Top & Best Electric shaver Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electric shaver: How to choose the best in 2021?

Sooner or later, every man is faced with the moment of shaving. Even those who prefer to keep the beard in the look, need some care, such as trimming the edges, removing the excesses. That’s when the electric razor comes on the scene.

Therefore, you and presents the best electric shavers available in the market. We will help you find the best shaver for you, with tips on how to compare each model.

Different brands, styles, designs and features, but all with the same goal: to help you take more care of your look. Read on and we’ll help you find the electric razor you need.

First, the most important

  • Rotating or in sheets (blades); wired or wireless; waterproof or not. In this guide, we will report differences with pros and cons that are essential to know at the time of your choice.
  • The price variation is relatively small and you will find quality and efficient electric shavers between R $ 50 and R $ 200.
  • Complementary accessories such as cases, scissors or a comb kit can attract you, depending on the type of beard or finish you are looking for.


Ranking: The 6 best electric shaver models

Many men have chosen to shave at home. First, because of the long-term savings, and second because it ends up becoming much more practical than going to a barber shop.

Anyway, they still want a beard with a better finish, something that the electric razor can


Buying Guide

Through this guide, we want to help you decide on the best electric shave for you. It is true that we selected 6 to complete the ranking, but only you can determine which is, in fact, the best for your needs.

Continue with us until the end to understand everything about electric shavers, so you can make your purchase with complete safety.

What are electric shavers and how to choose the best one?

You can’t say that choosing your electric razor is a difficult task. Despite the many options available, a little research and knowledge are enough to motivate your decision.

It is important to understand, however, that this research may be being done in the wrong way. The main source is closer than you think. You yourself will answer the main questions that will define which is the best appliance suitable for your type of beard, hair and shaving.

How often do you usually or intend to shave? Are you one of those who like to shave while showering, or does the waterproof factor matter to you?

What is your skin type, sensitive or more resistant? Will the beard be completely removed or do you really want to trim and make the beard look?

Does it look like a police investigation? Nothing. Answering these questions, it becomes much easier to choose from the available models, as you end up going for elimination, and in the end, factors such as weight, price and design can give the last word.


The truth is that the electric shaver often avoids that face full of shredded paper, populated with cuts caused by manual shavers. On the other hand, there are those who cannot tolerate the fact that the trams do not have such a close cut.

Another strong competitor is the barbershop nowadays, which seek to preserve and improve that old ritual of going to a place to shave. Massage, videogame and beer are among some increments in the search for fans of barbershops.

What are the advantages – and disadvantages – of the electric shaver?

Every man shaves, even those who don’t. Shaving at home is a special moment for man, almost sacred.

Far from wanting to end rituals and traditions, electric shavers seek practicality, comfort, agility.

But like any innovation, this equipment has its advantages and disadvantages, and this is exactly what wants to list so that you can know, understand and analyze in the best possible way.



  • No shaving towels, foams or creams – and no cuts
  • Convenience to take anywhere
  • Long-term price – pay once
  • It can have more than one function such as trimming and even cutting hair


  • Less effective than razor blades and hand shavers
  • Needs a plug to charge or charged batteries at the time of use
  • Price. Better devices are not that cheap
  • Subject to technical problems like any electronic

Blade or rotary shavers?

The electric shaver is the ideal solution for every man who likes to take care of his appearance, but does not have as much time to go to the barbershop every week, or cannot stand cutting himself or having to change the blade every time he shaves.

If investment in the purchase of the device appears to be a negative factor in the short term, then it becomes an advantage in the future due to durability, practicality and agility, as well as savings.

Although no model can shave close to the skin that ordinary blades provide, it is important to understand that anyone who has never used an electric razor needs patience, as it takes a while for you and your skin to adapt to the equipment.

The market offers numerous excellent options for electric shavers. The older ones still work only plugged in, but models with medium-life rechargeable batteries already dominate store shelves.

A big difference between the options is in the cut model between the electric shavers. There are two main models: leaf or blade shavers, and rotary, rotary or rotary shavers.

Let’s see the main differences between them:


Why should I take care of cleaning and maintaining my electric razor?

