Top & Best Lava and Drought Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Lava and Drought: How to choose the best model of 2021

Be welcome! Today’s topic is lava and drought, a fundamental appliance for those who do not have space to spread their laundry, but neither does it have a laundry room or large laundry area to accommodate a washer and dryer – lava and dries do both. functions.

To find the best lava and drought for your home, you must know more about the appliance, its functionalities, main technologies and the best models of the main brands. Learn all this and a little more in another article. Good reading!


First, the most important

  • Lava and dry offers complete care of your clothes, from washing to drying – some models are so modern that they deliver the pieces almost done.
  • There is a wide variety of lava and dry models. This equipment varies in functionality, dimensions, capacity, water and electricity consumption, lid opening, price and brand.
  • You can find lava and dry options from excellent brands such as Brastemp, Samsung, LG, Electrolux, Philco and Midea. Prices range from R $ 2,000 to R $ 8,000.

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Best lava and drought models: The newsroom favorites

Have you decided to buy a lava and dry for your home? Then check out a list of the best models in 2021. To build this list, we analyze the technical settings of each device, consumer reviews and expert recommendations.

  • The lava and dryness that makes clothes less wrinkled
  • Compact lava and drought outside and large inside
  • The only model that allows you to add parts during the cycle

Buying Guide

It doesn’t feel any better than wearing a clean, scented outfit, does it? To care for your pieces, use a lava and dry.

This appliance has two important functions: washing and drying clothes. With this, it brings a lot of practicality to everyday life. To find the ideal model for your home, read the content we have prepared in this Buying Guide.

Why buy a lava and dry?

Lava and dry is an evolution of the washing machine and dryer, as it brings together the functionality of these two appliances and offers complete care for clothes, always leaving them clean, dry, soft and smelling.

The optimized lava and drought is essential for those who do not have much time to perform domestic activities because of the hectic routine. It is also ideal for those who have little space in the service area and do not have a clothesline.

And even those who have a wide service area, know that it is not always possible to count on natural drying, especially in the colder seasons such as autumn and winter, especially those who live in regions where it is not very sunny.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a lava and dry?

Like any household appliance, lava and dry offers advantages and disadvantages. Know the main pros and cons of the equipment and decide if you need a washer and dryer or if you should invest in a washer and dryer.

Lava and dry offers features that you don’t find in ordinary washers and dryers. One of these features is washing with hot water – the temperature can exceed 50ºC.

In sterilization mode, lava and dries eliminate microorganisms that cause disease and allergies. In pre-wash mode, it removes stubborn stains and dirt from fabrics. Another interesting feature is dry cleaning, ideal for delicate fabrics.

Dry cleaning also helps to keep bedding such as blankets, comforters and mite-free blankets for longer.

And all these functions are carried out with maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, both of electricity and water, as well as of soap and softener, since the washes and dryers dissolve the products in a foam before washing.

The lava and dry panel is digital and with a few touches you can select the type of wash, water level, temperature in the wash and drying method.

To further simplify the routine, you will find lava and drought that can be controlled by the smartphone through the connection via Bluetooth or Wireless network. Generally, models with this feature are more expensive, but it is worth it for practicality.

By combining the functions of two appliances in one (washer and dryer), we can consider the lava and dry compact and ideal for smaller apartments. But also compatible with apartments of medium or large size.

Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of lava and drought in the table below:

Regarding the disadvantages, we cannot fail to mention that the compact lava and dry models do not wash bed linen, so you should wash these pieces in a commercial laundry.

What are the functions of lava and drought?

Do you know all the functions of lava and drought? Then check out a list of the main features.

    • Fast Fill system promises to fill the machine with water up to three times faster than an ordinary washing machine.
    • Fast Cycle or Fast Cycle washes clothes faster and saves water and electricity.
    • Eco rinse uses less water to rinse the pieces and allows the storage of the volume used, ideal for flushing, washing the yard or the sidewalk.
    • Different washing movements such as tipping, agitation, oscillation, friction, rotation and compression increase the washing efficiency.
    • Intelligent sensors can indicate the volume of parts (in kilograms) placed in the drum to measure the amount of water, soap and softener that will be used during the cycle.
    • Stain remover cycle generally uses hot water to remove stains, stubborn dirt and eliminate microorganisms without damaging the fabric.
    • Turbo performance provides greater agitation in the centrifuge so that the parts leave less wet at the end of the cycle – this way, it will dry faster.
    • Dry cleaning or deodorization is performed when the lava and dries use hot air in the process of washing and drying the pieces.


