Top & Best Headlamp Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Headlamp: The Best of 2021

Despite being a somewhat unusual item in our current reality, the headlight is very useful for several uses, from professionals to leisure.

The headlamp is widely used by those who work in some functions in dark places, such as tactical forces, subway workers, excavators, mechanics, among others. In addition, they are also used by those who like to venture outdoors, doing night trails, for example.

If you still don’t know how to buy the ideal model, we will help you. Here, you will know all the advantages of the headlamp and the features that you must evaluate before purchasing yours. Come with us!

First, the most important

  • It is not enough to evaluate only the quantity of lumens or the beam of light from a headlamp. It is the combination of the two that will tell you which option is best for you.
  • One of the main advantages of the headlamp is that you are free to use both hands, making it ideal for cyclists, mechanics, adventurers, etc.
  • The more complete models of headlamps are a little expensive, but those who do not use them often can choose a more affordable option.

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Ranking: The 4 best models of headlamps

With the wide variety of headlamps with the most varied levels of light and number of lumens, these are the four most popular models among consumers.

Buying Guide

How do you know which headlamp is ideal for your needs? Here we will answer your questions and help you decide between more or less lumens, one or more modes of vision, time of autonomy, among others.


What is the headlight?

Created to illuminate dark places without the need to occupy one hand, the headlamp is a very practical option, used both in the professional and personal fields.

It can be fitted to the cap, safety helmet, hat, or simply attached to the head. It is a light equipment, which allows you to be clear about the place around you and even so you can continue doing the necessary activities.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the headlamp?

With electric power reaching many different countries and the evolution of Smartphone flashlights, buying a flashlight may not be your priority. However, it offers special facilities for some types of functions.

For nature explorers, for example, it would be very difficult to take a night walk with just the light of the Smartphone. That’s because it doesn’t have a very high power. A headlamp on these occasions is practical, as it does not need to be held, and more effective.


In addition, the light in your home may go out, for example. Imagine if you are in the middle of preparing a dinner and you are without light and without candles? With the headlamp you can finish your meal smoothly.

It is also very useful for mechanics, for example. When you get under a car, you won’t have much lighting and you won’t be able to hold a cell phone to light and do your job at the same time.

Basically, the headlight is the most practical type of flashlight, because you can light up the environment and, at the same time, keep both hands free to perform your tasks.

One of the negative points is that the best models cost a little more, but are worth it for the usefulness and long life of the device.


  • Wattage
  • Various lighting modes
  • Convenience, as there is no need to hold the flashlight
  • Essential for some activities


  • The best quality models are a little expensive

Which type of flashlight is better: the handheld or the headlamp?

Hand lanterns are usually medium in size – ideal to fit comfortably in your hand. They are usually available in a larger variety. Some models found in stores are even ideal for using tactical forces, such is their power.

One of the advantages of the hand torch is that you can point where you want to see more easily, as you just move your hand in the direction you want to light. With the head, this task becomes a little more difficult.

However, headlamps have an obvious advantage: their practicality. In some activities, it is not possible to use your hands to hold a flashlight, as in cycling, for example. The headlight is suitable for those who need to use both hands and need lighting.

How much?

There is a wide variety of headlamps available in stores. It is possible to purchase one for super affordable prices. The cheapest ones usually cost around R $ 20. However, they do not have great quality.

The most powerful and with different lighting modes can cost around R $ 500. If you are looking for a middle ground, the ideal is to purchase a headlamp that is in the range of R $ 200.


Where to buy?

With a simple online search, you will be able to find several models of headlamps. They are on sites like Amazon.

If you prefer to buy your own, you can find some models in sporting goods stores.


Purchasing criteria: Main features for evaluating a headlamp

You already know several things about headlamps, but the main thing is missing: How to make an assertive purchase according to your needs? These are some points that need to be evaluated:

  • Light beam amplitude
  • Light intensity
  • Available light levels
  • Autonomy

Learn more about each item.

Light beam amplitude

The range of the light beam goes far beyond the brightness provided by the flashlight and is one of the main factors to evaluate in a headlight, especially for those who intend to use it in open areas.

The amplitude of the light beam involves both the intensity of the brightness and the ability of the flashlight to make that light reach long distances.

Before buying your headlamp, pay attention to the range of the light beam, especially if you are going to use the flashlight on adventures in nature, where it is necessary to have a larger view.


Light intensity

The light intensity of a headlamp is measured in lumens (a unit of luminous flux). This means that the more lumens the flashlight has, the stronger its light.

The most powerful headlamps today in stores usually have about 300 to 400 lumens of power. If you intend to use the lantern outdoors, prefer a model with enough lumens.

For those who want to use the flashlight for activities that require less light, such as repairs, for example, the amount of lumens does not necessarily need to be very high.

Available light levels

Quality lanterns often have more than one light level. Having several levels of light available is essential, especially for those who use the flashlight in nature.

Most quality models usually have at least 3 light modes, but some have up to 8. Among the options are maximum power, dimming, strobe, night vision, lock mode, among others.

Some headlamps even offer more than one night vision mode, including blue and red lights. Pay attention to this when purchasing yours.


The battery life of a headlamp is nothing more than the time it lasts without having to be charged. Some lantern brands make the light performance graph available on their websites.

The longer the flashlight’s autonomy, the longer it will provide the light you need. In addition, it is necessary to take the battery type into consideration.

Flashlights usually have disposable, rechargeable or dynamo batteries. Disposable batteries work and can be useful for those who like to venture into nature without taking sockets nearby.

Rechargeable batteries usually offer more power, however, they need electricity to keep working after the battery runs out.

The dynamo is a practical option for those looking for a more sustainable flashlight without needing energy. To reload this type, simply turn the crank. However, its reach is usually less.


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