Top & Best Electric nail file Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electric nail file: Which is the best in 2021?

Today we are going to talk about electric nail file, a tool used to polish, sand and shape natural or artificial nails.

The ideal is that this type of sandpaper is handled by a manicure, since it has drills that require a lot of care when used.

However, it is a practical and efficient way to clean and remove excess nails, giving them an impeccable finish.

In the guide below we will talk a little better about the product, in order to explain its purpose and best use.

First, the most important

  • The electric nail file has the shape of a pen and works by rotating a drill, connected to its tip. It sands, polishes, finishes, shapes the curvature of artificial nails and removes cuticles.
  • It is a product that requires care in handling, and preferably, experience.
  • In addition to being much faster, the electric sandpaper guarantees an impeccable result and a perfect finish to the nails.

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Best nail files: Our favorites

  • Professional line sandpaper
  • Electric sandpaper for all nail types


Buying Guide

Electric files are still not very popular on the market, but they guarantee a unique result in nail design. Below, we will show you all the features and advantages of this product:

What is electric nail file?

The electric nail file is a power tool in the shape of a pen, whose purpose is to sand, polish and shape natural or artificial nails, as well as assist in cuticulation.

It has a slot on its tip where the drill should be placed, the tip chosen by the manicure for the procedure.

There are several sizes, types and formats of drills, each of which must be used for a specific purpose.

The rotation movement of the drill is responsible for polishing the nails, working like a traditional sandpaper, but more powerful, fast and efficient.

The sandpaper can work on a battery base, or be connected directly to a power source, according to the model and brand.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric nail file?

Although not yet a well-known product on the market, electric nail file has gained a lot of popularity in beauty salons, especially when it comes to artificial nails, such as gel or acrigel.

Its main advantage is that it leaves no doubt as to its efficiency, since it promotes an impeccable result in a few minutes, and can also be used in natural nails.

In addition, the electric nail file goes far beyond the act of sanding, and can be used to polish, shape the curvature of artificial nails and remove the cuticle. Each of these functions must be performed with a specific type of drill.

For your perfect use, in addition to the drills you will only need batteries or a power source, according to your purchased model.

Despite being super practical, fast and showing good results, it is also a tool that should be used with great care, preferably by an experienced professional.

This sandpaper, if used in the wrong way, can end up hurting, because its rotation movement is quite fast.

It is also important to mention that it is not very cheap, however this is an issue that ends up paying off if you use it frequently.

In summary, it is an excellent choice for professionals in the field. As for domestic use, care must be taken more, ok?



  • Can be used on artificial and natural nails
  • Flawless result
  • Sandpaper, pole, shape the curvature and remove the cuticle
  • Result in minutes


  • Home use is not recommended
  • Care is needed when using it, as you can hurt
  • Yeah man

Electric sandpaper or ordinary sandpaper: Which is the best?

Electric sandpaper is nothing more than a super modern and technological version of ordinary sandpaper, which is also capable of sanding and adjusting the size of nails.

The electric model, as we have already said, is also capable of polishing, shaping the curvature of artificial nails and removing the cuticle. It is fast and efficient, however, more complex to handle, in addition to being larger and requiring a power source.

The ordinary sandpaper is very simple, it is thin and is not able to shape the curvature of artificial nails or much less remove the cuticle. On the contrary, in cases of women with gel nails and acrigels, ordinary sandpaper is not enough, as they are very thick materials.

Despite this, ordinary sandpaper is much lighter, smaller and can be carried even in small bags. With regard to price, it also comes out ahead, as electric sandpapers are much more expensive, after all, they are more complete.

Below, we present you a comparative table with the two products:


How much does an electric nail file cost?

A nail file is not cheap, but it is also not expensive. It is possible to find options in cheaper prices, according to the chosen brand.

It is a product that costs, on average, between R $ 50 and R $ 100, and it is unlikely to be cheaper or exceed this amount.

Where to buy electric nail file?

Since it is not a super popular product yet, it is not in every store that you find a nail file for purchase.

The most common is that you can find this product in stores specializing in products for beauty salons, however, it is also possible to find it in department stores, such as American ones.

In addition, online stores are excellent options, such as Amazon.



Purchasing criteria: how to compare electric nail file options

Like any electrical product, this sandpaper has some very specific details, and it is precisely so that you will have no doubts about the matter, that we will talk about them before your purchase.

  • Drills
  • Power supply
  • Voltage
  • velocity

Next, we will explain to you what should be observed in each of these points.


Most files already come with some drills for basic use. Each of them has a shape: some are wider, for polishing and curvature mold, and others have thinner tips, to deal with corners and cuticles.

The most common and cheapest are diamond drills, which have options that do just about everything: they sand, polish and guarantee the sharp curvature design.

Tungsten bits are the most expensive. They are excellent and super indicated for maintenance and removal of artificial nails, such as gel or acrigel.

The ceramic drill has the same function as tungsten models and is as expensive as, however, it heats up much less and offers less danger during handling.

Finally, there is the mineral drill, perfect for finishing and removing cuticles.

Before you buy your drills, it may be interesting to do more in-depth research on their shapes, which are numerous.

Power supply

As we already said here, some files need batteries to work and others need an outlet, because they are connected directly to the power.

This is a choice that does not interfere with the quality of the product, however, battery models can end up taking you by surprise in a time of need, so if you choose this, it is essential that you always have extra batteries at your disposal. disposition.

In the case of energy-related sandpapers, it is important that you always use them in an environment that has available sockets.


In the case of models that connect to the outlet, it is important to mention that you must check the voltage. Most are bivolt and you should prefer these, as they are easily connected in any environment.


The sandpaper has about three speed levels, from the slowest to the fastest, and you should be very careful with this factor.

If you are inexperienced, always prefer to use your electric nail file at low speed, as it will spin more slowly and warm up less, decreasing the chance of accidents.

If you already have full knowledge of the product, have fun between the three speeds, in order to get a good job done in a short time.


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