Top & Best Electric tricycle Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electric tricycle: How to choose the best vehicle in 2021

Today we are going to talk about the electric tricycle, a vehicle developed especially for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, but that can be used by any adult.

You can find the electric tricycle in two versions: with or without pedal. Generally, this vehicle has the capacity to cover a distance of up to 30 km when the battery is full. The maximum speed ranges from 25 to 50 km / h.

Another advantage is that the electric tricycle is a sustainable alternative, as it does not emit pollutants. Are you interested? So keep reading this article, as we are going to talk about everything you need to know about the electric tricycle.

First, the most important

  • The electric tricycle with pedal combines the force of pedaling with the impulse of the electric motor. The coolest thing about this option is that if your battery runs out, you can use the electric tricycle like a conventional bicycle.
  • You also find the electric tricycle that works without the need to pedal. This model is specially developed for the elderly, people with disabilities or motor difficulties.
  • The motor of an electric tricycle consists of three or four batteries of 12 volts and 15 amps each. The power varies between 350, 800 and 850 watts. These characteristics influence the operation of the vehicle.


Buying Guide

Having an electric tricycle has many advantages: you can ride it through the streets, but you don’t need a driver’s license, do a license, pay IPVA and don’t even wear a helmet (but we recommend that you use it).

In addition, the vehicle is safe, economical and sustainable. Just with that brief description, you can already see that it is worth investing in an electric tricycle. Want to know more about the vehicle? Read this Shopping Guide.

What are the advantages of an electric tricycle?

Driver safety : The electric tricycle is a very safe vehicle, because in addition to offering enough stability because of the arrangement of the wheels, it also has control and a safe speed limit, between 25 and 50 km / h.

But just like any vehicle, you must wear protective gear, such as a bicycle helmet and seat belt.

Vehicle safety : Some models have features that prevent vehicle theft such as a removable battery (you must open the saddle with a key to remove it) and an alarm that triggers and locks the engine, preventing the tricycle from working.

Comfort : In this regard, the electric tricycle without a pedal stands out, as it has a spacious and comfortable seat, armrest (in some models) and foot platform. The pedal model has a wide, soft and comfortable saddle .

Autonomy : The electric tricycle offers mobility and autonomy for adults, the elderly and people with reduced mobility. The vehicle is ideal for daily use, you can walk with it indoors, on the street, use it to go to college, work, supermarket, shopping mall, park etc.

It is ecological : The electric tricycle is powered by batteries and not fuel, so it does not emit pollutants into the environment. In addition, the battery charges in a period of four to eight hours and offers autonomy to cover up to 35 km.



  • Enables the mobility of elderly and disabled people
  • Ideal for daily use, indoors or out
  • With a full battery it is possible to travel up to 35 km
  • It is an ecological vehicle, as it does not release pollutants into the environment
  • Two options of electric tricycles: with or without pedal


  • It is a relatively expensive vehicle
  • The electric tricycle without a pedal only works if the battery is charged
  • Recharging the battery takes four to eight hours
  • Does not work uphill, only on a slope of up to 15º

What is the best electric tricycle?

The electric tricycle without a pedal has comfort as its main differential, since you only need to sit in the chair, support your feet on the support platform and activate the controls by the panel.

Another differential is the reverse gear, a device especially useful to perform maneuvers in places with little mobility such as garages or parking lots.

This model also has an alarm triggered by remote control, so if someone tries to steal the tricycle, it will trigger the alarm and lock the engine, making the theft impossible.

The pedal model has as its main differential the possibility of conventional use, that is, if the battery of your electric tricycle runs out, you can move the vehicle through the pedals.

This model is especially recommended for adults without mobility problems, as the design and operation are very similar to that of a bicycle, with the difference of having an engine.

How much?

As we mentioned earlier, the electric tricycle is a relatively expensive vehicle. Most models cost between R $ 5,000 and R $ 6,000. Despite being a high value, the vehicle comes equipped with the battery.


Did you know that, generally, the warranty for an electric tricycle is 90 days for parts and battery, six months for the engine and one year for the frame? But be aware, as the warranty system changes from one manufacturer to another.


Where to buy?

You can find some models of electric tricycles in stores specializing in selling bicycles and tricycles. But be aware that the manufacturers themselves sell these products through online stores.

This is something positive, after all, on the internet you can find a greater variety of models, brands, prices and promotions. If you are looking for a reliable store that offers good prices, we suggest you take a look at Amazon.



Tip: if you are interested in buying any of the models that we present in the Ranking of best electric tricycles, just click on the link that precedes the product description, and you will be redirected to the online store.



Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing electric tricycle models

The electric tricycle is not a toy, but a means of transport designed for people over 18 (but don’t worry, you don’t need a driver’s license to ride the electric tricycle).

Therefore, before purchasing yours, evaluate and compare the features, functionality and possibilities of the available models. Some factors should influence your decision, they are described below:

  • Motor power
  • Maximum speed
  • Charging time
  • Capacity
  • Design
  • Extra features

We will detail each of the criteria mentioned above so that you do not have any doubts when buying your electric tricycle.

Motor power

One of the most important characteristics to be observed and compared when purchasing an electric tricycle is the engine power. Most models fall into one of three options:

  • 350 watts with three 12 volt batteries and 15 amps each, totaling 36 V.
  • 800 watts with four 12 volt batteries and 15 amps each, totaling 48 V.
  • 850 watts with four 12-volt batteries and 15 amps each, totaling 48 V.

Maximum speed

The electric tricycle is a vehicle developed to provide safety and stability for the driver and tranquility for pedestrians, so the maximum speed that the vehicle reaches is lower.

However, you will find less and more powerful models in this regard. Some vehicles reach only 25 km / h, others reach 30 to 35 km / h, and some reach 48 km / h. The maximum reverse speed reaches 15 km / h.

Tip: remember, the higher the speed, the greater the battery consumption.

Charging time

Because it is an electric vehicle, battery charging time is a very important purchase criterion, don’t you agree ?! You find options that load in a period of 3 to 4 hours while others load between 6 and 8 hours.


When we talk about the capacity of an electric tricycle, we refer to the weight limit that a person can have to make the most of the equipment’s performance.

Most models support a person weighing up to 90 kg, others are more flexible and support adults between 100 and 120 kg and the most powerful support a person up to 150 kg.

Extra features

When buying an electric tricycle, analyze all the details of the vehicle. Some models are simpler, while others are equipped with several extra features, such as those described below:

  • Reverse.
  • Gears (up to three).
  • Alarm with engine lock.
  • Rear view.
  • Front wheel in rim 26.
  • Speed ​​indicator.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Power level system.
  • Independent suspension system.


Although it has no influence on the functionality of an electric tricycle, when choosing it, analyze the design of the vehicle. Some are very similar to a bicycle, while others look like Harley Davidson-style motorcycles.

Regarding color, you will only find this vehicle in three color options: black, white or red (with a variation of cherry red).


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