Top & Best Jenga Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Jenga: How to choose the best balance tower in 2020?

Today we are going to reveal the secrets and mysteries about Jenga. This balance tower game makes you feel a little cold in your belly every time you remove blocks.

After the Jenga tower falls the laughter happens between the participants. This game has been used by schools or families for a long time to bring children closer together in a healthy entertainment, making the children audience sociable.

This is not an old game. But even so, there are already several variations that are aimed at young people or adults. We will present in the text the characteristics of the most famous types of Jenga that are on the rise.

First, the most important

  • Jenga is available in the original format or in other special editions with different rules.
  • Balance tower is an excellent way to exercise motor coordination.
  • Colored models are more difficult to play than editions with unique shades.

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Best Jenga Models: Our Favorites

Strategy, precision and patience are just a few of the senses you can practice when practicing the game of Jenga. Each version requires a certain level of skill on the part of players. Discover now the most popular models worldwide:

Buying Guide

It is difficult to get children out of front of computer screens or television, right? Not if you have an excellent game of Jenga. Below, follow information that helps you on your journey of buying the best product.

What is Jenga?

Jenga is a strategy game from Hasbro that works to test players’ physical ability. Although it is recommended to children more and more adults are playing.

Classic productions have only one color. Collector’s editions can be worth a lot of money. Jenga blocks do not fit together like Lego, for example.

Although it was created in later years, the game became popular only in the 90s in the 20th century. Today this is one of the most played games in the world.

How to play classic jenga game?

Each player must remove a block from below and place it on top in order to form another construction. Not surprisingly, this production is also called the balance tower, as the building gets bigger and less stable during the rounds.

The game has 48 to 54 pieces, depending on the version. First the blocks must be stacked, which can be done with a sometimes personalized tray. Some editions have a die that is released to demonstrate which color should be removed from the tower.

It is possible to play with 1 or more players. See the complete game instructions in the video:

What are the advantages of the balance tower?

Looked at on the positive side, you can buy the product without spending a lot of money. This is one of the cheapest table games today. With the game you develop strategic thoughts and frequently test motor coordination.

Many adults realize that their children become more patient and intelligent people through Jenga. Not to mention that there are almost no difficulties to store the parts, and the assembly can be done with a specific tray.

With Jenga you have fun with friends and someone is more sociable. The game requires a lot of concentration, even serving as therapy to occupy the mind. Production pros and cons are shown in the table:

What is the best version of Jenga?

What type of Jenga to choose to give to children or play with family members? To make this decision you need to know the characteristics of the most played models:

    • Classic: Traditional wooden model without additional features. The game takes place with two hands, without dice or other accessories.
    • Truth or Dare: There are blocks of 3 tones, and the movement can generate messages on top of the block with challenges to be lengthened or questions that require true answers. It is a variation of the game “truth or challenge”.
    • Throw ‘n Go: The blocks are painted in different colors. Players roll dice and follow the result’s indications on the plays themselves. For example: Remove a blue pad.
    • Casino: This is the edition that has more additional features. Roulette is used instead of dice and there are even chips to place bets on each move in the balance tower.
    • Xtreme: It works in a similar way to the classic versions, with the difference that the edges of the block are beveled, making gameplay difficult, justifying the name “extreme”.
    • One: In addition to different colors, the blocks are also numbered and there are data, which also amplifies the levels of difficulty.


Read additional information about the differences in the types of Jenga:

How much does a Jenga game cost?

From R $ 30 to R $ 200, this is the average amount you pay to buy Jenga game. Wooden models from less famous brands cost less, while wood editions from famous manufacturers are more expensive.

The rule is simple: The more additional resources there are in the game, the higher the market price. Personalized versions with themes of drawings or films cost higher values.

Where to buy a balance tower?

Visit children’s toy stores to buy Jenga. Rihappy offers some versions, as well as Pbkids. Certain department stores have the most basic products:

Models of the most different sizes and different brands are waiting for you at Amazon. Buy from international sellers without worrying about import bureaucracies. There are also some models on the Free Market.



Did you know that almost 100 million Jenga games have been sold around the world, somewhere around 5 billion blocks?



Purchasing criteria: how to compare Jenga models

How nice it is to relax in the delicious departure of Jenga that generates joy among all participants. But the experience is bad when the product lacks quality. So, before buying, compare the offers following 4 essential ideas:

  • wood
  • Size
  • Format
  • Extras

Let’s see the definitions of each item? Follow the text below:


You need to buy Jenga with quality wood. Otherwise, the product may develop fungi, mainly in contact with water or sunlight.

The best woods for the composition of Jenga are: Ipê, jatobá, coumaru and oak. Avoid options that do not indicate the type or origin of the raw material.


It may seem like a basic rule, but many people are mistaken about the size when buying. Children need to use smaller models, which can be easily manipulated according to children’s small fingers.

Adults, on the other hand, can choose between smaller or slightly larger versions, with the small product offering easier play. There are even giant editions that need at least 2 people working on the block at the same time


The most traditional way to play Jenga is with a tower, using a few blocks in each layer.

However, the market also offers personalized options with mountain constructions, castles, toboggans, among other ways that make your game more personalized.

In the special editions there are trays in a customized format to carry out the personalized construction in a quick way – a real encouragement for those who feel bored when having to rebuild the balance tower at the beginning of matches.


The extra features in addition to making the game more personalized also help to hinder the gameplay. For example, some models have sticks that should be used in place of fingers to remove blocks.

The rule: The Jenga game becomes more challenging as there are extra features: Roulette, betting chips, dice, wands, cards, among others.


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