In addition, a washer and dryer performs washes with cold or hot water, has a cycle to wash a small volume of parts in 30 minutes and a large volume in about an hour and customization of washing cycles.

What are the best brands of lava and drought?

The LG comes out ahead and offers the washes and dries Prime, an intelligent machine, with different programs for washing and drying clothes – are 14 cycles and you can add or remove functions by touch panel.

One of the differentials of the LG model is that the drum has sensors that detect the load volume and adjust the water level and operating time for that amount of laundry.

The exclusive 6 Motion technology, on the other hand, consists of six movements performed by the drum – oscillation, agitation, tipping, friction, rotation and compression – to perform a washing suitable for different types of fabrics.

In the lower area of ​​the Prime lava and dry, there is a compartment where items that people forget are stored in the pockets of their pants or jackets such as keys and coins.

Another important feature is the safety lock, which guarantees the closure of the cover and prevents anyone from opening it during the operation of the machine.

The LG washer and dryer also has the Smart Diagnosis function that promotes remote diagnosis of the machine to identify possible problems in the operation of the equipment.

This lava and drought has the following dimensions: 60cm wide, 83cm high, 68cm deep and 85Kg. We have an article talking specifically about the LG lava and dry models, check below:

The Electrolux offers dry lava models for all needs, from the compact model with a capacity of 3/1 kg, medium size option for up to 8 / 5kg and choice for families with up to 11 / 7kg (capacity washer and drying , respectively).

The Mini Duo washer and dryer can be installed on the bathroom wall, all you need is a water entry and exit point and an outlet. The appliance washes a laundry cycle in 15 minutes and has a silent operation. Offers touchscreen panel and internal dispenser.

The other models offer technologies aimed at care when washing and drying clothes (SensiCare and AutoSense). VapourCare technology reduces dents in clothes by up to 30% and makes ironing easier. Ah, you can add parts for up to 15 minutes after the cycle starts.

The Brastemp offers washes and dries Activate! which has the capacity to wash 10Kg and dry 6Kg. The machine offers 10 washing programs: White plus White, more vivid colors, day by day, delicate, stain remover, bed and bath, duvet, anti-allergic, quiet and self-cleaning.

The start of washing can be programmed by the timer and postponed for a period of up to 12 hours. The Ready to Wear function washes and dries clothes up to 1H – but only lightly soiled clothes.

Another interesting feature is the post-wash, which adds up to eight hours of periodic turns to avoid dents and bad odors, ideal when you cannot empty the machine at the end of the procedure.

Lava e Seca Brastemp has energy efficiency, 12 months warranty (and 10 years warranty on the engine) and is available in three color options: White, black and silver.

Another brand well rated by consumers is Samsung . The brand offers a wide variety of models, with exclusive features such as Air Wash, which offers steam washing and autodispenser that automatically releases soap and fabric softener according to the volume of clothes and must be replenished monthly.

To optimize your washes, use the Smart Things function that recommends different washing cycles, helps you plan the best times to start the cycle and solve problems remotely.

Another unique feature of Samsung washer and dryer is the AddWash drawer, which allows you to add items to the machine during the cycle

Did you know that Samsung’s lava and dry models have an exclusive Eco Bubble system? The technology helps at the time of washing, as it transforms the soap into bubbles that thoroughly and delicately clean the clothes.


The brands Philco, Mueller and Midea also offer good models of lava and drought, it is worth checking out these options.


Purchasing criteria: What to compare in different lava and dry models

Lava and dry is a revolutionary appliance. But to make the most of the functionality of this equipment it is important to find a model that meets your needs.

In order to find the best lava and dries for your laundry or laundry area, it is important to evaluate some characteristics that change from one model to another. We list the most important ones below:

  • Washing and drying volume
  • Opening system
  • Spin capacity
  • Washing and drying time
  • Energy and water consumption
  • Washing movements and programs
  • Dimensions
  • Finishing

We will detail these criteria throughout the section. Any questions, leave a comment. Share this content with your friends and family.

Washing and drying volume

You can find lava and dry models with different capacities. The choice is related to the number of people living in the house and the frequency of use – it depends on whether clothes are washed in smaller quantities during the week, or if you accumulate a larger volume to wash at once.

