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Top & Best Football Boots Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Football Boots: Which is the best in 2022?

In today’s text, we will talk all about the soccer boot, a product that offers control and stability to the user, the essential tool for practicing one of the most popular sports in our football.

The society is also unique, whether due to the specific number of players, commonly seven for each team, or where it is played, most of the time synthetic grass, others made of clay or even a short grass. Nothing more natural, then, to use boots suitable for your practice.

In this Guide, we will help you to find not only the ideal model for each location, but also for your style of play and even for your position within your team. We will also show you the best on the market, their advantages, disadvantages and other valuable tips.

First, the most important

  • Before looking at price, brand, design, see if the model you want is comfortable. It is the simplest way to choose a pair of football boots that is safe and efficient.
  • You can be a practical person, but be aware that the use of society boots is not recommended for indoor soccer or indoor soccer.
  • Its price varies widely, from R $ 50 to R $ 350, depending on its material, technology and its brand.


This type of lawn makes the game much faster, as it has a much shorter length and friction compared to the natural. The boot, then, needs to offer its own stability for this floor, and, therefore, its own lock.

What is the history of society football?

The massification of the football boot is a recent phenomenon, not least because the sport itself is recent.

It was created in 1985,- another reason for its popularity in the country -, and had its first association in 1988, which standardized the rules and unified the name (that was between Futebol Futebol and Futebol Futebol) as Society.

The International Federation was born only in 2004, launching the sport as a de facto sport. From there it started that it started to grow economically, attracting more practitioners, investors, and finally the big brands.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of the football boot?

The advantages of the soccer boot revolve around its adaptability to the different courts in which the seven-a-side football can be played.

One of them, therefore, is its versatility, offering comfort and enabling a dynamic game both on synthetic turf, on very low natural grass and even on clay, traditional in the floodplain fields, one of the “ancestors” of society.

Another advantage is the stability that gives the player’s movement, due to its design, with low latches, rubber and with multiple points of traction by the sole.

This way, it is also safer, which is also an advantage. To receive a blow from the cleats of society boots is certainly less painful and dangerous than the metallic locks of the field, and the pairs do not slip as in the hall, for example.



On the other hand, the product is very specific, and its use is far from being recommended for indoor soccer or field soccer.

With the aggressive entry of major brands in society football, the price of the models has gone up a lot, which is also a disadvantage.

Finally, despite the enormous adaptability to the synthetic lawn, the football boot simply cannot solve a small, traditional and uncomfortable problem: the accumulation of “rubber” that come off the floor during the game.


  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Safety


  • Society only
  • High prices
  • Accumulation of “debris” from the synthetic lawn

Which is the best: Control or balance society boot?

The most modern models of football boots accumulate diverse characteristics and technologies, to the point that it is difficult to make an objective differentiation between the models, such as the difference in the material of the latches of the field models or in the shape of the spike in the ballroom.

However, it is possible to divide the “stepping stones” by the impact that their set of characteristics has within the court, in the sense of adapting to the style of play of its users.

So, we have the boots that we call “Control” and the ones that we call “Balance”.

    • Control: As the name says, it is for those who value and need greater control of the ball, such as area attackers, goalkeepers and other more central midfielders. Its main attributes are a longer elongated beak and shorter locks, which contribute to the better handling of the round.
    • Balance: On the other hand, it aims at greater stability with the pitch, for players who are not necessarily faster, but who run a lot on the pitch, such as wingers, points and other players on the field side, and even defenders, due to the speed they need to change direction.


Locks a little longer and in greater number, reinforced seams, spikes not necessarily smaller, but tight, as well as all the shoes themselves, in short, all designed with the greatest traction of the boot with the lawn, especially the synthetic one.


Football boots, salon or field?

A very common reality for casual or weekend dancers is a variety of fields and even football modalities, including field, society and futsal. It is normal, even, that these boleiros have a model just for everyone. But this is not the most recommended.

The differences between the boots of each of these types of games are basic, but large enough to make the practice unsafe when the model is out of its “habitat”.

These disparities between models are found in their sole and in their beak. The football boot, for example, has pointed tips and mainly locks of different materials, sizes and quantities.



