Top & Best Erotic books Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Erotic books: How to choose the best in 2021

the site with the best product reviews for adult audiences. Today we are going to talk about erotic books and how their popularity has exploded in recent years.

has a long history of erotic publications, but touching on the subject has also been considered taboo for a long time. Currently, sexuality is treated in a more natural way, which has allowed greater visibility to these titles.

To understand a little more about these books and embark on a world of guiltless fantasies, follow our article with more information about this type of literature that has definitely fallen in the public eye.

First, the most important

  • There are erotic books with a wide variety of themes to please all types of readers who are looking for something more spicy in their stories.
  • Over time, physical books need maintenance to preserve their integrity.
  • In recent years, erotic books have become more popular and are no longer considered taboo.

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Ranking: The 3 best erotic books on the market

Choosing a good book has never been an easy task, so the challenge is no less when it comes to erotic novels. To help you choose, take a look at our Ranking with some of the best titles on the market.

Buying Guide

The emergence of e-books has revolutionized the way we consume literature, making it more accessible and cheaper. With all this practicality, physical books are acquiring a new status, almost like collector’s items.

Regardless of which model is your favorite, there is no reason not to enjoy both, each in its own way. So, be sure to check out our Shopping Guide to understand a little more about them and how to find the best erotic novels.

What are erotic books?

An erotic book is a form of literary art more focused on the exploration of sexual fantasies, the development of novels and the interaction between characters with a focus more on sexuality.

Titles can follow a smoother line, or show sexual interactions between characters openly and in detail, using these elements as a way to conduct the narrative.

Did you know that there are electronic devices created especially for reading virtual books, e-readers.

In them, the size of the device and the lighting are specially designed so that you have an experience similar to reading traditional books, something perfect to take your library with you.

What are the main types of romance in high erotic books?

If there is one thing that the authors have already proven, it is possible to explore erotic elements in all styles of narrative, in any setting and exploring different contexts.

However, there are some scenarios always on the rise and ended up becoming favorites among readers. A good example of this are historical novels, which explore sexuality according to the context of its time and which abuse characters such as kings, queens and famous characters.

Fantasy also offers a world of possibilities, from dragons to spaceships. They use the fantastic to explore different erotic fantasies with mythical characters, wizards, warriors and other figures of our imagination.

The contemporary style is also widely used, with stories that take place in the present, address more modern themes and where we can identify characters more similar to people in the real world.

What are the main formats of erotic books found on the market?

With advances in technology, we are no longer limited to paper books. Although they still have their charm and peculiarities, they need to be read in a bright environment, are heavy, take up space and are still expensive.

Fortunately, we can already count on e-books. They can be read on electronic devices such as tablets , e-readers and even on your cell phone , making it possible to take countless books with you. Best of all, they are usually cheaper.

How much?

The price of erotic books can vary widely according to their format and size. Physical copies usually range from R $ 30 to R $ 50. Special collector’s editions with hardcover and other attractions can be even more expensive.

In the case of e-books, as they do not involve a physical version of the product, prices tend to be more friendly. It is possible to find excellent options from R $ 5 to R $ 20, with a few copies reaching values ​​above R $ 50.

Where to buy?

You can find erotic books in all the big bookstores around in newsstands and even in big supermarkets with departments dedicated to books and magazines.

Another great purchase option is the internet, either for physical models or e-books. Amazon was one of the pioneers in selling books over the internet and this is still one of its strengths, offering a catalog full of options for all tastes and pockets.

Did you know that the book 50 Shades of Gray, one of the most famous today, emerged? The EL James saga was inspired by the characters in the Twilight.

Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying erotic books

Erotic books are a great option to escape the routine and embark on more spicy fantasies. And with the success of major titles and film adaptations, they are more popular than ever.

But in addition to a great story, there are other factors you should consider before buying a book. See some criteria that we have separated for you.

  • Size
  • Format
  • Binding type
  • Volumes

If you’re just starting to explore the world of erotic books, check out these topics to make the most of the experience.


One of the concerns when buying a book is the size. In physical models, this is a practical concern, whether to make sure it fits on your shelf or whether it will be easy to take it with you to read in your spare time.

This concern is slightly less when it comes to digital erotic books. The files are usually quite small, allowing you to store a wide variety of titles on your electronic devices.


As you can see throughout our article, we now have two main book formats. Physical books still preserve the pleasure of touch, of feeling the smell of new paper and having a physical memory always with you.

Also, display your books on a beautiful sideboard and make them part of your home decor. In e-books, the most important is practicality. They are small files and work in many applications, on a wide variety of mobile devices.

You can even count on services like Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, which works similarly to Netflix, with a subscription system that guarantees access to a huge catalog of books, including many erotic titles.

Binding type

Turning our attention to the physical books, it is also good to pay attention to the type of binding to ensure that the pages will not end up loosening with handling.

The most common method is to use a square spine with a flexible or hard cover, where the pages can be glued or sewn, something that has fallen out of use in recent years.

Hardcover volumes are usually more expensive, but the investment may be worth it, as they are more resistant, better supporting the passage of time.


Today it is very common to follow stories that span several books, and this is no different when it comes to erotic books. Although they are more difficult to follow for more casual readers, the series are a great way to experience a story for longer.

So, when choosing an erotic book, try to confirm if it is a single volume or part of a series, so you will not end up lost halfway.


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