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Top & Best Hair diffuser Review 2022– How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hair diffuser: Which is the best in 2022?

Women with wavy, curly, curly hair looking for the perfect definition of curls must have heard of the hair diffuser, right?

The accessory not only helps to dry the hair, but it does so that the curls are preserved and more defined. But do you know what is the best hair diffuser for you? That is what we are going to deal with in this article.

First, the most important

  • The hair diffuser is an accessory that is fitted to the dryer nozzle.
  • The diffuser distributes the hot air and dries the hair evenly, defining curls and removing frizz.
  • As there are several types of hair diffusers you need to consider some factors to buy the best one. The main ones are size, shape and compatibility with the dryer.

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Buying Guide

It is never simple to buy an accessory that will be used on the hair. After all, there is a wide variety of options and not always what is good for one type of hair is good for everyone. The same is true with the hair diffuser. In this Buying Guide we will answer your questions about this accessory.

What is hair diffuser?

The diffuser is an accessory that fits in the air outlet of the hair dryer. Because of its shape, the diffuser is responsible for leaving the hair with defined curls and without frizz.

The rounded shape of the diffuser distributes better air and allows uniform drying. In addition, this accessory helps to define the curls with the help of the teeth that are inside the diffuser.

Therefore, the hair diffuser is an indispensable accessory for those with curly, curly or wavy hair.

What is the hair diffuser for?

While the dryer spreads the heat and may end up undoing the curls, the hair diffuser maintains the curly integrity of the strands.

But, in addition to helping to define curls, the hair diffuser also dries the strands more efficiently, without wind. Therefore, with the hair diffuser it is possible to avoid frizz.

The hair diffuser, as the name suggests, therefore serves to diffuse the air from the dryer between the strands of hair, drying the strands evenly. By distributing the air throughout the wick, the diffuser protects the wires from a jet straight from the dryer.


Who should have a curl diffuser?

If you have wavy, curly or curly hair you should invest in a hair diffuser. After all, the device not only helps in defining curls, it also helps to dry hair evenly, eliminating frizz.

And since it is a simple device to use, you can and should use it at home.

If you are a hairdresser, it becomes even more necessary to have an accessory like this to help with the finalization and creation of hairstyles in your beauty salon.

What are the types of hair diffuser?

Nowadays, with the popularization of the hair diffuser, there are several types for sale.

Each type of hair diffuser allows you to define it according to the type of curl you have, be it bigger or smaller, or just a very natural wavy one.

Check out the table below that shows the main types of hair diffuser you will find:

  Traditional diffuser Big diffuser Little hand diffuser
Feature Standard size Larger model Hand-shaped, fits any dryer
Ideal for Curl medium and long hair Curl faster 360 degree airflow allows natural drying from the root

How to use the hair diffuser?

Before using the diffuser, remove excess water from the wires. Then untangle the hair with a wide toothed brush or comb.

It is worth mentioning that, whenever using the hair dryer, with or without diffuser, it is essential to use a thermal protector to protect the wires from intense heat.

Then, follow the step by step below to use the curl diffuser efficiently:

    • Divide the hair into strands and place each strand at a time into the nozzle of the diffuser;
    • Always use the diffuser from the bottom up , making the movement back and forth;
    • Do not leave the device stationary for a long time in the same position or in the lock of hair, keep changing positions constantly;
    • Never use the temperature too hot to not damage the wire;
    • When all the strands dry, apply a jet of cold air (without the diffuser) to ensure more shine to the curls and prevent frizz even more.


Is there an ideal diffuser for each type of hair?

Although each type of diffuser provides a different result, there is no suitable model for each type of cluster.

According to experts any diffuser can be used on any type of hair, be it short, medium or long, be it curly, curly, wavy, regardless of the type of curl. What matters here is your personal taste.

So, the best thing is to buy the diffuser and test it on your hair until you find what you consider the best.


