Top & Best Kitchen Aid mixer Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Kitchen Aid mixer: All about the best models in 2021

Today we are going to talk about the Kitchen Aid mixer, known for being one of the best and most efficient in the world.

The American brand stands out when it comes to its mixer. The utensil is a consumer dream for those who want a gourmet kitchen equipped with the best, and it is not for nothing.

It is a product of the highest quality, recognized by chefs and pastry chefs around the world.

In today’s Guide we will tell you what the advantages of this mixer are, in addition to talking about its different models and values. Interested? Just continue reading.

First, the most important

  • The Kitchen Aid mixer is considered the best in the world and stands out for its efficiency, impeccable performance and turning capacity.
  • The brand has more than one line of products, some of which are indicated for home use and others for professionals.
  • It is a very expensive product, which is quite out of value when compared to national models.

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Best Kitchen Aid Mixers: Our Favorites

Kitchen Aid produces a series of different mixer models, each with its specifications, features and differentials. In order for you to find the perfect option for your kitchen, we will present you the best models of the brand:

  • Classic blank template
  • Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Artisan
  • Kitchen Aid Mixer with Glass Bowl

Buying Guide

Kitchen Aid mixers are known as the best in the world and it’s no wonder. They stand out for the efficiency and quality of the pieces, which result in impeccable masses.

In the Guide below, we will tell you what makes these products so special, and explain which models are the most recommended for you.

What is the Kitchen Aid mixer?

The Kitchen Aid mixer is an appliance manufactured by the American brand that has become a worldwide success due to its high performance and distinctive design.

There are several models, for different types of pasta and situations, and you can buy the product for both home and professional use.

What are the advantages and differentiators of the Kitchen Aid mixer?

Anyone looking for a complete culinary experience will never miss an opportunity to buy a Kitchen Aid mixer. It is a powerful, efficient product that adds high performance to your kitchen.


The mixer works with an impeccable planetary movement.

According to chefs around the world, it is perfect for recipes that require strength, homogeneous mass and quantity, as it works in an impeccable planetary movement, reaching a large number of points in the bowl and promoting a quick and well done result.

Although some models are more powerful and more suitable for heavy pasta than others, all are capable of doing a good job with different types of pasta.

It has a safety mechanism that absorbs stress and friction, preventing the engine from breaking down, increasing its useful life. However, if it is forced too hard, durability can be compromised.

Its structure is robust, firm, of iron and you will hardly have any problem in this regard. However, it is important to remember that precisely because of this it is a heavy and large mixer, and may not be very practical in the preparation of simple recipes.

Regarding its design, it is vintage and draws a lot of attention, mainly because it has an enamelled finish that ensures brightness and transforms it into a true decoration item.

All models come with three types of beaters: fouet, flat shovel and hook, in addition to a splash protector that prevents excessive dirt.

It is worth remembering that it is a mixer with a price much higher than any national model. In addition, not every city has Kitchen Aid technical assistance, which can be a problem if any part of your appliance is defective.

In general, it is a high quality product, which will hardly disappoint you, however, which must be acquired with due awareness.

Which Kitchen Aid mixer model is right for you?

As you may already know, Kitchen Aid manufactures more than one mixer model, each line having its specifications.

Therefore, we will tell you which model is best for your case.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Classic

Ideal for home use, this is the classic Kitchen Aid model. It is a perfect planetary mixer for preparing almost all pasta, except for bread.

The dough requires an even more powerful mixer, however, if you are looking for an option for preparing cakes, meringues and ice cream at home, this is an excellent choice. Its bowl holds up to 4.3 liters.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Artisan

The Artisan model is quite similar to the Classic, however, it is a little more powerful and has a slightly larger bowl, capable of supporting up to 4.83 liters.

It is a model capable of handling light and heavy masses, but in moderation. In the case of dough, it is possible to make only one recipe at a time using the utensil.

If you are looking for a mixer for home use that is a little more powerful, this is a good way out.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer ProLine

ProLine can be used in small businesses or at home, if your demand is very high and you deal with heavy dough frequently.

It is super powerful, has a 6.9 liter bowl and guarantees a planetary movement that reaches an even greater number of points compared to the previous ones.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Professional

If you have a restaurant or a big bakery and you are looking for a super professional model, that can handle the high demand and has a balanced power to withstand heavy doughs, this one should be chosen.

Its capacity is high and it has been designed for continuous use, without impairing its function.

How much does a Kitchen Aid mixer cost?

As we already said, Kitchen Aid mixers are not cheap at all, so you should prepare your pocket.

The models have prices that vary from R $ 1,500 to R $ 5,000 or more, in the case of the professional model.

Where to buy a Kitchen Aid mixer?

Despite being an imported product, it is not so difficult to find good Kitchen Aid mixers to buy out there.

If you prefer to buy in a physical store, you can search Camicado, Fast Shop, Spicy and in some cases, even in more popular stores.

However, if you choose to buy online, we can refer you to Kitchen Aid’s own e-commerce, in addition to Amazon.

Did you know that the first planetary mixer was invented by the brand’s founder in 1919?

This year, engineer Herbert Johnston created the H5 mixer, after watching a baker mixing the heavy bread dough with nothing less than an iron spoon.

The product was a success and so he decided to launch his brand after one of his first customers said the following phrase: “This is the best kitchen aid I’ve ever had!” (This is the best kitchen helper I have ever had!).

The name, Kitchen Aid, came from the client’s complimentary phrase, and ended up becoming a worldwide success.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare Kitchen Aid mixer models

As we already know, each Kitchen Aid mixer has its own characteristics, which is why you should analyze each one before your purchase:

  • Size and capacity
  • Watts
  • Design
  • Extra parts

Here, we will talk specifically about these points so that there are no doubts when purchasing your utensil.

Size and capacity

The capacity of your mixer should go according to your demand or the number of members in your home.

If you are thinking of buying the product just to use it to prepare recipes for your family and friends, there is no need for such a large bowl, those up to 4.8 liters are more than enough.

But, if you are looking for a model for your business, it is interesting that you choose the larger bowl.

The size must be checked especially to store the equipment. They can be very large and robust, or very small, in the case of mini models.


Watts indicates the power of the mixer. In general, the Kitchen Aid mixer offers superior power to most national brands. Anyway, it is always worth checking what power of the model you want.

Even domestic models are powerful and do not disappoint in this regard, although there is variation compared to professional models, such as ProLine and Professional.


The design is one of the great differentials of the product, as it follows a vintage line and is extremely beautiful. The traditional color of Kitchen Aid is red, however, for the most basic, all models are also available in black.

But, if you are interested in giving your kitchen a little life, you can join an Artisan, which is available in numerous colors, including yellow, pink, blue and green.

Extra parts

All Kitchen Aid mixers come with three beaters: fouet, flat spade and hook, and splash protector.

In addition, the brand has another differential. She sells various accessories that can be attached to her mixer, making it an even more powerful tool.

You can buy a grinder, a processor , a dough shaper and so many other items that you could hardly imagine that they could be coupled in a mixer.


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