Best hair vitamins Review

Top & Best hair vitamins Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Find out which are the best hair vitamins in 2022

To take care of the health of the hair, it is necessary to adopt good habits, which range from cleaning and hydrating the hair to a balanced diet. That is why it is important to include the best hair vitamins in your diet.

Vitamins are nutrients that help the body to function properly and have a direct action on the health of hair strands. As there are many types of vitamins, we will show you which are the best and how to use them.

First, the most important

  • The best hair vitamins are present in food, but when supplemented they can optimize the benefits.
  • Vitamins can treat dry, brittle strands, prevent hair loss and accelerate growth.
  • Before increasing the consumption of vitamins, it is essential to consult a nutritionist or dermatologist.

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Buying Guide

Nowadays it is common for hair to become dry, brittle or fall out too much. The causes are numerous, but so are the treatments. Among them is the recommendation to use vitamins for hair.

In this Buying Guide, we will show you which are the best vitamins for the hair and how to choose the ideal one according to your goal.


What is the importance of vitamins for hair?

To maintain our health, we need to consume vitamins, minerals, good fats and carbohydrates through food. These nutrients have an effect on our entire body, including hair.

Vitamins, for example, have an influence on the structure and growth of hair. So, to grow and stay healthy, hair needs to be nourished. So much so that the lack of vitamins can cause hair loss, brittle hair and slow growth.

In addition, other nutrients important to the health of hair need certain vitamins to be activated. This is the case with collagen and vitamin C, which depend on each other.

Therefore, if your hair strands are not strong, shiny and healthy looking, it is very likely that you have some nutritional deficiency.

The good news is that today there is a wide variety of vitamins for hair, which can be consumed through food and dietary supplements or applied directly to the hair.

Who should supplement vitamins for hair?

In general, supplementation is indicated for those who do not consume the necessary nutrients through food or have difficulty in absorption.

In addition, investing in hair supplements can be a more effective way to strengthen the strands and accelerate hair growth.

As they are composed of vitamins and other nutrients, supplements can also be the solution for those suffering from hair loss and other hair problems.


Before starting supplementation you should consult a dermatologist.

In any case, before starting supplementation you should consult a dermatologist.

Only a specialist will be able to determine the type of vitamin and the ideal dose to be consumed, without this generating side effects or drug interactions.

What causes vitamin deficiency in hair?

Dry hair, split ends, brittle strands, too rigid or elastic, too slow growth. These are just some of the signs of a lack of vitamins for hair.

And there are many causes that can lead to this. Among them are hormonal and genetic factors.

In addition, an unbalanced diet that is low in vitamins and minerals, associated with a stressful lifestyle, can also contribute to impairing capillary health.

Other factors that also negatively affect hair are:

    • Stains and chemicals;
    • Excessive use of hair dryer and flat iron;
    • Diseases , such as thyroid disorders;
    • Age advanced;
    • Stress and anxiety.


What are the essential vitamins for hair health?

The choice of the best hair vitamin will depend on your need, your hair problem and your health condition.

But, for you to increase your knowledge about it, we have listed below the main and best vitamins that act in the health of the hair. Look:

Vitamin A

This vitamin is great for hair development, since it promotes elasticity and regulates scalp oiliness. Its lack is associated with hair loss and baldness.

You can increase your consumption of vitamin A through green leaves, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, papaya, tomatoes and etc.

However, caution is needed: If consumed in excess through supplements, vitamin A can cause the rebound effect.

Complex B vitamins

The main B vitamins for hair are listed below:

    • Vitamin B12 : Helps in the hair growth process;
    • Vitamin B3 : It is responsible for strengthening the hair and prevents hair loss;
    • Vitamin B5 : Decreases the brittle effect and split ends;
    • Vitamin B7 : Known as Biotin, this vitamin acts on the absorption of keratin in the root, prevents hair loss and strengthens the hair.


The B vitamins for hair can be found in several foods such as: Almonds, avocados, bananas, fish, potatoes and nuts.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a powerful antioxidant and acts on hair growth and health.

In addition, as we have seen, vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, which maintains the elasticity and strength of the strands.

You can find vitamin C in yellow peppers, strawberries, broccoli, acerola and papaya.

Vitamin D

You may already know that vitamin D is activated in our body through the sun’s rays. But it can also be consumed through fish, seafood, egg and etc.

In any case, vitamin D acts on the maintenance of the scalp cells and its absence can interfere with the normal growth of the hair.

Vitamin E

This vitamin also has antioxidant power and, therefore, helps to fight oxidative stress that accelerates aging. It also acts on hair growth and prevents the appearance of greasiness.

Some of the foods rich in vitamin E are: Dark green vegetables, sunflower seeds, nuts, lettuce and corn.

Best vitamins for hair: Are there any contraindications?

There are no contraindications for topical use of vitamins for hair. That is, the application of cosmetics with nutrients on the threads can be used, in most cases, without restriction.

But it is always a good idea to test beforehand to make sure you are not allergic to the product. When it comes to supplements with vitamins for hair, it is possible that they cause side effects.

In addition, depending on the vitamin, there may be contraindications. That’s because some excess vitamins can be harmful to your health.



In addition to a diet rich in vitamins, you can also adopt other cares that will improve the health of your hair. Look:

  • Hydrate the wires periodically;
  • Do not wash with very hot water ;
  • Use shampoo and conditioner free of chemical additives .

How much does it cost and where to buy the best hair vitamins?

The price of a hair vitamin will depend on the type and composition and can vary between R $ 10 and R $ 500.

You will find this product in pharmacies, department.

But it is more practical, and often more economical, to buy online. In this case, we recommend Amazon, which offers a wide variety of supplements and vitamin ampoules for hair.


Purchase Criteria: How to evaluate the best vitamins for hair

From here, we will show you the factors that you should take into account to make sure that you are buying the ideal vitamin for your hair type. Check out:

  • objective
  • Form of consumption
  • Formula
  • Dose

Below, you will better understand how to evaluate each of these criteria.


As we have seen, there are several vitamins that act on the hair and each serves a purpose. To summarize, we created the following table:

It is worth mentioning that the skin and nails also benefit from vitamins and other nutrients for hair.

Form of consumption

Take into account the form of use. As already mentioned, vitamins can be used directly on the hair, using treatment masks and ampoules.

But what is most effective is in fact food supplementation using capsules or chewing gum.


Did you know that for vitamins to be absorbed by the body, they need other substances to dissolve them?

Therefore, vitamins are divided into fat-soluble (dissolved in fat) and water-soluble (diluted in water).

Therefore, you must also consume lipids and water to help absorb the vitamins.



Analyze not only vitamins, but also other nutrients that may be part of the supplement’s composition.

In general, the combination of several substances enhances the benefits for the hair. And, as we have seen, many times one nutrient needs another to be produced in our bodies.

Check out the main substances that you should keep an eye on the packaging:

To give you an idea of ​​how the different compositions work in practice, in general, the mixture of vitamins A, C, E, D and B complex, with minerals such as zinc, chromium and selenium is great for treating hair, skin and nails .


Another criterion that you should check is the dose of each vitamin and nutrient present in the supplement’s ingredients table. And don’t forget to evaluate the amount of capsules that come in the bottle.


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