We mentioned above that electric shavers can be good savings in the long run, despite immediate investment. But some precautions are essential to guarantee this durability.

And cleaning is one of these special cares, as it is fundamental for the maintenance of the appliance. Whenever you use your shaver, you need to clean, remove excess hair.

In addition to ensuring longer life, this will ensure that your skin is not affected and irritated. Some more modern appliances already offer a self-cleaning function, with a change of liquid or cleaning cartridge.

But be prepared, because everything has its price and this differential is usually frightening.



Millôr FernandesWriter and Humorist

“In an average life of 50 years, 80 to 100 days are used by men only in the act of shaving. It is unknown what women do with that time.”

How much?

Electric shavers cost between R $ 50 and R $ 200, with excellent cost-effective options in this range. There are certainly the most expensive options, many of them imported, costing over R $ 300, R $ 500 and up to R $ 1,000 or 2,000.

Analyze, research, look and know. It is very important not to rely on price alone as you may end up buying something cheap and that does not satisfy your need.

And there is also the possibility to spend a lot of money buying the best known brand or the most beautiful device, when your needs were easily met by a half price model.



VoltairePhilosopher and Writer

“Creativity is like a beard. You will only have it if you let it grow.”

Where to buy?

Supermarkets and department stores or appliances, usually offer some options of electric shavers.

As there is no possibility to test before, and most boxes are usually sealed, the more information you have at the time of purchase, the better.

Aware of all the differentials and all the characteristics of electric shavers, the best option to buy is always the online market with more attractive values ​​and an infinite variety of brands and models.

Amazon is a good source of research and purchase, in addition to some virtual stores of the brands themselves, such as Philips, and the online versions of the department stores mentioned above.


Purchasing criteria: factors for comparing electric shaver models

Knowing your shaving habits, your skin and beard type and exactly what you are looking for in an electric shaver are of fundamental importance in this final purchase phase.

Now that we have already differentiated electric shavers from manuals and traditional blades and we have already explained the basic differences between the two cutting models, in leaf and rotary, we need to present other factors that are indispensable to define your purchase.

We have listed the top three and will help you find the best option among the electric shavers available on the market.

  • Battery life
  • Cutting type: dry or wet
  • Accessories

We will detail each of these points so that you can make the best choice when purchasing your electric shaver.

Battery life

The options for electric shavers that require a power supply and an outlet nearby are getting smaller. That hair all the time curling around the neck and disrupting the shave has kept buyers and suppliers away.

Therefore, the models with rechargeable batteries lead the purchases due to the practicality and ease. Be aware, however, of charging times and battery life.

As the shaving task does not usually last, it is common for the shaver to be used more than once per refill, but this can be quite confusing.

There are models with a recharge time of 8 hours and a battery life of only 20 minutes. Others take longer to charge, but the battery can last up to an hour.

Knowing how long your battery has been charging and when it was last charged can prevent you from being on hand and having to wait hours for it to charge.

Some models have a battery status indicator light. This can facilitate and allow you to be able to monitor that usage time.

Shaving type: dry or wet

The ‘Dry’ or ‘Wet’ specifications have appeared more frequently in the description of electric shavers available on the market.

They basically serve to differentiate the use of the appliance and the type of shaving.

Some men may even consider the factor as indifferent, but the possibility of shaving while bathing, using the electric razor, has guaranteed positive points for dozens of models and brands.

And it has also attracted suppliers of other shaving products, as some models are more effective when used with special foams or creams.

Men with more sensitive skins are increasingly aware of this factor and consider it decisive at the time of purchase. Wet shaving does not necessarily mean the same thing as waterproof.

Make sure that the product meets this specification before using it in the bath or immersing it in water.

Dry shaving is usually faster and cleaner, both when shaving and when cleaning the appliance.

Many men prefer agility and practicality, as the dry electric shaver dispenses with the use of foam and other products.


Accessories are always attractive when choosing your products and electric shavers are no different. Some models come with carrying cases, cleaning kits, auxiliary cables and even replacement blades.

There are models of electric shavers that come with trimmers or comb kit that can be attached to the appliances.

This allows for more specific care with larger beards, for example, pleasing those men who like to keep their beards fuller or longer.



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