Top & Best Laser measuring tape Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Laser measuring tape: Discover the best models of 2021

we hope you enjoy your stay here. And that you like things very much in the smallest details, after all, today’s topic is the laser measuring tape.

Performing small and medium scale measurement tasks has always been a complicated job. There are obstacles to be removed or circumvented, the measuring tape’s “belly” increases the actual size or the mechanism gets stuck.

That changed with the arrival of the digital tape measure. Portable and of great precision, it makes work much easier, and we will introduce you to the best models!

First, the most important

  • A laser measuring tape remains a measuring tape. Although some come with slightly more complex functions, their objective is the linear measurement of distances.
  • Packed with features, the most advanced models allow you to measure even areas and calculate volumes of geometric shapes.
  • Its laser device has high precision, which increases according to the maximum distance limit of the measuring tape, different from the manual ones.

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Ranking: The 3 best laser measuring models

Bearing in mind that the choice of equipment is important, we will help you from the starting point. It can be very difficult to choose a laser measuring tape, given the variety of options and models. That is why we gathered the best in this Ranking, check out:

Buying Guide

Buying a tape measure seems to be something simple and banal, doesn’t it? But the laser measuring tape has a good deal of built-in technology. So much so that it is possible for you to acquire something that does not serve your purpose. To avoid this event, we have prepared a Guide on the subject. Come with us!

What is the laser measuring tape?

Making measurements with a measuring tape has always required time and effort. In addition to committing, generally, two people to perform the task. One holding the base and the other the end of the ribbon.

Like common measuring tapes, laser measuring tapes are primarily used to measure distances. Light and even more compact than their previous version, they are available in different models and functions, depending on what you want to measure.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the laser measuring tape?

One of the biggest advantages of this equipment is that it allows measurement in places that are difficult to access, such as two elevated places without quick access.

The laser, always visible, also facilitates the positioning of the meter, which must be aimed exactly at the location where you want to measure.

The digital measuring tape can measure tens of meters in less than a second. The most sophisticated ones are even able to interpret the measurement in a geometric way and inform the existing area or volume.

Some are even able to connect to a computer or smartphone, replicating data as measured. The result? A 2D or 3D representation of what is being measured, live

Digital or manual measuring tape?

A laser measuring tape can meet all the needs of use connected to a manual measuring tape, that is a fact. But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon or throw away the one you already own.

For smaller measurements, the manual measuring tape remains a practical and accurate tool. The disadvantage ends up being in larger measurements or in large quantities, where the productive efficiency of the digital measuring tape stands out.

A laser measuring tape needs only one person for measurement, regardless of the distance to be marked.

Several options even make measurement records in memory, so you don’t even have to take notes. Let’s better understand the comparison between them with a table.

Where can you use a laser measuring tape?

The main objective of a measuring tape (whatever type it is), is to perform the measurement of linear distances between two points. It is also the main function of the laser measuring tape.

However, some models with greater built-in technology allow the use of the laser measuring tape for even more specific functions. High precision equipment will make the installation of a door or window much more efficient and planned.

In the same way, with the calculation of the volume, it is possible to design, for example, the cubic meter of concrete for a slab. Or the volume of a room to choose the power of an air conditioner or heater .

You may come across something that is difficult to remove in some measure. This will require some mental gymnastics, won’t it? With some models, you can perform an indirect measurement and the measuring tape itself calculates the actual distance using the Pythagorean method.

There are no limits to the use of a digital measuring tape, except for the maximum distance of each equipment, determined by the manufacturer. Currently, the models allow to reach from 20 to 250 meters of linear distance.

This measurement is usually done with the aid of a lens present on the measuring tape itself. It allows you to take the first sight, to define where you want to aim the tape laser.

How much?

Compared to a manual measuring tape, laser measuring tapes have their value multiplied. You will hardly be able to find such a good tool for less than R $ 200.

It is true that during the search, you can find some at half that price. If you want to take linear measurements exclusively with the use of a notebook, go without fear!

Now, since you intend to invest in the apparatus, go to the end of this article and find out the criteria for buying one. This way you will realize how interesting other functions can be, making a larger investment worthwhile.

Where to buy?

Versatile tools, they can be found in some home appliance stores and in any building supply store. Large department chains will also have options for purchase.

But, considering the possibility of research and comparison, the internet is a good option to purchase your laser measuring tape.

Stores like Amazon have a variety of this equipment, delivering technical sheets and evaluations. And you can pay in several ways, in addition to receiving the product at home.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider when buying a laser measuring tape

Technologically advanced, and with models increasingly full of functions launched on the market, laser measuring tapes can be full of functions.

This means that, before buying, you need to keep in mind what activities you want to develop with them. This will allow you to focus on the features most important to your need. To buy a laser measuring tape, pay attention to:

  • Distance
  • Resistance
  • Functions
  • Additional

Check each criterion in detail.


One of the criteria that most must be taken into account when purchasing a laser measuring tape is the maximum measurement limit. For internal surveys, a few tens of meters is likely to be sufficient.

However, some are capable of reaching up to more than 200 meters of maximum linear distance. Therefore, even measurements of buildings, parks and areas of interest are possible.

There is also a restriction on the maximum calculated area area, currently estimated at up to 200m² from each measurement.


Another important criterion for your laser measuring tape is the material of manufacture and the strength specifications of the product. There are models for internal use only, which are predominantly plastic tools, with a medium finish.

Others have a rubberized finish to reduce the risk of damage from falls. Resistance ratings also exist, indicating low vulnerability to dust and splashing water. Ideal situations for a laser measuring tape with external use, or in construction areas.


Although, in essence, the laser measuring tape was created for taking linear measurements, they have evolved to do much more.

In the basic models you can find functions for measuring area or even volume. You can also change the unit of measurement during the work, to those available on the measuring tape itself, with the push of a button.

Understand if these functions will make your life easier, based on what you want to accomplish. Since you want to invest, opt for a product that can execute everything you need.


Observing the specifications of a laser measuring tape, some topics could also be created with instructions for choosing. However, the truth is that the other characteristics work more as additions than needs.

All laser measuring tapes have an LCD display, but only a few have it with internal lighting, ideal for use in dark environments.

In addition, there are models capable of recording a large number of measurements in its internal memory, for comparison and checks. Certain models can even show the last measurement performed in addition to the current one on the display, due to the screen division.

There are several additional features present in a laser measuring tape. After defining the main ones that we have already mentioned for you, start to choose the accessory aspects, for the greatest possible satisfaction in the acquisition.


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