many do not realize is that, sometimes, small attitudes can bring these benefits, such as the choice of their means of transport.

If you don’t consider yourself able to give up the comfort of your car or maybe the distance to your job is too long, that’s fine. Perhaps then it is time for you to practice physical activity in your spare time, on weekends or in the evenings.

For some, cycling is a sacrifice. If you are one of those who don’t even leave home, already thinking about the tiredness of the way back, the advantages of the electric bicycle can cheer you up.


What is the role of the electric bicycle engine?

If you are looking for an electric bike, you would probably like to alternate between pedaling and the action of your bike’s engine.

Except for the exceptions where cyclists have some motor difficulties and cannot pedal, the engine serves as an aid to accelerate and facilitate pedaling.

With the help of an accelerator, the engine plays the role of moving the bike without having to pedal, or even with you while cycling. It is he who sets the speed of your bicycle and also helps you in the case of climbs that require more physical effort.

There are two types of motors common among electric bikes: the Brush, which is the brushed motor, and the Brushless, which is the brushless motor, known to be more efficient and quieter.

How much?

The prices of the most modern and popular electric bikes vary between R $ 4,000 and R $ 6,000. Some bikes are sold without the battery and you will need to buy this essential accessory.

If your bike comes without a battery or you want to buy an extra battery, lithium batteries cost on average from R $ 800 to R $ 1500. Lead batteries are cheaper, and cost between R $ 500 and R $ 600.

The value of the battery varies greatly depending on the amperage, voltage, quality and brand. Remember that you will need to change the battery from time to time, depending on your usage.

Where to buy?

There are some specific stores for selling electric bikes on the internet. Manufacturers themselves often market their items through online commerce.

However, this is a very new market and, therefore, it is very valid that you search for information on specialized blogs and mainly exchange information on forums on the subject.

The internet is also the place where you will find the best prices and promotions. At Amazon, the main store in virtual commerce, you can find the main brands and models in Brazil, as well as at Netshoes.


Purchasing criteria: Factors that allow you to compare electric bike models

Suitable for people over 18, electric bicycles are really a means of transport. Before purchasing, evaluate all the possibilities, features and characteristics as if you were buying a car.

Cycling is a healthy and recommended practice, with virtually no contraindications. If your search is for something that has medium and controlled physical effort, this is the right way. Some main factors will influence your decision and will be practically decisive for your purchase:

  • Drums
  • Motor
  • Acceleration

We will detail each one so that you can make the best decision when buying your electric bike.


As we detailed and compared above, there are two main types of batteries available on the market. The lead battery and the lithium battery. Both have their useful life based on the number of refills performed.

The main differences between them are weight, price, recharge time, and portability. Lead batteries are less and less used today, while lithium batteries are more prominent in the market due to the numerous advantages they offer.



In addition to the difference between the two main types of motor, Brush, with brushes and Brushless, without brushes, there are other factors to consider in terms of the motor.

Its power is something that will influence the performance of your bike and it also depends on your needs. With engines up to 250 watts, you get good speed and performance while pedaling while the engine is running.

For people who have a disability or motor difficulty, an engine with a little more power is recommended. The same goes for those who travel paths with steeper climbs.

Do you know those climbs where you already imagine that your legs could not do it alone? So! Versions from 350 watts are best for these cases. The 600-watt motors are ideal for those who cannot pedal or for heavier cyclists. The engine represents the strength and speed of your bicycle.


We already said that it is the engines that determine the speed, right? But how to activate this engine? This is called acceleration and there are some forms of activation.

For those who want to pedal all the time and have the engine only as an auxiliary, the so-called pedelecs are ideas. In this system, also called pedal-assisted, acceleration occurs when pedaling through speed sensors.

For cyclists who for some reason cannot or do not want to cycle, there are bicycles with manual accelerators. These models are indicated mainly for the disabled and the elderly since the bicycle works independently of the pedal. Just speed up!

The third and last option is electric bikes with mixed acceleration. You can choose between pedaling with sensors or manually accelerating using a button. Ideal for those who want to make long journeys and do not want to cycle all the time, whether on a walk or on the way to work.


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