In any case, it is important to consider that, depending on your hair type, you can adopt practices and use specific products both to protect the hair, such as the thermal protector, and to help define and maintain the curls before and after using the diffuser. hair.

For example, a technique that you can adopt to help shape curly hair is to bet on the trim before using the hair diffuser.


Did you know that the way you use the diffuser can influence how the curls will look?

If you want well-defined curls, the diffuser must be positioned at the end of the wires and you must move from the bottom up. In order to gain more volume, throw all your hair forward and dry from the bottom up.

But if you just want to dry the strands, without defining the curls too much, position the hair diffuser in the direction parallel to the strands.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the hair diffuser?

If you use the hair diffuser correctly it will have more advantages than disadvantages.

The main benefit of the diffuser is that it dries curly, wavy and curly hair evenly.

With this, it does not spread the strands and maintains the curls. Because of its shape and mode of operation, the hair diffuser is then responsible for further defining the curls when drying them.


There are several types of diffusers, with different sizes and shapes.

With that, the curls remain for a longer time without falling apart. Another advantage is that there are several types of diffusers, with different sizes and shapes.

Thus, it is possible to use the curl diffuser efficiently on long, medium and even short hair.

On the other hand, if you use the diffuser in a very hot temperature it can end up damaging your hair.

Another disadvantage is that the diffuser must be compatible with the nozzle of the dryer to work correctly. Still, as we will see shortly, there is a universal model.

Next, check out the table that illustrates the main advantages and disadvantages of the hair diffuser:


  • Dries and defines curls
  • Ideal for curly, wavy and curly hair
  • Any length of wire can be used
  • There are several models of size and shape


  • At high temperature can damage hair
  • Must be compatible with the dryer

How much does it cost and where to buy the hair diffuser?

The price of a curl diffuser depends on the make and model. In general, you will find this accessory costing between R $ 15 and R $ 300.

As it is a very popular accessory it will be easy to find the hair diffuser for sale in specialized stores, departments and even in hypermarkets.

But if the idea is to have more options to choose from and still buy the hair diffuser without leaving your home, opt for stores like Amazon.


Purchase Criteria: How to Compare Hair Diffusers

To choose the best hair diffuser among so many different models, we recommend that you take into account some aspects that differentiate one accessory from another. Are they:

  • Size
  • Format
  • Combo
  • Dryer compatibility

Below, you will find out how to analyze each of these factors.


The first criterion that you must take into account when choosing the best hair diffuser is the size.

The bigger the diffuser, the more hair you can dry and style at once. However, smaller diffusers can be ideal for those looking for an even greater definition of the bunches.


In addition to the size, analyze the shape of the hair diffuser. You will find options for shallower diffusers and others with the deepest hollow.

The first can be more practical to be used on short-stranded hair. But this model is also efficient for those who want to dry and define curls only on the ends of the hair.

The deepest diffuser is able to accommodate more hair, which can be ideal for those with long strands.

In addition, you can also consider the diffuse little hand which, as we have seen, is what manages to dry the hair from the roots to the ends.


Another criterion that you should consider is that there are combos for sale, in which the diffuser is already accompanied by the hair dryer. In that case, you can choose between two options:

  • Dryer + diffuser
  • Dryer + diffuser + other types of nozzles

The advantage of buying the combo is that you guarantee that the diffuser will fit perfectly in the hair dryer.

Dryer compatibility

But if you already have your favorite dryer and just want to buy the hair diffuser it is important to check if the accessory and the dryer are compatible.

For this, the diffuser must have the appropriate fitting for the nozzle of the dryer. To make it easier, manufacturers offer the universal diffuser that can be fitted to any dryer.

However, the universal hair diffuser does not always work perfectly in any type and model of dryer. Therefore, the ideal is to test before closing the purchase.

If this is not an option for you, it is best to choose to buy a hair diffuser that is compatible with the model and brand of your hair dryer. In general, the manufacturer indicates this information in the product description.


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