Top & Best Elliptical Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Elliptical: How to choose the best in 2021?

When it comes to getting fit and burning calories, ReviewBox Brasil welcomes you and presents the best elliptical models available on the market in 2019. No more excuses, not even leaving home will be necessary.

Efficient in movement and results, the darling of gyms is gaining space inside the home and condominiums. Its differential: simulate the movement of the body to work upper and lower limbs at the same time.

The models are divided into beginners, semi-professionals and professionals, but they all seek the same purpose to heal the same goal: to take care of the body and provide more quality of life. Keep reading that we will show you step by step, literally, to make the right choice when buying your elliptical.

First, the most important

  • The name Elliptical comes from the ellipse movement that the pedals produce when they are designed. These equipments mix movements of the treadmill, stepper and exercise bike.
  • Prices vary enormously. Most models cost between R $ 800 and R $ 4,000, but some professional ellipticals cost around R $ 8,000, and exceptions can reach up to R $ 20,000.
  • Physical activities are extremely important, but must be done with prior medical advice. Consult a healthcare professional before starting your aerobic and cardiovascular exercises.


Ranking: The 4 best ellipticals for sale

Increasingly, manufacturers are investing in innovation and elliptical machines are among the most sought after by the public seeking products related to exercise and well-being.

We will help you find the best models for you to start doing your aerobic activities as soon as possible. Check out our selection below:


Buying Guide

Exercising should be part of everyone’s routine. However, busy life does not always allow time to go to the gym, for example. Thinking about solving this problem, many people look for aerobic machines for their home.

That way you can do a little exercise as soon as you wake up without wasting time in traffic. The elliptical is a very complete device. Are we going to learn more about them so you can start your healthy routine as soon as possible?


What are ellipticals?

The search for quality of life through the practice of physical activities has increased not only the frequency in gyms, but also the search for equipment for use at home and in condominiums.

Among these equipment are the activity simulators such as walking, cycling, running, climbing stairs, paddling, among other numerous options.

Very similar physically, walking simulators and elliptical machines have very varied functions that can influence when choosing which one will be included in your shopping list.

Although both work upper and lower limbs simultaneously, the ellipticals stand out for being much more complete.



In addition to the movements of walking simulators or treadmills, they also combine the results obtained on stationary bikes and steppers (which simulate climbing stairs).

All of this thanks to the pedals, which when projected, produce the ellipse movement – hence the origin of the name Elliptical. Considered the darling of the gyms, the elliptical is highly sought after for providing excellent aerobic and cardiovascular performance.

For this reason, it is recommended by doctors and physiotherapists, especially for those who have joint problems.

Why should I have an elliptical at home?

Many people look for an elliptical trainer thinking specifically about walking.

Considered the most basic of physical exercises, walking is indicated by most health professionals for the series of benefits it provides, such as combating obesity and controlling diabetes, pressure, stress and anxiety. But what a lot of people don’t know is that the elliptical goes much further than that.



It is one of the best devices for aerobic and cardiovascular exercises and ideal for quality of life, weight loss and improved fitness. Other advantages are caloric expenditure and muscle toning.

Obviously, walking or cycling outdoors can be much more enjoyable, but factors such as the weather, traffic and lack of time can prevent it.

For this, having a complete appliance at home can be the differential in your healthy life. Experts recommend that you do at least one hour of exercise, three days a week to obtain good results.

The elliptical does not have such attractive prices and some devices cost the same or even more than traditional treadmills.


John F. KennedyFormer US President

“Physical activity is not just one of the most important keys to a healthy body – it is the basis for creative and dynamic intellectual activity.”

Working out at home is a subject that divides opinions, as it requires discipline and dedication. Not depending on weather conditions, traffic or the time your favorite program is on TV are some advantages to consider.

On the other hand, you will need to create rules, routines, schedules, and ensure that you will overcome the temptation to lie on the couch or in the warm, comfortable bed.

In addition, it is extremely necessary and important to remember that every physical activity requires warm-up and stretching before and after practicing.

Professional guidance from doctors, physiotherapists or physical educators will provide you with more safety and quality results.


  • You can plan your own training schedule
  • Does not depend on climatic conditions
  • Exercise several parts of your body at the same time
  • Convenience and mobility
  • You can exercise without having to go to a gym


  • Works only for those who have discipline with training
  • Must be mounted in the middle of the home room if it does not have an appropriate location
  • Light effort level for athlete
  • May make more noise than expected

The video below, published by the Instituto Cohen Oficial channel, shows the detailed opinion of the physiotherapist Maurício Garcia on the benefits of the elliptical and its efficiency compared to other equipment and activities:



What to pay attention to: elliptical or treadmill?

