Top & Best Imported men’s perfume Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Imported men’s perfume: Which are the best of 2021?

We know that an imported male perfume is not one of the cheapest options, however, the investment is worth it because of the fragrances and durability of the perfume. Today we are going to talk about the different perfumes imported for men,If you are looking for a perfume that matches your style, you are in the right place. Stay with us until the end to know how to choose yours.

First, the most important

  • The imported male perfume can have different degrees of concentration, this classification varies according to the type of perfume: Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilet, Eau de Parfum or Parfum.
  • Perfumes are divided into olfactory families and may have a citrus, woody or oriental touch.
  • The price can vary widely, especially according to the brand and size of the bottle. It is possible to buy an imported male perfume from R $ 100, but you can also pay more than R $ 1,000.

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Buying Guide

Who doesn’t like to be praised for their perfume? In the male universe making a good impression through the smell of your perfume is important. And for that, nothing better than an imported male perfume.

Follow us on this Buying Guide to learn all about these perfumes, so you can make the best choice for your style.


What are the different olfactory families in an imported male perfume?

The olfactory family is defined according to the predominant notes in the perfume. These families can be divided into categories, the most common of which are citrusy, woody and oriental.

Notes are perceived in three phases. The first notes felt are the starting notes, also called head, they last a few minutes on the skin. Then, the aroma comes from the heart notes, which evaporate gradually as the skin absorbs the perfume. Finally, you will feel the base notes, they are more lasting and intense, perceived after an hour of application.

Depending on the ingredients that make up these notes, olfactory families are formed. There are also other olfactory families, such as aquatic and aromatic. Check out the main three of an imported male perfume:

    • Citrus: Perfumes from this olfactory family are ideal for hot summer days. They are light, but striking. Its fragrances, as its name suggests, are obtained from citrus fruits, such as mandarin, orange, lemon and mandarin orange.
    • Woody: In this family are hot and dry notes. It is usually composed of a mixture of woods and its perfume is less sweet, an aroma that pleases most men. Pine, amber, sandalwood and cedar are common notes in this family. They have a more serious and seductive look, being a classic among imported male perfumes.
    • Oriental: If you prefer a combination of those mentioned above, the oriental is a good choice. It mixes warm and fresh notes, extracted from woods and rare flowers. It is a more exotic perfume, perfect for night use.


What is the advantage of imported male perfume over the national one?

Before highlighting the advantages of imported male perfume, it is worth remembering that you also find great national perfumes. National is not synonymous with low quality. They are just different characteristics.

The biggest difference between an imported and national perfume is in its elaboration. Generally, in imported perfumes, the evolution in the starting notes, heart and background are more noticeable.

Therefore, by offering perfumes with better raw material, imported ones end up having a better and more lasting fixation.

Another point of note is that investing in an imported male perfume you have chances of having more exclusive fragrances, and so people start to associate that aroma with you.

And even if they are foreigners, it is very easy to buy an imported male perfume. Every perfumery sells imported options and you can also find it easily on the internet.

However, imported products are much more expensive than national ones, and this can be a disadvantage for both those with a more limited budget. Another point that must be noted is counterfeiting. Be careful not to be fooled.



  • More elaborate perfumes
  • With best quality raw material
  • Longer lasting fixation
  • Most exclusive fragrances
  • Easy to find


  • High prices
  • May have counterfeit productions

What are the different types of perfume according to your concentration?

If you really want a long lasting imported male perfume, there is something that needs to be observed carefully: your concentration. There are different types of perfume that change the percentage of the fragrance and, consequently, its duration on the skin.

And even with an estimate of this duration, it can vary depending on your skin type, so don’t take the data to the letter. However, knowing your differences is a good way to know how you are investing your money.

So, you are not frustrated when buying an Eau de Cologne, as it is really fast to fix due to its concentration. Check out:


What is the imported male perfume for every occasion?

The most suitable perfume will always be the one you like best. However, some fragrances combine better with certain situations.

Very sweet perfumes, for example, are not the most suitable for a work meeting. The aroma can bother others, especially in a small, closed room.

Thinking about it, we selected three most frequent occasions in the life of any man. Check out:

    • Work: At work is where the man spends most of his time, so it is important to be careful with the chosen olfactory family. In this case, for more serious environments, the best choice is the imported male woody perfume. If you work in a more stripped down environment or even more outdoors, you can dare with perfumes from the citrus olfactory family, especially on hot days.
    • Day trips: Whether you are going for a walk with the family, having lunch at a restaurant or going for a quick stop at the supermarket, citrus scents are always great choices, precisely because they are lighter and combine more with outdoor walks. Perfumes from the aquatic olfactory family can also be a great bet.
    • Night parties: Events during the night require more striking fragrances, so oriental ones, with bolder notes, can be the perfect option. Here you can bet on more sweet perfumes.



