Top & Best investment books Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best investment books in 2021

If you want to start investing or if you already have a little knowledge on the subject, know that literature has a lot to help you! Stay with us to know the best books on investments for sale in bookstores!

The road to being a successful investor is long and requires great effort and dedication. With proper reading, however, you can begin to take your first steps in the field and notice occasional improvements in your finances. In the next lines, we will teach you the value of reading about investments.

First, the most important

  • The best investment books are able to touch on a huge range of topics, from the basics of personal finance to tips for high-risk investments on the stock exchange.
  • It is worth looking for a book on investments if you like the written language and if you are able to learn more complex content yourself.
  • A fundamental tip is to research the author’s resume before buying a book: So, it is possible to know if he is really an expert in the subject he is talking about.

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Buying Guide

Is it really worth reading investment books? Do they have much to add to your knowledge? Where to start the journey?

Read our buying guide carefully to find out the answers to these questions!


Why study investment?

We live in a world where everything costs money. To have a home, to feed yourself, to provide a good education for your children or to have basic comforts or luxuries, you must be able to pay.

All learning about financial education is essential. This way, you don’t spend money on unnecessary things, you can save the basics and maintain a more comfortable and safe lifestyle. There are books of great quality that teach on the subject.

However, if you want to go one step further and start building equity through investments, you need to study more and start to understand more complex topics. The world of the stock exchange is not an adventure, but something that requires enormous dedication.

Learning about investments and applying knowledge can lead you to a really comfortable life, in addition to giving you a profession and a direction to live. Even if only as a hobby and to supplement income, it can be a pleasant and rewarding activity.



Did you know that “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, by Robert T. Kiyosaki, is one of the best selling books in the world in all areas of literature? The 32 million copies and 40 languages ​​are impressive numbers that even compete with fictional classics.

Are books a good way to gain investment knowledge?

If you are easy to read, master words and interpret text, books can help you a lot to learn about investments. They are written by experts in the field with great experience and a life full of profits. It is a simple and clear way to acquire knowledge.


If you don’t get along with reading, there may be other, better methods for learning about investments.

There are those who feel more comfortable learning through courses, pre-designed schemes or a direct contact with the voice of humans. If you fall into this group, you can enjoy content in other formats better than books.

But the books are full of good knowledge and valuable information for your personal and professional financial life as an investor. Choosing the right titles and making a selection of renowned authors in the field is a proven path to success.

What are the advantages of reading investment books?

Before choosing a book to learn about finance and investing, you can research who wrote it and research their resume. There is enormous value in learning from established professionals, but there are also some copies written by charlatans.

If you chose a book written by renowned professionals in the field, you can only win. This is a way to acquire knowledge and learn keys to succeed in your personal and professional life.


Books can be absorbed at any time, even on the way to work, before going to sleep or while doing everyday activities. There are digital or paper versions and you can choose the ones you prefer.

And if you are not in the habit of reading, but intend to buy it, investment books are a good option. They have more accessible language than great fictional classics and, even if they are niche, they tend to speak to a wider audience.

Check below the table we prepared on the subject:


  • Books written by established professionals help to convey a lot of knowledge
  • Readings can be taken at various times of the day
  • It’s a simple and inexpensive way to learn
  • Can be good entry points to the world of reading
  • Offer improvements for your personal and professional life


  • Some titles written by quacks can be harmful
  • People with reading difficulties may not absorb as much knowledge

Are there investment books for lay people and professionals?

Do the books available on the market on investments cover both those who are just taking their first steps in the subject and those who are already experienced and want to improve techniques or deepen knowledge?

The answer is yes! There are great bonds for you who just want to save a little more and make your hard-earned money reach the end of the month, but also for people who already have some experience on the stock exchange.


Personal finance books are increasingly common.

Personal finance books are increasingly common. They bring the beabá from the domestic economy and also help you make basic investments, not too risky, that may bear fruit in the future. They are recommended for those who want to start a financial re-education.

But if you’re already experienced, don’t worry: Big names in investments have already written complex works that have a lot to teach you.

Read investment books or search for courses?

The answer to that question depends on you, as there are both good books and quality courses on the subject.

If you are a person who can absorb written content well and who does well as a self-taught person, you may prefer books. They are also advantageous for those who do not have so much free time, since they can be read anywhere.

However, if you have problems with text interpretation, if you prefer to learn from more summarized or didactically explained content or if you need direct explanations, made by a teacher in a more colloquial language, the ideal is to choose a book.

We recommend that you choose the method that allows you to learn more easily.

Below is the table we have prepared comparing books and courses on investments:

How much does it cost and where to buy good investment books?

The prices of the best investment books can vary according to the edition, the title’s reputation and the complexity. You can find great copies for around R $ 25, but there are others that can reach R $ 100.

Bookstores often offer great investment book titles. Our recommendation, however, is that you make your purchase over the internet.  Amazon has an incredible collection and will certainly solve your problems. Also search Amazon international.


Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing investment books

You already know that you want to buy investment books, but still can’t choose the titles? Do not worry! Let’s discuss four technical criteria that can help you a lot!

  • Ebook or paper
  • Author
  • Main theme
  • Ease of reading

Below, you understand a little more about each one:

Ebook or paper

Do you prefer to read books on paper, as is traditional, or follow new technologies and use media such as the Kindle or even computers? Almost all major investment book titles are available in a variety of formats!

For those who do not dispense with good old paper, it is possible to find very complete and beautiful editions, with simple or hard cover and sheets of excellent quality. But if you are in the modernity team, you can also have great works on the subject just a click away!


Not everyone can write about finance. This is a complicated subject and requires a lot of knowledge and experience.

We recommend that you research the author’s resume before making a purchase.

On the shelves of investment books, you will find securities of people consecrated in the financial market and who, in fact, have made a fortune in the stock market. However, be careful with charlatans, those who only know how to write beautifully: They also exist!

We recommend that before making your purchase of an investment book, you thoroughly research the author’s curriculum. Thus, you will know if he really has the property to talk about the topic or not!

Main theme

You certainly don’t buy a book on blind investments. There is a main topic sought, be it personal finance, instructions to start investing, manual on certain types of shares or tips to really get it right when you are a stock exchange operator.

So there is no point looking for a subject and ending up with a book that has nothing to do with it. When you know what you are looking for, read synopses carefully and buy a title that is really able to clear your doubts and make you evolve in what is needed at the moment.

Ease of reading

There are those who prefer more colloquial readings, which use a popular language, and those who like it more than follow a technical bias, with terms used by professionals and more complex explanations.

There are books on very high quality investments that are located at each of these extremes, while others are more accessible without losing the use of technical terms. You can also choose from how much you want reading to be easy and enjoyable.


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