Top & Best Footvolley Network Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Footvolley Network: How to choose the best of 2021

Today we are going to talk absolutely everything about the footvolley net, the basic instrument of the sport that is a real fever, and beyond beaches, dominating the international sands.

Especially when thinking about sun and beach, the image of footvolley comes almost automatically. But don’t limit your imagination! With the network, any place and time is ideal for hitting a ball with friends.

In this Guide, we bring you the best models, explain the measures, their advantages, disadvantages and list criteria to help you at the time of purchase to go out with the footvolley net ideal for you and your people.

First, the most important

  • What characterizes the net and footvolley are its measurements. Be aware, then, if your model is 9.5 m long (horizontal) and 1 m wide (vertical).
  • As it is an outdoor sport, it is very important that the net has extra protection against UV rays, the sun’s rays that can, with time, harm the product.
  • The product is simple, and therefore does not have a big price fluctuation. You can find models from R $ 100 to R $ 250, depending on your material and accessories.


Buying Guide

The more fans receive footvolley, the more specific their equipment gets and the more demanding its practitioners are. In this context, a sport-specific network gains strength (and buyers).

With this demand, the offer of footvolley nets increases, as does its variety. This Purchasing Guide aims to inform you as much as possible about the product, its measurements, its advantages and disadvantages. So, you can think of the best net to hit your ball.

What is the footvolley net?

The footvolley net is a rectangular net, to be laid out horizontally, that is, with its longer sides parallel to the floor.

Officially, this side should measure 9.5 meters, referred to as the length of the net, and its width – the “smaller” side, which is perpendicular to the ground – must be 1 meter.

Still in the official measures, the nets must have lateral bands, which are like edges, fixed vertically. Thus, they are also 1 m long and around 5 cm wide.

Their threads are usually made of nylon or polyethylene, depending on their quality.

The net must be at least 2 meters away from the ground. In competitions, these values ​​vary between women’s (2 m) and men’s (2.2 m).



Did you know? According to the story, footvolley arose from the repression of police officers against boys who were doing a “altinha” by the sea, in the 1960s. through volleyball nets.


Competitions, in fact, are responsible for this specificity. When footvolley appeared in 1965, in Rio de Janeiro, the nets were the same as those for volleyball, without a certain measure, nor standardized.

In 1998,  (CBFv) is created and the rules of the sport, as well as the measures of the network are standardized. The process expands in 2002, with the appearance of FIFv, the International Footvolley Federation.

Now a world sport, with international tournaments and sometimes even televised, has gained a greater adhesion, and some manufacturers of sports equipment have started to include footvolley in their list of products, including the chain.

Learn more about this footvolley through this video published on the Milton Andrade channel:



What are the advantages and disadvantages of the footvolley net?

There are good advantages and even some disadvantages of having your own footvolley net in the garage or in the trunk of the car.

Starting with the advantages, the net gives you the possibility to play a high level footvolley. You never know: you could be the next great athlete in this young sport.

In the same way, you can practice the sport in the correct way, as it was designed.

In higher quality nets, the material is treated for greater resistance to UV rays, increasing its durability. In slightly lower quality, however, the wires are more exposed to the weather and, therefore, have a shorter service life.

Finally, its size, slightly larger than the volleyball net, can give you some headache when it comes to finding a space on a crowded beach, but nothing that a conversation and patience does not solve.



  • Enables “serious” play
  • Versatility: volleyball and biribol to play
  • High resistance with UV treatment


  • Only “serious” footvolley
  • Needs more space
  • Shorter life without UV treatment

Footvolley net or volleyball net?

Because they are often practiced in the same environment, footvolley and beach volleyball end up being compared, and their materials are confused. The network is no different. After all, both are adapted versions of indoor volleyball. But it is simple to differentiate the beach volleyball net from that of footvolley.



Basically, the footvolley net is longer, with 9.5 meters, different from the 8 of beach volleyball. This is because the measurements of the courts are also different. The footvolley is 18 x 9.5 m, while the volleyball is 16 x 8 m.

The height at which the nets must be suspended is also different. Again, following official measures, the women’s footvolley modality has the net at 2 m from the ground, while the male at 2.2 m. In beach volleyball, that size rises to 2.2 m for women and 2.4 m for men.

How much does a footvolley net cost?

The price variation between the footvolley net models is mainly due to the material of the wires and accessories, as well as the weaving technology and even the fixing of the net.

Thus, you can find models from R $ 100 to R $ 250, which may also vary due to the presence or absence of complementary accessories, such as the antenna, hooks, etc.

Where to buy a footvolley net?

Physical sporting goods stores offer the best brands, as well as specialized salespeople to help you choose and even explain your setup.

If, however, you want to avoid walking around megastores and buy your chain from the comfort of your home, sites like Amazon offer an even greater range of prices and models.





Purchasing Criteria: How to compare the best footvolley nets

Below, we have gathered some characteristics of the footvolley net, so that they serve as criteria for your choice between models, to be seen before completing your purchase.

  • Game type
  • Knotless technology
  • UV treatment
  • Color

We will now explain the criteria one by one, so that your purchase is as informed – and therefore safe and sure – as possible.

Game type

The first question is: Is the game “serious” or recreational?

Before choosing your network, try to design the type of game you plan to make. The doubt is pertinent, after all the footvolley – and that is one of its attractions – can be both a sport and a relaxed game.

If yours is the first case, a professional network is worth it, with first class material and preferably with the complete kit, with antenna and the fixture.

In the other situation, a model with the minimum requirements will be enough and still save you some money.


Did you know that footvolley was an exhibition sport for the 2016 Olympics? The capixaba duo Lane Matos and Thais Cruz were the representatives.


Knotless technology

Another important criterion is the means by which the network wires are interwoven. In that case, give preference to models that employ a technology without knots.

The configuration increases the durability of the product, as it is more resistant to the constant impacts it receives, either from the ball or from a poorly calculated jump.

UV treatment

Another aspect that enhances the product’s durability is the presence of a treatment of the material against UV rays present in sun exposure.

As a sport and an activity associated with the outdoors, salt turns out to be a determining factor in the product’s useful life. So, prioritize models that have protection against UV rays.



This criterion may seem silly, but it can be very useful if you are in doubt between models. In these cases, you can choose a colored model, either on the wires, on the side strips, or both.

In an environment with a lot of light, from the sun, light, or sand, seeing the net during the movements can be difficult. At these times, color can help your peripheral vision and your reflexes.

Also check what comes with the network. Some models have an installation kit.


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