Top & Best Grooming machine Review 2021- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Grooming machine: How to choose the best one in 2021

Today we are going to talk about an indispensable product for anyone who is passionate about pets: the grooming machine, which can greatly facilitate one of the tasks that most requires care from pet owners.

Much more than a matter of aesthetics, the grooming offers comfort and hygiene to your pet and, therefore, needs to be periodic. To facilitate this process, the grooming machine is an essential tool.

To help you understand the world of shearing machines, we will show you all the factors that you must take into account before choosing the ideal machine.

First, the most important

  • The grooming of pets goes beyond aesthetics. The process helps to protect your pet’s health.
  • For both professional and domestic grooming, it is important to choose the ideal grooming machine.
  • In this article we will help you in your purchase process so that you can get the most appropriate grooming machine for your pet.

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Best grooming machines: Our recommendations

Choosing a grooming machine can seem like a difficult task in the face of so many options. But manufacturers have invested in products that make it easy to use even for pet owners.

Next, we will present you the best models of grooming machines available on the market today.

  • Wahl Show Pro Pet grooming machine
  • Grooming machine WK-2505
  • Pet Clipper Grooming Machine


Buying Guide

At first glance, you may be tempted to buy a grooming machine considering only the price. But there are factors that influence both the quality of the product and the result of the grooming.

Therefore, we have prepared this Buying Guide with the information you need to buy the right grooming machine and guarantee your pet’s health and safety.


What is a grooming machine?

Your pet’s hair is largely responsible for maintaining the animal’s body temperature and protecting the skin from sunlight. However, if not properly cared for, the hair can accumulate fungi and bacteria and cause disease in the animal.

To avoid these problems, therefore, it is important to trim your pet’s hair periodically. Not just for aesthetics, as many believe, but mainly to maintain your pet’s hygiene and health.

Therefore, the use of the grooming machine is the preferred method by professionals and pet owners. Larger than machines used to cut people’s hair, the grooming machine has blades capable of cutting thicker hair and of varying heights and textures, without the appliance becoming too hot during prolonged use.

Due to its practicality and for allowing a personalized cut for each race and more uniform, today it is already possible to find versions on the market for both professional and domestic use.

Due to these facilities that the grooming machine offers, more and more pet owners are grooming in the comfort of their own homes. However, as you will see below, some experience in using the grooming machine is necessary to ensure the safety of your pet.


Domestic or professional grooming?

Taking your pet to be groomed by a professional has the advantage of offering you practicality, since the process is done by a specialist in a suitable place.

However, as the animal’s grooming needs to be periodic, the cost of the process can weigh on your budget. For this reason, many pet owners choose to do the grooming at home.

This is a process that, in addition to relieving your pocket, still allows a moment of approximation between you and your pet.

But, to perform the domestic grooming you need attention and some care. Animal grooming experts recommend that if you decide to perform the procedure at home, practice is necessary.

This is because the incorrect use of the grooming machine can leave your animal with large holes and flaws in the coat. In addition, in more severe cases, incorrect use of the machine can injure and burn your pet’s skin.


To avoid hurting your pet, we recommend that you take a quick course to learn how to handle the grooming machine or seek guidance from a professional.

Currently it is possible to find fast and cheap courses including online. It is also necessary to know the breed of your pet and understand what is the best type of grooming for him and what should be the periodicity. These factors vary between different breeds of dogs, for example, and can influence your pet’s health.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the grooming machine?

As we have seen, the grooming machine offers many advantages. The main one is the practicality since the machine does all the work, faster than it would be if you used the scissors.

For this reason, the grooming machine also facilitates the work of the professional groomer, who has a high demand with several animal grooming a day.

In addition to the practicality and saving of money and time, the result of cutting with a grooming machine is usually better than with other methods, such as scissors, for example. This is because, if used correctly, the machine helps to avoid mistakes and injuries on the animal’s skin.

In addition, with the grooming machine you can define the height of the cut of your pet’s fur according to the desired aesthetic and the breed’s need.

This is due to the different types of blades. We will talk about this topic in more detail in Purchasing Criteria.



On the other hand, the grooming machine also has some negative points. The first is the price. This device is usually expensive at first, but it is its long-term cost-effectiveness that compensates for this disadvantage.

Another disadvantage is that some machines are very noisy. And, as pets have very sensitive ears, they tend to be stressed and very agitated by the noise of the machine.

But, as we will see below, it is currently possible to find models of grooming machines that make less noise. And, as we have already seen, the main problem with the grooming machine is its incorrect use.

Check out the main advantages and disadvantages of the grooming machine below:


  • Budget savings
  • Practicality
  • More uniform cuts, with different heights
  • Great value for money


  • High Price
  • Requires practice and knowledge to handle
  • Incorrect use can burn the animal’s skin
  • The loud noise affects the animal

How much?

Due to the different specifications and auxiliary instruments that come with the grooming machine, the price of this product varies a lot. A grooming machine can cost between R $ 100 and R $ 1,500.

We recommend that you invest in a medium priced machine, but that guarantees durability and efficiency according to your pet’s needs.

Where to buy?

You will find the grooming machine for sale in specialized stores, department stores and hypermarkets.

But, if you want to have more brand and price options, we recommend that you make your purchase at online stores like Amazon. So, you still get your grooming machine from the comfort of your home.


Purchase Criteria: Factors to note before choosing the grooming machine

When choosing the best grooming machine, you need to take into account some factors that will influence the quality and efficiency of the grooming.

In order for you to buy a product that meets your expectations and needs, here are what you should consider:

  • Wired or wireless
  • Blades
  • velocity
  • Accessories

Below, we detail each of these factors so that you can safely make your purchase.

Wired or wireless

Currently, you can find the grooming machine with or without cord. For professional groomers the machine connected to electricity is the most recommended. With the high turnover of animals in pet shops, it would not be practical to use the wireless grooming machine, as it needs to be recharged from time to time.

Recharging the battery usually takes about 6 hours. This time ends up being lost by the professional. The wireless machine also has batteries that last, on average, 50 to 90 minutes. Therefore, this model is more recommended for domestic grooming.


Each model of grooming machine has different types and quantities of blades. The amount can vary between one to four blades.

Also called combs, the blades have different numbers that indicate the height of the cut. The lower the number of the blade, the longer the hair cut.

Check below the most used blades, the height of the cut and its most common use:

Blade numbering Cutting height Recommended use
4F 9.5mm For medium dogs like Poodles and Terriers
7F 3.2mm For various types of races
10 1.6mm For abdomen and hygienic grooming
40 0.25mm For an area where the grooming should be short


The grooming machines available today can have up to four different speeds. Ideally, the grooming machine can operate at at least two speeds. One of them must be slower for you to start grooming and also finish.

Speed ​​will directly dictate how much time you spend grooming your best friend – of course, practice is also a good ally. But, for more voluminous coats, it is important to have this speed control. The more adjustments, the better the grooming machine and the more expensive it will be.


Most grooming machines come with various accessories, which help in cleaning and maintaining the product and finishing the grooming. Among the most common accessories are: lubricating oils, combs, scissors and brushes.

These accessories are cheaper to purchase, as you don’t have to spend on these items separately. Prioritize kits that have at least the items mentioned and different blade options for grooming and finishing.


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