Havaianas for babies

Top & Best Havaianas for babies Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Havaianas for babies: how to choose the best one in 2022?

Today’s article is for you who are thinking or need to buy a pair of Havaianas for babies.

Fun, practical, colorful and extremely cute, Havaianas for babies have a design inspired by traditional Havaianas. In the most varied colors, prints and themes, they have the addition of elastic back straps that serve to secure and adjust the slippers to the children’s feet, leaving the use safer and more comfortable.

Follow us with this reading and check out the best product options, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of Havaianas for babies.

First, the most important

  • The brand offers several Hawaiian models for babies, with variations of colors, themes and details. Choose based on the age and needs of the child who will use it.
  • Model, theme, color, details and size are some characteristics to be considered when purchasing.
  • The price of the product varies according to the model, theme and size. It is possible to find simple versions from R $ 18, and those with applications and themes of famous characters can cost more than R $ 50.

Best Havaianas for babies: Our favorites

The Havaianas for babies, besides being one of the cutest things in this world, are a very versatile footwear, which usually pleases both dads and moms for the practicality of putting on, matching and cleaning, and the little ones for the wide range of models, themes of different characters and styles.

If you also want a Havaianas to make your baby’s foot even more passionate, we will present some models that are among the most popular at the moment in Brazil. Check out:

  • Havaianas for our little heroes
  • Havaianas for Donald Duck fans
  • Havaianas with mini-me concept
  • Havaianas for fans of Disney princesses

Buying Guide

Lots of cuteness for one list, isn’t it? If you can’t wait to see your baby’s cute feet in a brand-new Havaianas, take the anxiety that we still have some tips to help you choose.

Check out our Buying Guide for a compilation with everything you need to know about Havaianas for babies before buying yours.

What are Havaianas for babies?

Manufactured by the Brazilian brand Havaianas, Havaianas for babies are slippers created exclusively for babies up to 2 and a half years old. Available in sizes 17/18 to 25/26, they are equipped with a comfortable and soft polyamide elastic that adapts to the child’s heel.

The elastic is attached to the straps through a loop replacing the seams, to give more comfort and avoid discomfort to the feet that are so delicate in this stage of life.

What are the advantages of baby hawaiians?

Available in different colors, themes and prints, Havaianas for babies can come with straps coordinated with the slipper theme or elastics are striped / printed matching the colors of the sandals.

They are easy to combine and put on, bringing practicality to the parents and leaving the baby’s feet fresh and well ventilated, being ideal for use in the summer and in regions where it is very hot.

When and where to use Havaianas for babies?

Baby Havaianas are available in sizes that fit babies from about 8 months to 2.5 years. They have an elastic band that secures the slipper to the baby’s foot, they can be used even by little ones who have not yet learned to walk.

Therefore, the ideal age for the baby’s first Hawaiian may vary. For babies who are learning to walk, the tactic of trial and error is worthwhile, as the adaptation to shoes varies from child to child in the first steps. So it is important that adults carefully monitor the baby’s adaptation to footwear.

If you notice insecurity, instability or any interference by Havaianas in the baby’s locomotion, discontinue use until the little one gets more practical in the strides.

Once the child feels comfortable and safe using his Havaianas, they can be used in moments of relaxation and rest, in short walks where the child does not need to walk long distances and, preferably, in flat places with few obstacles, to avoid accidents.

How to choose baby Havaianas?

As babies and their feet grow very quickly, investing in many Hawaiians of the same size can be a waste of money, as they will be used for a short time.

Therefore, a good tip for choosing Havaianas for a baby is to bet on wild models, which will match well with various styles and colors of clothes. So you can guarantee that the product will be well used before you stop serving. Neutral tones and models without many color combinations are easy to combine.

How much do baby Havaianas cost?

It is possible to find Havaianas for babies in different price ranges. The values ​​change according to the model, colors, themes, details and adornments included in the product.

There are models of Havaianas for babies that cost more than R $ 50, but it is also possible to find simpler types for less than R $ 20.

Where to buy Havaianas for babies?

Baby Havaianas are relatively easy to find products. You can buy yours at physical stores of the Havaianas brand, or at children’s shoes or department stores, as well as at retail chains or hypermarkets.

However, the greatest number of options and the best offers are usually available in online stores, such as Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Baby Havaianas Models

So far you have already got enough information about Havaianas for babies and their particularities, making it easier to choose, right? But to make sure you are able to purchase the most suitable Hawaiian for your baby, we’ll give you another hand.

Check the list of features for which you should be aware when comparing the models of this product:

  • Material
  • Size
  • applications
  • Ease of Cleaning

So that there are really no doubts about the ideal characteristics, we will detail them below:


The material for making baby hawaiians is standard: PVC stripe body with insole, rubberized synthetic sole and midsole, and elastic in cotton with polyester.

Before purchasing the product for your baby, make sure that it does not have allergies or sensitivity to any of these materials. In case of irritation or unusual stains in the region of contact with the footwear, discontinue use and consult a specialist.


Size is one of the most important characteristics when choosing baby Havaianas. Footwear in an inappropriate size at this stage can mean not only discomfort, but also risk of injuries, sprains and damage to the development of the feet.

To be comfortable, Havaianas should have between 0.5 and 1 cm of clearance at the front and at the back of the foot, when paved. The straps should also not tighten the instep, and so should the elastics, which should serve with slight looseness to prevent damage to blood circulation.

If you have doubts about the proper numbering, measure the sole of the baby’s foot. Some stores have their own meter. The insole of other children’s shoes can also be used as a parameter.

Another way to test the ideal size for Havaianas without putting on shoes is to place the sole on the sole of the child’s foot. It must be at least 1 finger bigger than the little foot. It is also possible to determine the size according to age.

The sizes of Havaianas vary slightly in relation to conventional baby shoes, with numbers 17 and 18, 23 and 24, 25 and 26 combined in one size. The ideal size may vary according to the child’s size and level of development.

The pattern follows the table below:


The application of elements on the straps of Havaianas has long been popular, and the appreciation for these adornments is not left aside in the case of Havaianas models for babies.

There are applications specific to the Hawaiian model – which in Baby versions are usually made of the same material as the strip – or the separate applications, which are added to the slipper strips according to the customer’s choice. Remember to check that the applications are safe for babies, offering no risk of loosening and causing accidents with ingestion or aspiration.

Ease of Cleaning

In the case of children’s shoes, the ease of cleaning is not a mere detail, but a determining factor for the choice. In the case of babies, footwear hygiene deserves even more attention, as at this stage they are still prone to putting feet and shoes in their mouths.

Although all baby hawaiians have the same composition, therefore, the same cleaning and maintenance instructions, there are some characteristics that can make some slippers more complicated to keep clean than others.

Light-colored models, for example, can stain and darken over time, appearing grimy and becoming more difficult to clean with each use. Models with details, appliqués or cutouts on the strips also tend to accumulate more dirt, requiring extra effort for cleaning.


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