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Top & Best Horizontal exercise bike Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Horizontal exercise bike: How to choose the best model of 2022?

Today we are going to talk all about the horizontal exercise bike, one of the most used weight training and aerobic exercise equipment in homes and gyms around the world.

Whatever the location, it is necessary to make a sensible choice of the horizontal exercise bike model, in order to better exercise your body and make the investment worthwhile. But don’t worry, because in this Guide we will help you do just that, sharing the most important information, in addition, of course, the best models.

First, the most important

  • Horizontal stationary bikes are among the devices that least cause negative impacts for users, such as pain and injury.
  • For this reason, they are very suitable for groups of mobility and reduced physical effort, such as the elderly and pregnant women.
  • The investment in a horizontal exercise bike is high, but it hardly goes beyond the range between R $ 700 and R $ 3500.

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Shopping Guide

The horizontal exercise bike is one of the weight training machines that best solves the daily problems of those who seek a more active life. It is a device that provides great results with minimal impact and practicality.

Everyone, therefore, wants to take a cone out of that bicycle, from buyers to manufacturers. In this Shopping Guide, we will show you the varieties, technologies and other of the most important information related to it, to facilitate your search for the ideal model.

How does the horizontal exercise bike work?

The horizontal exercise bike is basically a stationary bike, an aerobic exercise device, which in turn is any activity that works a large group of muscles and increases the heart rate.

The use is simple: you sit, cycle and exercise.

It is called “horizontal” because, unlike bicycles – the normal ones, with wheels -, and spinning bikes  , you pedal with your legs stretched horizontally, as well as recumbent bikes and the famous “pedal boats” of the lagoons of parks.


What are the benefits of a horizontal exercise bike?

The dynamics of pedaling with the legs horizontally result in very specific benefits, in addition, of course, to traditional ones, common to any regular physical activity, such as well-being, calorie burning and weight loss.

The first is stability for the back, a great benefit for our time, with many people with back problems, resulting from the hours sitting in front of the computer and the television.


Another benefit is less exercise fatigue.

Another benefit is less fatigue, since during exercise the user is basically still, which is great for those who need to start exercising, and for those who need to face the rest of the day with energy, after the session on the bike.

Last but not least, its impact is almost zero on the joints. Seated and supported, the user does not rest on his ankles and knees, and reduces the impact of the activity on them, as well as the risk of injuries and subsequent pain.

However, there are a few disadvantages in its use, especially when compared to other weight machines. The first is that its focus is exclusively on the lower limbs, requiring a complement on other machines.

Then, the effort required to burn the calories that, for example, a vertical exercise bike burns, is much greater.


  • Stability
  • Less fatigue
  • No impact on joints


  • Only works lower limbs
  • Greater effort for less calories burned

How many calories are burned on the horizontal exercise bike?

The calculation of calorie burn depends on several factors, with the intensity of the exercise, the time for which it is done, the person’s weight, apart from the specifics of each body.


The average number of calories burned in an hour of cycling is between 200 and 330.

Thus, considering a person between 75 and 90 kg, the average calorie that can be burned in half an hour of pedaling, at regular speed, is between 200 and 330 kcal.

A light exercise, therefore, on the horizontal exercise bike, burns the minimum amount of calories necessary to keep away from physical inactivity, another problem that afflicts a good portion of the world population.

Which muscles are worked on the exercise bike?

The horizontal exercise bike stands out when it comes to lower limb muscle work. When sitting and cycling, the user works a large group of muscles at the same time. Are they:

    • Quadriceps – located in the femur, which is on the side of the back of the thigh;
    • Anterior thigh – the lower back of the thigh;
    • Calf – the part behind the shins;
    • Hamstrings – another anterior portion of the thigh, but superior;
    • Buttocks.


What are the differences between the horizontal and vertical exercise bike?

The difference between the horizontal and the vertical exercise bike is not a matter of name. Of course, in objective terms, the difference is only one, which is the positioning of the seat, lower and farther from the panel on the horizontal exercise bike.

This, however, has vital differences in the exercise performed on the devices. With the seat higher and closer to the panel, the vertical exercise bike makes the user pedal almost standing up – hence the name “vertical” -, and at a much stronger pace.

Thus, the upright bike burns more calories and tones more muscles. In the same way, it leaves the user more susceptible to pain, cramps and, in rare cases, injuries.

There is also the caprice of the seat, which on the horizontal bicycle is like a chair, wide and with back support. On the upright bicycle, it is the same as the saddle of a normal bicycle, which contributes to users pedaling more standing up than actually sitting.

Where to buy a horizontal exercise bike?

Whether for the high price or the high size of the product, you will not find a horizontal stationary bike in any store. It is best to look for establishments specializing in weight machines.

Through the internet, your options increase, in the virtual stores of the main brands, and on sites such as Amazon.



Purchase Criteria: Choosing your horizontal exercise bike

As you can see, the horizontal exercise bike is much more complex than a simple bench with a pedal. Choosing a model, therefore, is equally complex. We bring here, then, our list of purchase criteria, to assist your choice of the ideal model, shedding light on crucial points of its operation and use.

  • Local
  • User type
  • Seat
  • Panel
  • Functions


Whether you want to set up a gym, a small weight room or just add an option to exercise in your home room, you need to think about exactly where you are going to install your bike before buying it.

More collective uses call for more robust and versatile models, while more homemade uses can better explore advanced options for customizing measurements, loads and even accommodations, in addition to making use of silent pedal models.


User type

Because of the body position during exercise, in addition to the few negative impacts at the end of it, this device is commonly associated with the elderly, obese and other groups with reduced mobility.


Pregnant women also have a lot to take advantage of horizontal exercise bikes. They just need to be comfortable and monitor their heart rate, which cannot exceed 104.


This association, however, need not be limiting, not least because there are models of horizontal exercise bikes more suitable for these groups, with more robust and comfortable seats and several loading options.

In the same way, there are more adventurous models, with more advanced options of speeds and intensities of aerobic work. Therefore, search for the model that best suits the type of user you are.


Adventurous or not, always look for the model with the most comfortable seat possible. It is a device, after all, in which you sit for the entire duration of the exercise.

Note the material of the seats, from the upholstery to the upholstery, and the adjustment of their height and distance to the panel. The ideal are seats with polyurethane foam and the most complete adjustment possible.


The panel of a horizontal exercise bike simply defines the user’s experience with the device. He is responsible for the practicality and functionality of the model.

Then look for bikes with intuitive panels, easy to access and clear commands. Space for cell phones and other accessories, and protection against sweat on your hands are extra points.


In addition to being practical and intuitive, the ideal is that your panel is full of functions, so that your bicycle model is versatile and effective as a device for aerobic activities.

So, turn your attention to monitoring performance indices, such as heart rate, calorie expenditure, in addition to the speed and distance that could be reached and covered by pedaling. Also turn your attention to programs that can organize your exercises, in addition to adjusting their load.


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