Diane AckermanWriter

“Just touch the tense thread of a perfume and the memories will resonate immediately”

What is the ideal imported male perfume for my skin type?

And if all that we have seen so far was not enough, it is also important to worry about your skin type. By buying an ideal perfume for her, you can make better use of the perfume’s characteristics.

The type of skin changes especially the fixation of the perfume, so if you are looking for a more lasting fixation, sometimes it is necessary to invest in more expensive perfumes.

    • Normal skin: This is the best skin type when it comes to fixing aromas. If that is your skin type, you will not have much work to choose an ideal perfume. In addition to combining with the different olfactory families, the notes of the perfume are hardly changed.
    • Dry skin: This is the skin type that is the enemy of fixation. Because it is rougher, fixing the aroma is the most difficult. Therefore, you should invest in stronger scents, like oriental ones. Another tip is to hydrate the skin well to increase the chances of fixation.
    • Oily skin : Oily skin acts contrary to dry skin, absorbs the aroma well and even intensifies its notes. Because of this, the fixation is very durable. The best choices are milder fragrances, like citrus and woody.



What is the correct way to apply perfume?

The way you apply your imported male perfume can intensify or even impair the aroma. Of course, you want to get the best out of each spray, so we have separated some tips to keep you smelling longer.

    • Always wait for a while after getting out of the bath. You have to wait for the body to return to normal temperature. The hotter the body is, the faster the scent will evaporate.
    • Use other unscented cosmetics. If you love the smell of your perfume and want it to be the highlight, invest in unscented moisturizer and deodorant. The mixture of aromas can disturb the notes of your perfume.
    • Apply at strategic points. The best points to pass the perfume are: neck, wrist and behind the ear. This is because these are the pulsating points on the body.
    • Apply 15 cm away. This measure prevents the perfume from being concentrated in just one place.
    • Never rub the perfume. This “craze” was repeated without any logic. Friction impairs the starting notes, heart and background, also impairing the aroma.



Did you know that the place where you store your perfume can change your aroma? Then, look for a dry and airy place to leave your bottle.

That way you will preserve the perfume for a longer time according to its original fragrance.


Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare imported male perfumes

So far you have learned a lot about the types of imported male perfume. Throughout this last section we want to bring you criteria that will help you in your final choice.

  • Type of aroma
  • Concentration
  • Personality
  • Bottle size
  • Brand
  • Price

Read each of the topics mentioned carefully.

Type of aroma

We saw that there are different olfactory families. Each fits best with a type of occasion.

Woody and citrus scents are best for the day, and oriental scents for the night.

What do you want your imported male perfume for? Use in everyday life or special occasions?

The woody and citrus aromas are the best for everyday life and the oriental flavors perfect for evening events. Of course, you don’t have to have just one.

How about buying different perfumes for different occasions? Instead of buying a large bottle of just one perfume, you can invest in smaller bottles from different olfactory families.


You can choose between an Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilet, Eau de Parfum or Parfum. This changes its concentration of fragrance and durability on the skin. The cheapest and weakest is the Eau de Cologne, hardly found among imported perfumes. Parfum is the strongest, rarest and most expensive.

A good choice is the middle ground Eau de Toilet or Eau de Parfum, which are great and affordable.


The impression you want to make matters. Some scents are more characteristic of certain personalities. Woody, for example, looks more serious and seductive.

The citrus is perfect for stripped and uninhibited men. And if you want to impress with the aroma, oriental is the best choice.

Bottle size

The imported male perfume can be found in different bottle sizes, from 30 to 200 ml. Obviously, the bigger the bottle, the higher the price of the perfume.

So, if you want to try a good imported perfume without spending a lot, you can start by investing in models of 30 or 50 ml, which are also perfect for taking on trips.

Bet on bottles of 100 or 200 ml if you really love that perfume and are sure that you will not get sick soon.



Carolina Herrera, Chanel, Azzaro, Calvin Klein and Paco Rabanne are well-known and renowned brands in the world of imported perfumes. If you don’t know much about this universe, start betting on one of these options.

Always shop at trusted places to make sure the productions are original. Be wary of prices well below market prices.


The price is linked to the two previous criteria: bottle size and brand. However, it can be a way to limit a value and filter your search.

You can find good imported men’s perfumes starting at R $ 100, of course you will need to buy a small bottle for this. Larger bottles and more famous brands can cost more than R $ 1,000.


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