The most characteristic futsal shoes have more rounded toes and no latches, but with grooves in the sole, to adhere to the smooth floors of your cue or smooth concrete courts.

The society cleats, as we said above, have small, rubber cleats with no defined quantity, distributed along the sole. Its most characteristic beak is a middle ground between the salon and field models.

So, if possible, look for the right boot for the type of field you intend to play on.

A soccer boot in the lounge can cause injuries to knees and ligaments, just as a futsal boot offers no stability on the grass, causing dangerous slips and slips.

Society models even offer a certain versatility in other types of fields, as they are, if we look closely, a middle ground between the field nails and the grooves in the halls. However, they are far from guaranteeing performance, not even stability.

Football boots: What are the best brands?

With the popularity and appeal of society football, most of the major sporting goods brands started to operate specifically in the sport, taking with them the technology, marketing and know-how of the soccer shoes.

The Nike , for example, the world’s leading footwear and other products related to the sport, has adapted some of its best -selling, such as Mercurial and Hypervenom, beyond varieties developed for some stars that sponsors like Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Adidas did the same, with both his boots, as with the stars. Messi, Luis Suárez, Pogba, all have their models converted to society, with established boots like Adidas X and Predator.

Puma , Umbro , Kappa and even Mizuno , who are betting on models with an intermediate price range, as well as comfort and resistance to compete with the successful technologies of Nike and Adidas, are right behind .



How much does it cost and where to buy a society boot?

The price range of the football boot is quite large. The material, the brand, the marketing with professional soccer stars, all contribute to this great variation.

Thus, it is possible to find cheaper models for around R $ 50 to R $ 350, or even more expensive.

Soccer shoes, regardless of their modality, tend to be one of the flagships of most shoe and sporting goods stores.

But in the big chains like Centauro and Decathlon, there is a greater variety of brands and prices, while in World Tennis and the like, there are more models, colors and sizes.

To have the diversity of these two types of establishments and even greater price options, and all at the speed of a click and in the comfort of your home, online stores are the best choice. Amazon, Mercado Livre, Netshoes are references in the area.


Purchasing Criteria: How to compare the boots of society

Below you will find our selection of criteria for choosing your society boot at the time of purchase. It was designed based on product characteristics and aspects of its use.

  • Level of practice
  • Play style and position
  • Comfort
  • Finishing

Now let’s talk about each of these items, to inform you in the best possible way, and to make your purchase the same way:

Level of practice

A good way to guide yourself in this “sea” of models and brands is to think about your level of practice, which has nothing to do with your skill or technique, but with the regularity in which you operate.

We divide these levels here into Basic, Regular or Advanced.

  • Basic : In the first case, choose models with greater damping, so you can get used to the type of field and its impact in the post-game.
  • Regular: The cleats with precision, either in the adjustment or in the “sights”, are the most recommended for the best adaptation to society’s speed.
  • Advanced: Accustomed to the field and the speed of the game, it is best to look for light and comfortable models, to minimize the impact and optimize its performance.

Play style and position

Another criterion directly linked to his future matches is his style of play and the position he occupies on the pitch. These aspects have specificities covered by different models.

A half passer, for example, with many spins and few sprints, needs a “Control” type boot, while a sprinter can do better with what we call “Balance” above.

As a rule, this criterion follows this model, those that act more on the ball needing more control, and those with greater movement, balance.

A quarterback, therefore, needs balance, as does a steering wheel; a point guard, on the other hand, needs control, just like a dribbler and even a scorer.




Footwear experts do not tire of stating: comfort is the best criterion. Choosing this method of choice is listening to your body’s wisdom. A comfortable foot is inevitably safe and performs better.

So, prioritize the boots where your foot is comfortable, such as the level of tightness of the leather on the instep, the distance between your toes and the toe, the padding in the heel area, in short, that leave you free to think only in the game.


The complexity of the models of society boots creates several “points of tension” for the shoes, whose finish ends up dictating the durability of the product, as well as its safety.

Observe, therefore, the fixation of the latches on the sole, the quality of the seams, if any, especially on the toe and the side joints with the sole, in addition to the material in the ankle and heel region.

The higher the quality of these finishes, the longer the model’s useful life, and the less likely it is to leave you in the hand (or on the floor) during a game.


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