But pay attention to an important detail: The washing capacity is not the same as the drying capacity. Generally, the drying volume represents 65-70% of the washing volume (this is a common feature in appliances of all brands).

The reason the drying capacity is less is that the hot air that flows through the machine to dry the clothes needs a larger space to move around and reach all the pieces.

The options start with a compact lava and dry (like the Mini Duo model from Electrolux) that has a capacity of just three kilos, ideal for those who live alone and have no laundry area or clothesline.

For families with up to three members, a lava and dry with a capacity of 6 to 9 kg is ideal. Equipment in this category offers a wider range of functions.

Who has a larger service area can bet on a lava and dry machine with a larger capacity – 10, 11, 14, 16 or 17Kg. Some models wash and dry two loads of clothing at the same time in different compartments.

Still unsure about which option is best for you? Check out the comparative table below:

Opening system

Most lava and dry models have a Front Load opening , that is, the cover is in front of the machine and the axis is horizontal. The great advantage of this technology is the saving of up to 50% water and 40% electricity.

Front load lava and dries promote much less wear on clothes

However, if you prefer the model with Top Load opening , top cover and vertical axis, you will also find some options. The great advantage of this opening system is the possibility of adding pieces during the washing or drying cycle.

Another difference between these models is that the front load washes and dries using a tipping system, that is, the laundry moves up and down on the drum, while the top load machine uses circular agitation with shovels – which causes friction with the fabrics.

It is not difficult to conclude that the lava and dry front load promotes much less wear on clothes when compared to the top load model .

Spin capacity

The centrifugation efficiency is proportional to the revolutions per minute
(RPM) performed by the engine.

It is possible to check this capacity before purchase, thanks to Inmetro’s National Labeling Program, which indicates data resulting from tests carried out by the agency. One of these data indicates the efficiency of centrifugation at levels A, B, C, D or E, with A being more efficient and E less efficient.

Washing and drying time

The washing and drying time must be analyzed at the time of purchase, as it is related to the time you must wait to collect your clean and dry parts.

This factor is also related to the consumption of water and electricity, as the longer the machine uses to complete these processes, the greater the expenditure on such resources.

Energy and water consumption

Although investing in lava and drought provides savings – since the equipment performs the washing and drying processes for clothes – it is important to analyze the consumption of electricity and water.

Water consumption is related to the capacity of the washer. Another characteristic that directly influences this factor is the type of lid opening.

Models with front load opening and smaller capacity (6 to 8 kg) use 70 to 90 liters of water per cycle, while larger models (10 kg or more) use 100 to 130 liters.

Models with a top load opening with a smaller capacity consume 90 to 120 liters, while models with a larger capacity consume 130 to 200 liters per cycle.

Check the average number of liters used for each kilogram of clothing.

See also the average liters of water used for each kilogram of clothing. This information is generally available on the machine’s technical sheet and on the Procel label.

On the same label, it is possible to check the energy consumption of each cycle, measured in Kilowatts / hour. We recommend that you find more economical equipment in categories A and B.

Bearing in mind that equipment that performs washing and drying with hot water consumes more electricity, especially those that need to heat the water before using it.

Washing movements and programs

The diversity of movements and washing programs indicates how well the lava and dries will be prepared to handle different types of fabrics. The washing results are better when there is a good performance of movements.

The programs include special washes for white, colored, delicate clothes – some include options for underwear and baby clothes – bed linen, bath, grimy, stained, among others.

You will also find machines that offer special cycles with anti-allergic washing, dry cleaning and deodorizing (to remove bad odors from clothes). Others include washing shoes.


Generally, those who invest in lava and drought have little space in the house or apartment. For this reason, it is important to analyze the dimensions of the equipment before purchasing it.

As these numbers vary from one model to the next, we have listed approximate measures for you to get a sense of the space you should reserve in your laundry or service area. But don’t forget to check the measurements of the lava and drought you intend to buy before making the payment.

  • Height : 83 to 94cm
  • Width : 59.5 to 64.5cm
  • Depth : 59 to 77cm


Lava and dry has a modern design in different color options. For those who are traditional, the best option is to invest in white lava and drought. For a service area with modern decor, opt for a black, lead or silver lava and dry, options that carry elegance and charm.

Also evaluate the material used in the outer coating of the lava and drought. You will find options in epoxy, painted steel and brushed steel. This characteristic influences the final value of the equipment, but sees it as an investment and not an expense.



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