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Top & Best Horse hoof Review 2022– How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Horse hoof: Which are the best for nails in 2022?

If you suffer from weak and brittle nails you have certainly heard of the horse’s hoof, from Maru Cosméticos. This product, which promises to fortify nails, appeared in 1980 and has since become the ally of many women.

The success of the horse’s hoof is so great that other brands like Impala have decided to launch their own versions of this product. And if you are looking for long and beautiful nails know that this strengthening can be an excellent alternative and we will show you all about it in this article.

First, the most important

  • The original horse hoof was developed by the Maru Cosméticos brand and contains a complete line of products to strengthen and care for nails.
  • It has an enamel applicator and is enriched with several components that act on nail health.
  • The horse hoof line can be used by all people and does not contain formaldehyde in its formula.

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The best horse hooves: Our recommendations

The horse hoof line is made up of several types of products that suit all needs. Each of them has a main purpose and we separate the ones that stand out below.

  • The ideal horse hoof for those who want to harden their nails
  • The best option for those who need to strengthen their nails
  • The best horse hoof for allergy sufferers


Buying Guide

The horse’s hoof is a well-known product for those with weakened nails. It has a high hardening power and thanks to that since it appeared it is very chosen by those who want to have long and strong nails.

But this line does not only have this option and is composed of products that act in different ways in the health of nails. To show you all of them and the benefits of horse hoof we created this Buying Guide, check it out!

What is the horse hoof for and who can use it?

The horse hoof line is made up of transparent nail bases that have the most varied functions. They act in the health of nails and can act in the hardening, fortification, growth and revitalization of this part of the body so important for women.

The horse’s hoof can be used by all people and is indicated mainly for those who have some kind of nail problem. In fact, it is very chosen by those who suffer from flaking, breaks and softening and is able to solve all this very efficiently.



Did you know that there are several reasons that can leave your nails weak? The main ones are a diet low in vitamins and nutrients, cuticle removal and excessive use of nail polish and acetone. Some diseases can also weaken the nails and the most common are anemia, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and circulatory problems.


What are the benefits of horse hoof?

The horse’s hoof brings together a number of benefits and actively acts to improve the health of nails and to treat them from the inside out.

All of this is only possible because this product line is made up of several types of vitamins, oils and other nutrients that make them stronger and healthier. Thanks to this, those who use the horse’s hoof are able to conquer the long, strong and healthy nails they want so much, raising their self-esteem.


It does not contain formaldehyde in its formula.

Another positive point of this product is that it does not contain formaldehyde in its formula. As much as this component can be used in nail fortifiers, it has the potential to cause negative side effects to the nails and with the horse’s hoof it does not.

In addition, this line can be used by all people, including those who have some type of nail polish allergy, since there is a hypoallergenic option. It should also be noted that it makes the nail brighter and can be used with nail polish .

The only negative point is that the treatment with horse’s hoof must be long and the more the product is used, the more long-term results it will give. Therefore, do not expect that in the first days of use your nail will already be strong and without damage.


  • Can be used by everyone
  • Acts on nail health
  • Makes nails brighter
  • Does not contain formaldehyde in its formula
  • Can be used with enamels


  • It takes time to act

What’s in the horse’s hoof base?

Each product that belongs to the horse hoof line is composed of different components that are beneficial for the nails. Among them are calcium, D- Panthenol, vitamins E and B5, keratin, malaleuca oil, argan oil, clove oil and myrrh.

All of these components are placed in the horse’s hoof formula and make up different types of base. Each of them has a purpose, be it repair, resistance, revitalization, hardening and much more.

What are the main horse hoof lines?

The horse hoof line is one of the most complete on the market in nail care. It contains products that suit all needs and manage to improve the health and aesthetics of nails.

It is divided into three underlines and below you will find all information about them.

    • Extra- strong bases: There are stronger bases that act in the strengthening, growth and recovery of nails.
    • Traditional bases : Underlining are the most traditional products and there are hardening, strengthening, hypoallergenic and extra shine bases.
    • Nail complexes : In this line are foundations that act more effectively in the treatment of nails. It contains products that recover damaged nails, strengthen brittle ones, moisturize the cuticles and even an inhibitor of the nail biting habit.


Many people do not know, but the horse hoof line is also composed of products that take care of the hands and cuticles. It contains hand cream, moisturizing cuticle softener and even nail polish remover, which does not contain acetone in its composition.


How to use the horse hoof?

Due to the enamel applicator, the products in the horse hoof line are very easy to use and should be applied over clean and dry nails. There is a recommendation that they should be used alone and that it is not recommended to apply enamel over this type of base.

However, this is not true and all horse hoof bases can be used together with enameling, preferably once a week.


Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing horse hoof options

In the midst of so many options choosing just a horse hoof base is no easy task. But to help you with that we show below what are the main factors that you should take into account when buying, they are:

  • Need type
  • Brand
  • Packing size
  • Additional functions

Now we will detail each one so that you make the ideal choice.

Need type

If you are looking for a horse hoof product this means that your nails are not as you would like. From that you can create a filter to choose the best base.

For example, if your nails do not grow, then the pro-growth options are the best, if they grow, but always break, choose the strengthening and hardening.

Therefore, make a personal analysis and from that look for a version of the horse’s hoof that meets your needs.


The original horse hoof line is developed by the Maru cosmetics brand and she was the pioneer in this type of product. However, due to its success, other companies in this segment have launched their horse hoof versions, with Impala and Beauty Color being two of them.

It is worth knowing that the options of other brands are more focused on strengthening nails, with only one version of this product. If you want something more complete, then the original horse hoof becomes a more viable option, as it meets different needs.

Packing size

The original horse hoof bases come in a package containing 10 ml, which is slightly larger than conventional enamels. Already the similar options of this product contain about 8 ml, that is, it comes with less products.

This makes a difference in the price of this base. In some places the horse hoof versions developed by other brands cost less, however, it also contains less product and consequently yields a smaller number of applications.


Additional functions

More than acting on nail health, the products of the horse hoof line can also have different functions. Within that there are hypoallergenic models, others that increase the shine of the nails, some moisturize the cuticles and much more.

This gives the consumer a greater chance to add several benefits using just one base. Then, check the options available and analyze the one that most suits you as a whole.


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