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Top & Best Erase pen Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Erase pen: Which are the best of 2021?

Who never wrote something with a pen and had to erase with a concealer that throws the first stone. This is something that happens to many people on a daily basis and to solve this problem the erasing pen was created. It is about it that we are going to talk today here. Be very welcome!

The erasing pen appeared in mid 2007 as a revolutionary product and is still very successful today. It is very simple and easy to use, ensuring that errors are easily erased. But is it worth investing in one of these? There are those who say yes and we show you why in the course of this article.

First, the most important

  • The erasing pen can be removed from writing by exposing the paper to high temperatures or using the eraser it has.
  • It is found in several colors and there are options such as ballpoint pens, gel or highlighter pens.
  • The erasing pen is a little more expensive than ordinary pens and costs from R $ 6.

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The best erasing pens: The ideal one for every situation

As soon as it appeared, it was only possible to find a type of pen that erases. However, as this product became more popular, brands began to invest in variations of this type of pen.

Thanks to that, nowadays it is possible to find several options of pens that erase and we show you the ones that stand out below.

  • The erasing pen ideal for everyday use
  • The best option for those who like gel pen
  • The preferred erasing pen for patchwork creation

Buying Guide

Pens are essential in the daily life of those who use paper writing. And one of the most unpleasant things is to write something and make mistakes. At this time many people make use of concealers, which leave white spots on the leaf. But what if it was possible to erase the wrong words without it?

For that there is the pen that erases, and in this buying guide we will explain to you how it works, its advantages, price and much more. So, if you want to know everything, just continue with us.

What types of pen do you erase?

The first erasing pen appeared around 2007, and at that time there was only one color option. This version is still found today and is the most sold, precisely because it has a writing very similar to that of a ballpoint pen.

But as this product became successful, new options for erasing pen were created. Currently it is possible to find versions in the format of highlighter and gel pen, which creates a very complete line.

Outside the country there is also a special erasable pen option called Liquid Pencil. This product contains liquid graphite in its cartridge and after writing it with up to three days the content can be erased with any eraser. After this period, the graphite becomes permanent.

How does an erasing pen work?

The erasing pen is made with an ink called Metamo, which has a different chemical composition. This ink is thermosensitive, that is, as it is exposed to heat or cold, it changes its properties.

In addition, this type of pen comes with an eraser at its base. This rubber has greater rigidity and does not release residues like conventional ones. By having these properties, as it is rubbed on the paper it generates heat and thus the writing is erased.

And the way of using the erasing pen is very simple and the same as any ordinary pen. It does not require any different preparation of the paper and just write normally. Even the drying time of the paint is also no different.



The ink of the erasing pen is invisible when exposed to a temperature of 60ºC and becomes visible again when it is placed in temperatures of -10ºC.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the erasing pen?

There are no discussions and the biggest advantage of the erasing pen is being able to erase a wrong writing without the need to use a concealer. However, that is not all that this product has a positive point.

Another great advantage is that it leaves the sheets cleaner, because even if the concealer is white, it ends up marking the page. With the pen, the paper is clean as new.


It is also possible to make temporary notes in books

It is also possible to make temporary notes in books. Many people stop using their highlighter pens because the markings will be permanent and with the erasing versions this does not happen.

Another positive point of this product is that it can be written on any surface or object without fear of making mistakes. For this reason, the erasing pen has been widely used by artisans and children in literacy.

The downside is that sometimes this type of pen is used for dishonest purposes. There are students who take tests with them and after receiving the correction they change the answer, people who sign documents and then delete and so on.

Does the erasing pen work on all types of paper?

The erasing pen is a very versatile product that can be used to make notes or markings on all types of paper. The restrictions regarding it are the same as for ordinary pens. That is, the gel versions are not so suitable for more plasticized papers, the same for highlighters.

The only caveat is that on very thin papers the rubbing of the eraser can wear the surface and even tear the paper, however, the pen itself works normally.

In addition, the erasing pen can also be used on fabrics, EVA, wood and many other materials.

How much does it cost and where to buy a erasing pen?

The erasing pen is a product that can be found to buy at stationers and physical and online department stores. Those who prefer to make this purchase in physical stores can look for it in Kalunga, for example, while those who shop online can purchase this pen on sites such as:

    • Amazon


The value of the general erasing pen is slightly higher than that of conventional pens. Thus, it is possible to find options with a value that starts at R $ 6, on average, up to around R $ 18.


Purchasing criteria: What to pay attention to when buying a pen that erases

When purchasing a pen that erases it is essential to make a good choice to use this product in the best way. For this there are some factors that, if analyzed, help to buy the ideal pen, they are:

  • Way of use
  • Ink color
  • Tip dimension
  • With refill or not

Let’s talk about each of these criteria so that you don’t make a mistake when choosing your new pen.

Way of use

The first step when choosing a pen to erase is to define what type of use you will make with it. This is important because it is found in some versions and each one is indicated for a purpose.

The most common erasing pen resembles a ballpoint pen and is ideal for everyday life, school, work and more. The gel options are already more decorative and have a different texture, while highlighters are ideal for making markings on books and notebooks.

Ink color

When the erasing pen started to be sold it was found in few color options, with only the most basic ones like blue and black. Nowadays this has changed a lot and there is a full range of options, ranging from regulars to shades of pink, orange and green.

In addition, the highlighter versions are also found in more intense colors and pastel colors, which appeals to all tastes.

For regular activities the most basic colors are ideal.

With that, analyze which color best suits your day to day and its purpose of use. For regular activities the most basic colors are ideal. Those who like to write with colored pens can bet without fear on those of different shades.

Tip dimension

As with regular pens, erasing pens are also found in two nib options, with 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm. This is a positive point of this product, because some prefer to write with thinner points, while others do not give up the thick points.

So, from your preferences, search for the version that will make you most comfortable while using the pen.

With refill or not

The ink of the erasing pen has a shorter durability than that of ordinary pens, so its use time will be shorter. Thinking about avoiding packaging waste and also reducing the value of this product, some manufacturers bet on selling refills for them.

This is an excellent alternative, because when the ink runs out, it is not necessary to purchase a complete new pen. The refill is called a charge and if this alternative is feasible for you, look for an option that has this feature.



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