Top & Best Hourglass Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hourglass: Know how to choose the best one in 2021

Do you need a beautiful and cool object to improve the decoration of your home or office? Do you want to schedule short times, such as physical exercises, efficiently? So stay with us in the next lines of this article and find out what an hourglass can offer!

An object used since ancient times of mankind, the hourglass had its uses adapted and today it serves more as decoration and eventual timekeeping. But how to choose one for your home or office? What can it still offer you in modern times? We’ll talk about all of that below!

First, the most important

  • Before buying an hourglass, be aware that it does not serve as an accurate time marker and does not replace watches.
  • Current hourglasses are excellent decorative objects and serve as timers in situations that do not require accuracy, such as physical exercises and games with friends.
  • There is a huge range of hourglasses, with different colors, designs and frames. You will certainly be able to find one that matches your environment!

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The best hourglasses: Our recommendations

We researched many hourglasses for sale on the market with one intention: to find out which ones are the best and recommend them to you! Therefore, we have prepared a short list with exceptional models:

  • A beautiful hourglass for decoration
  • The beautiful and complete hourglass
  • For those looking for timekeeping help

Buying Guide

Do hourglasses still work as timers? Do they match your environment to serve as a decorative object?

We are in the buying guide, sector in which we will delve a lot into the characteristics of hourglasses!

How does an hourglass make your environment more beautiful?

There are hourglasses with different types of finishes, materials, colors and paintings. So, regardless of your style or your environment, you can find something that matches and makes sense!


Hourglasses have many different designs and match different environments.

Because it is a classic object, known as a primitive clock shape, the hourglass will always have a curious value as a decoration. From its design, it can give a mysterious, light, relaxed, elegant or even old tone to a home or office.

Having a decorative hourglass calls attention for style and good taste. The charm of this object is undeniable. Imagine that you can put a retro model in your room with old paintings, or a modern one in your cool room, full of ottomans and hollow furniture?

The fact that there are hourglasses for every taste!

How does an hourglass help you time?

Hourglasses do not serve for precise and exact time marking, since the sand grains fall system does not have the accuracy of the passage of seconds. Therefore, using them as markers in important situations is not a good idea.

But the emptying time of one half is always close to a pre-indicated measure, which means that it is possible to use the hourglass in situations of leisure and fun: Games, physical exercises, games between friends and rest breaks are good examples.

In addition to having the time stamp for those relaxed moments, the hourglass also adds an extra charm to them: It is a lot of fun to have it marking the time for a board game or a run on the treadmill!

Did you know that hourglasses have been used to mark time since at least the 14th century BC? They were very useful in the world until the time of great sailing, when they were the only way to estimate the time on boats.

What are the advantages of having an hourglass?

If you like the look of an hourglass and find it charming and beautiful, the aesthetic value is huge! It can be placed in any environment, be it home or work, and make it immediately have a more interesting and stylish decoration.

There are classic and modern hourglasses, in wood or plastic, with grains of different colors and accessories that give them different characteristics. Anyone who likes the possibility of having an object like this at home will have many options to find the one that most closely matches their personal style.

There is also the possibility to choose between an hourglass that serves only for decoration and one that helps in timing. Although not a watch, it can make your daily life more fun: Of course, without losing its charm!

There is no point in buying an hourglass impulsively, not even because you think it replaces a watch. Think about whether you really want to have this object in your environment!

See the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of the hourglass:

How to use an hourglass creatively in everyday life?

Don’t you know how you can use the hourglass in your daily life? We’ll show you some ways that can be a lot of fun!

    • Aid with physical exercises: It is increasingly common for people to exercise at home. In your routine, you can use the hourglass to set the time for each repetition or even the complete program. Works with exercises on a single device or with circuits!
    • Educational tool: Children need playful experiences when it comes to activities such as brushing their teeth or bathing. How about using the hourglass to show them the time needed in these activities? It can be a fun way to improve children’s perception!
    • Games and games with friends: Sometimes it can be difficult to time an activity or a board game. How about adding the hourglass at that moment? Timing will make everything even more dynamic and fun!


You can also think about using the hourglass in the kitchen or to regulate your discipline in activities such as watching television or playing on social networks, among others.

What are the best materials for an hourglass?

When buying an hourglass, you can choose which material will be on your outside. The options are varied and quite different from each other. The most common is to find glass and plastic models, with or without a frame.

The frame is important not only for aesthetic reasons, as it makes the hourglass more beautiful, but also for durability: When made of metal or wood, it increases the object’s robustness and makes it much more difficult to be broken or damaged .

It is also possible to find plastic frames. These are not as resistant, although they are better than the complete absence of a composition external to the essential part of the hourglass.

If you want a very cheap model, but not as durable or beautiful, choose the frameless or plastic framed hourglass. If you prefer strength and high-level design, choose wood or metal.

As for the hourglass body, we prepared a table with the comparison between glass and plastic, the two most common types:

How much does it cost and where to buy an hourglass?

The price of an hourglass varies according to its materials, the complexity of the composition work, and the ability or not to set time. The cheapest models cost around R $ 20 and can already have good uses, while the most expensive, not to mention unique designs, reach R $ 500.

You’ll find good hourglasses at home decor or gift shops. It is also possible to make your purchase over the internet: Amazon offers many beautiful and stylish models. Be sure to also check out Amazon international.


Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing an hourglass

We still need to discuss some issues that can help you decide which hourglass to buy. We have selected four important technical criteria that ask for small explanations:

  • Fall time
  • Design and frame
  • Inner material
  • Specific applications

Below, more details about each one!

Fall time

Do you think about using the hourglass to set time for domestic activities? If so, how long do they last, on average? Each model comes with a defined duration and it is the consumer who needs to adapt to it, not the other way around.

Therefore, five- or thirty-minute hourglasses have quite different uses. If you want to use the object to mark the time of your twenty-minute exercise circuit, for example, look for a model that the sand takes exactly that time to fall!

Design and frame

Those looking for more worked hourglasses, with complete frames and really beautiful designs, will surely find it. There are models in the shape of monuments or even carvings worked with written words or symbols. The options abound!

The most important thing is that the hourglass totally matches your environment.

Of course, the more complex the job, the higher the price. But the choice still exists: It is worth buying a detailed hourglass, with a first-rate finish, in case you totally identify with it or believe that it is the ideal option for your environment.

The most important issue is that you feel that the hourglass, whether simple or detailed, looks good in your future environment. From there, regardless of the complexity of your design, you can be happy with the choice!

Inner material

The most common is that the inner material of an hourglass is sand. However, due to beauty and decoration effects, it usually varies in color. You will find models with red, blue, black, white sand and so on, making it much easier to choose in relation to your needs.

If you want a variation in the internal material, there are other options. The most common is iron powder, which causes the operation to become magnetic. It is an interesting option for those looking for more precision in timing.

Specific applications

Some hourglasses already leave the factory with specific functions, suitable for educational or recreational uses. There are, for example, those for children, with a more playful design, full of lights and colors. They are the ones that most help with tasks related to children.

For those who think of having an hourglass for a clear and unique use, such as measuring the time of exercises or board games, looking for a thematic model may be the option.


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