Most manufacturers are increasingly looking for products that serve a variety of audiences. All elliptical machines are geared towards the practitioner of physical activity, be it beginner or advanced.

Some people may be in doubt between an elliptical or treadmill. But each has its own specific characteristics and functions. Unlike walking simulators, ellipticals can support a little more weight, and generally the devices vary between 100kg and 150kg of resistance.

Moving the upper and lower limbs is also a very important feature in relation to this purchase decision.



The activity practiced on the elliptical is quite complete and reflects on the legs, glutes, abdomen, arms, posture and finally on the state of mind of those who practice.

Now that you know the main differences between ellipticals and walking simulators, let’s show you a comparison of these devices with traditional treadmills.

The average of values ​​between them is quite similar, so let’s see some main differences:


How much?

Elliptical values ​​can vary enormously. The entry models, very similar, vary between R $ 800 and R $ 1,500.

There are also semi-professional models, with more functions, resistance levels and weight capacity of the user. These models usually cost between R $ 2,000 and R $ 4,000.

You do not need a very prepared and specific environment to practice the exercise, so you will not have to invest in changes in your home. Just be careful to use your simulator on a regular, dry floor to prevent it from slipping or moving causing accidents.

Where to buy?

There are different possibilities for finding your elliptical. You may want to try your device to test its functions and noise, and see exactly how big it is.

For this, the ideal is to look for a physical store of gym equipment or a store specializing in sports equipment.

If you already know the model of elliptical you want, or even after testing the equipment in a physical store and being aware of all these characteristics, the best option is always the online market with more attractive values.

At Amazon, the main store in virtual commerce, you can find the main brands and models, Department stores in general.

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare elliptical models

Practically without contraindications (should only be avoided by those who have serious knee problems), the elliptical is the darling of those who seek complete physical and aerobic exercises.

Some factors are indispensable to define your purchase. We have listed the main ones and will help you find the best option among the ellipticals available on the market. Check out:

  • Weight
  • Strides and wheel position
  • Maintenance
  • Control panel
  • Accessories


There are two “types” of weight that we can analyze. The weight of the equipment and the weight supported.

  • Equipment weight : varies between 15 and 40kg, and is generally easy to assemble and transport. This should not be a major concern. But if you intend to move the device to different places in the house, give preference to a lighter elliptical.
  • Supported weight : ellipticals are used a lot by those who are overweight and need to start low impact exercises. But it is worth mentioning that each piece of equipment has its weight limit supported.
    You will easily find options available on the market to serve people between 100kg and 150kg. Always make sure that the elliptical you choose is compatible with your current weight.


Strides and wheel position

A detail that usually goes without being analyzed when buying your elliptical is the position of the wheel. Models with wheels at the front can cause more comfort compared to those with wheels at the rear.

Smaller wheels also provide a shorter stride, unlike models with larger wheels that also allow for strides in larger ranges, in which case the exercise is much more comfortable.

The longer the stride, the greater the comfort. Another difference is the larger electrical equipment, which can be a positive point for allowing to increase and decrease the speed in control on the panel.


Every device needs maintenance, this will prolong the life of your elliptical. But some details can be checked so that you don’t have to change certain components frequently.

Ellipticals are good options for those who wish to have little maintenance concern, but it is always necessary to be attentive to the wear and tightening of the screws.

Certain materials will require less maintenance (or replacement) than others. Check that the finishes of the pedals and handrests are made of non-slip and resistant materials.

This maintenance must be well performed, since this generally influences the stability and the sounds produced by the device.


Control panel

Many people like to know numbers, to monitor the progress of their physical activity and the possible results. Virtually all models of elliptical machines have the control panel.

But what exactly is this panel for? The function control panel is a very important ally for you who are learning to monitor your physical activities.

Note that some devices have rods with movements for you to hold with your hands, give preference to those that have a touch sensor called the Hand Grip, which records the heartbeat and sends the information to the panel.

In addition to heart rate or pulse, the panel shows, in most models, important information such as time and distance covered, and the amount of calories burned during exercise. This will give you encouragement and an accurate sense of the achievement of your goals.



Some elliptical options have other accessories attached, such as vibrating and rotating platforms, and seats that allow you to do complementary exercises.

Resistance levels and height adjustment are always an extra point when checking for comfort and functionality. Check all these details to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.


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