Top & Best Galzerano feeding chair Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Galzerano feeding chair: How to choose the best model in 2021

Introducing solid foods to a baby’s diet is not a simple task, but by investing in the right tools, the process becomes less stressful for both children and parents. One of these tools is the Galzerano feeding chair.

In order to provide even more safety and comfort for babies, the feeding chair is an indispensable item in the child’s layette. Stay with us and find out which is the perfect Galzerano feeding chair for your baby.

First, the most important

  • The Galzerano feeding chair has the classic tray for support of plate, cup and cutlery, seat, back and padded sides, foot support and five-point seat belt.
  • The baby will be able to use the Galzerano feeding chair for a long time, as this chair supports children weighing up to 15Kg – the weight of a child about three years old.
  • There are three models of Galzerano feeding chair to choose from, two high chairs and a booster seat. Both have one year warranty, with three months of legal warranty and 9 months of extended warranty provided by the brand.

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The best Galzerano feeding chairs: Our buying suggestions

To help you choose a Galzerano feeding chair, we have prepared a list of the best models from the brand. Find out which ones are in the ranking below.

  • The complete Galzerano feeding chair
  • An option with foot support
  • The simplest Galzerano feeding chair

Buying Guide

Generally, between six and eight months of life, solid foods are introduced into the baby’s diet, such as cut fruits or vegetables. But as in this phase the child usually moves a lot, mealtime becomes a challenge for parents.

For this reason, it is necessary to buy a Galzerano feeding chair. In this Buying Guide, we will present all the information you should know about the subject. Good reading!

Why should I buy a Galzerano feeding chair?

It is important to buy a feeding chair, as the baby needs to get used to a corner and times to eat from an early age, so the child adapts to a feeding routine.

When a baby gets used to a feeding routine, the child tends to be calmer and cooperate with the parents in this new experience.

We recommend the purchase of a Galzerano feeding chair, as the brand offers a complete line of baby items with crib, stroller, bathtub, feeding chair and many others.

Most physical and virtual stores that sell baby layette items offer different models of Galzerano feeding chairs at very affordable prices. Find out all the advantages of investing in a branded product in the table below:

The Galzerano feeding chair is suitable for children of what age?

The Galzerano feeding chair must be used by children from six or eight months of age and the accessory can be used until the child is three years old.

The use of the feeding chair is not necessary after this age, as the child acquires the skills he needs to feed and sit like a grown child. But remember, the Galzerano feeding chair supports children weighing up to 15Kg and this load limit must be respected to avoid accidents.

Is the Galzerano feeding chair certified by Inmetro?

The product registration with INMETRO – National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology – indicates that the consumer can rest assured about the structure, stability and safety of the Galzerano feeding chair.

Since 2016, the INMETRO inspection seal has become mandatory for high type feeding chairs and both models of Galzerano feeding chairs in this category are certified.



Did you know that the feeding chair of the booster seat type does not pass the Inmetro evaluation? So don’t be alarmed if you buy the VIC booster seat from Galzerano and the product is without the INMETRO seal.


What are the different models of Galzerano feeding chair?

You find three models of Galzerano feeding chair, one booster seat and two high chairs. Discover the main features of these models below:

    • VIC booster seat is the simplest model of the brand. It is a feeding chair that must be attached to a regular chair. Among its differentials, we can mention the anatomical seat with adjustable height, the removable tray with cup holder and the non-slip feet.
    • Standard High Chair II is a high chair with a seat, back and padded sides, non-removable tray, footrest, five point seat belt and safety lock for the child not to fall out of the chair.
    • Premium High Chair has padded and removable seat and back, also removable tray with three adjustment positions, five point safety belt and two height adjustments.
  • Purchasing criteria: Find the best Galzerano feeding chair

The phase when the baby starts to eat food is one of the ones that generate more doubts in dads. One of these doubts refers to the choice of the best Galzerano feeding chair. To assist you in this mission, we have selected which criteria should be analyzed and compared at the time of purchase:

    • Chair type
    • Settings
    • Ease of cleaning
    • Foot support
    • Design

We will detail each of the criteria throughout this section. Any questions or suggestions, leave a comment.

Chair type

At the time of purchase, you must decide the type of Galzerano feeding chair you want to buy. You have two options, the booster seat and the high chair.

The high chair is a slightly more robust model, so it takes up more space at home and costs more. It has numerous adjustments such as height-adjustable seat, removable and adjustable tray and footrest. This model offers more comfort for the child.

The booster seat is fixed to a common chair, perfect for those who have little space at home or are on a limited budget. This type of feeding chair is portable, so it can be taken on trips or trips. The only disadvantage is that this type of feeding chair does not have as many adjustments as the previous model.


Unsure about which model to buy? See the comparative table below:


Another feature that you should consider at the time of purchase is whether the feeding chair has a height-adjustable seat. This allows you to control the baby’s height to bring it closer to the height of the chair you are sitting on.

Galzerano’s VIC booster seat has seat height adjustment on three levels. The Alta Premium chair has a tray with adjustable height in three positions, which serves the same purpose.

Also make sure that the chosen chair is foldable. This functionality is interesting, as it allows you to store the chair when you are not using it, to carry it to different places in the house, on trips and trips.

Ease of cleaning

When the child is learning to eat, it is normal for him to make a lot of dirt. With that in mind, it is important to choose a Galzerano feeding chair that is easy to clean and, preferably, with a removable tray (not all offer this facility).

Lining removal for complete cleaning.

The seat, back and sides of the Galzerano feeding chairs are made of waterproof material and easy to clean, but one of the models allows the removal of this coating for a more complete and effective cleaning.

Foot support

Because of the agitation, the baby takes a long time to eat. However, some studies prove that when the child supports his feet on a support, he can maintain concentration on chewing – in addition to maintaining good posture.

If the foot support is adjustable it is even better, as you can adapt it to the child’s size – remember that the Galzerano feeding chair supports children up to 15Kg. But stay tuned, only the Galzerano Standard II feeding chair has a footrest.


Although this aspect is purely aesthetic, we recommend that you review the options of prints available before purchasing the Galzerano feeding chair. You have the following pattern options:

  • Giraffe
  • Panda
  • Bear
  • Aviator
  • Real

The most interesting thing is that these prints make boys and girls happy. With the exception of teddy bear (pink) and aviator (blue), which are more targeted at female and male audiences, respectively.


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