Top & Best Faber Castell colored pencils Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Faber Castell colored pencils: How to choose the best set in 2021

When we heard about Faber Castell colored pencils, we associated the product with children, but did you know that the brand also offers semi-professional and professional lines?

These products are a desire for consumption by beginners and professional designers, both for the quality and durability of these materials, as well as for the variety of options: pencils with permanent cover, watercolors, among others.

But, with so much variety, which case to buy? In this article we will answer that and other questions to help you choose the best Faber Castell colored pencils for you. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • Faber Castell has colored pencils in the following segments: School (EcoLencil and subdivisions), semi-professional (Art Grip and Art Grip Aquarelle) and professional (Polychromos, Albrecht Dürer and Goldfaber).
  • You can find Faber Castell colored pencil cases with 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 and 120 colors. Professional line pencils are also sold by the unit.
  • In addition to the traditional pencil, Faber Castell offers water-colored pencils in the input (EcoLencil Water-based), intermediate (Art Grip Aquarelle) and premium (Albrecht Dürer) segments.

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Ranking: The 4 best Faber Castell colored pencil cases

To help you choose a good Faber Castell colored pencil case, we have prepared a ranking of the best sets for sale. Among the options, we selected products for school, semi-professional and professional use.

Buying Guide

Contact with the Faber Castell colored pencil begins in childhood, when children make the first colored scribbles. Drawing and coloring stimulates the learning and creativity of the little ones.

But Faber Castell does not offer products only for children, you can find lines for amateur and professional artists. Want to find the best one for you? Read this Buying Guide.

Why is the Faber Castell colored pencil different in shape?

Did you know that Faber Castell colored pencils can have different shapes? The round pencil is easy to handle, the triangular is ergonomic and the hexagonal remains stable on the table.

You can also find Faber Castell colored pencils in jumbo format – 10mm in diameter and 175mm in length – ideal for young children in pre-school age.

Which wood is used to make Faber Castell colored pencils?

For the production of colored pencils, Faber Castell uses only reforested wood, from forests managed in a sustainable manner and approved by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Faber Castell also cultivates about 20 cubic meters of wood per hour, this represents the load of a truck. The coolest thing is that the brand produces more than 2.3 billion reforested wooden pencils a year.

What are Faber Castell Faces and Colors colored pencils?

Concerned with ethnic representativeness, Faber Castell was a pioneer in launching the Caras e Cores line of colored pencils, created so that children can represent people with different skin tones.

Faber Castell’s aim is to encourage respect for diversity. There are three bicolor pencils (with one color at each end), with a lighter and a darker tone, which can be mixed to create colors.

What is the best Faber Castell colored pencil for school use?

Classic, the Faber Castell red line offers a wide variety of colored pencils for school use. These pencils are indicated to stimulate the creativity of children of all ages.

All models are produced with 100% reforested and FSC certified wood. See all the models of the EcoLencil line in the table below:

What is the best Faber Castell colored pencil for beginning artists?

Faber Castell has two lines of colored pencils suitable for students, amateur artists and people who have a hobby of drawing: Art Grip and Art Grip Aquarelle.

The pencils have an ergonomic triangular shape and non-slip spheres along their entire length, which offer firmness, comfort and precision. These pencils are protected against breakage by the mine, as it is glued to the wood.

Did you know that Faber Castell has the patent for non-slip balls (GRIP)? The register covers the way the spheres are applied in the pencil.


The difference between the Art Grip and Art Grip Aquarelle line is that the first has vivid waterproof colors and the second is composed of water-soluble colored pencils to create watercolors.

What is the best Faber Castell colored pencil for professional artists?

For professional artists, Faber Castell has two options: the Albrecht Dürer and Polychromos lines. The difference between them is that the first is watercolored and the second is water resistant.

Both are famous for their very high quality, intense pigments, color deposition, excellent coverage and resistance to light – the designs remain in their original color for over 100 years. Available in up to 120 shades

How much does the Faber Castell color pencil cost?

The prices of Faber Castell colored pencil cases depend on the model and quantity of colors that come in each box. The EcoLencil (school) line costs from R $ 20 to R $ 100.

If you are buying a professional line model, be prepared to invest a little more. The prices of the Polychromos and Albrecht Dürer lines cost between R $ 70 and R $ 995. These pencils are also sold per unit and cost around R $ 6 each.

Where to buy Faber Castell colored pencils?

You can find Faber Castell colored pencils in stationery stores, and in bookstores If you prefer, you can buy the product online, on sites like Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Faber Castell Colored Pencil Models

To choose a box of Faber Castell colored pencils that meets your needs for study, work or leisure, it is necessary to evaluate some characteristics:

  • Skill level of the designer
  • Oil or watercolor pencils?
  • Quantity of pencils per case
  • Special cases

See how to analyze each of these criteria and choose the best Faber Castell pencil for you.

Skill level of the designer

As we mentioned throughout this article, there is a line of Faber Castell colored pencils for each skill level.

For pre-school children, the best option is the EcoLencil Jumbo, which is smaller and thicker, ideal for small hands. For the older ones, but still in school, the EcoLencil line and its variations is the most suitable.

For university students or amateur artists, the recommended lines are Art Grip and Art Grip Aquarelle. These colored pencils are intermediate, between the school line and the professional line.

For professionals, we suggest investing in the Albrecht Dürer (water-based) or Polychromos (non-water-based) lines.

Oil or watercolor pencils?

Faber Castell colored pencils are divided into two categories: oil and watercolors. Water-based pencils have soluble ink that dissolves with the addition of water, creating a watercolor .

The coolest thing is that Faber Castell has watercolored pencil models in all categories: for children EcoLencil Watercolors, for amateur artists or university students Art Gripp Aquarelle and for professionals Albrecht Dürer.

Quantity of pencils per case

The amount of colored pencils per case varies according to the line you choose, but, in general, you will find cases with 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 or 120 colors.

For children, a 12 color case is enough.

For children, a case with 12 colors is sufficient. Another option is the Bicolor line pencils, which have different colors at each end of the pencil, so, when buying a set with 12 pencils, you will have 24 colors.

For artists, a box with 36 colors offers good options for color variations. Tip: You find loose professional line pencils, this can be a good alternative to complement your material as you feel the need.

Special cases

Although all models in the EcoLencil line come in simple cases, made of cardboard, you can also find Faber Castell colored pencils in special cases.

The Albrecht Dürer and Polychromos lines are sold in metallic or wooden cases. Because of the case, the price of these products increases considerably.


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